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We are a mobile group of revivers, who are trying to bring life and friendship, where the Big Bash brought loneliness and death.

At the moment we are in Santlerville. We do not have leaders, we are just trying to do our best and are ready to go to the four winds...

(To The)Four Winds
Abbreviation: The Four Winds, The Winds, TT4W
Group Numbers: 15
Leadership: None
Goals: Manage a mobile Revive Point
Recruitment Policy: JOIN NOW! See details further down
Contact: NEW FORUM:

(To The) Four Winds Forum

"You don't need a reason to help somebody" -Moran01

An extract from a beautiful song inspired by Aureus' role in the group.

To the four winds

I’ll drive my purpose in this town

To the four winds

Gentle breeze or gust of gale

All the four winds

Give me hope to ply my trade

To the four winds… -Aureus (Permian/OGS)

Revive Point at this moment

Needle-large2.jpg Revive point run by (To The) Four Winds:

N/A, inactive: we are DISBANDED.

-Aureus 00:00, 21 October 2009 (UT)

The History of (To The) Four Winds

The group was formed in late September 2006 with the goal to become a mobile reviver group. In the beginning there were mostly Spanish speaking members, but it soon became an international group. During the autumn the group travelled from suburb to suburb to set up a temporary revive point and revive the big amounts of people who had become the victims of the Big Bash. The group numbers had grown to 27 and (To The) Four Winds had earned the reputation of being one of Malton's most effective reviver groups. At that time it never took no more than a few hours to get a revive from a Wind.

During the winter the Winds lost track of each other and most of the members became inactive. By that time we were in Havercroft and due to our close cooperation with Ackland Mall Security most of the remaining members decided, after a lot of consideration, to join them – but not to forget the dream of the mobile reviver group. The loss of the main part of the members also meant that we lost our administrators on the forum. New members could not get membership and the future for (To The) Four Winds looked bleak. Yet no dream can be fully zombified; not in the minds of dedicated revivers! The vision to start the group anew remained alive, and now the breeze brings news of a rebirth.

Recruitment Policy

As we are a reviver group, the main part of our members are revivers and medics, but as we usually do not work in peaceful areas we also need people to help with the safety and other necessities (barricading, lighting and clearing the resource buildings from zombies and the revive points from rotters). We have no class or level restrictions, but expect that you are pro-survivor and have the desire to work in the most exposed suburbs in Malton. We will not accept players with a record of PKing, Gking, zed spying or players with Brain Rot.

Expectations of all members

  • To keep yourself updated using our forum.
  • Full collaboration with other members and allies
  • Find a role, play it, and have fun!

Member advantages

  • Great friendship with the other members
  • Challenges in Malton, making it much more fun to play
  • Free lab coats (available in white)
  • You will be first in line when standing at the revive point!!

How to join

Go to our forum and register. Post a message in the "Join Here" thread where you make sure to include a link to your UD profile.

Once you have joined, write "(To The) Four Winds" as your group (remember the "()") and add all members to your contact list.

Recent News

5th Februari

  • Need to leave Roftwood/Stanbury as the homegrounds of the Beavers, Santlerville, is being threatend by the Bash.

2nd Februari

  • Moved out of Pitneybank just before Giddings Mall and Morrish NT fell. Roftwood presented itself as next target.

13th Januari

17th December

  • We got some news that Fort Perryn needs help. So figure out yourself where we're heading.

15th December

  • Ready for the next, Wray Heights. Danger level is orange already so new move is on it's way.

9th December

  • New week, new suburb. I hope East Grayside will be done as fast as we did Wyke Hills.

2nd December

  • Our work in West Greyside is done. Wyke Hills is the next suburb on the list.

21st November

  • The decision has been made; West Grayside is our next target. Revive Point: Cemetery [52,83].

20th November

  • Most Winds moved to Buttonville as the Bash was assumed to hit it, but the Bash has moved on to West Grayside. Will discuss on plans how we're proceding.

16th November

  • Thompson Mall is rebuilding after it was raided by the Bash for the second time. Will restock for a few days and move after the Bash again.

10th November

  • We are leaving Lockettside and moving north to South Blythville to stay safe while reviving. Cheeke is ruined and now before LUE hit again tonight, there are already a few zombies in the mall.

9th November

  • LUE is back in Lockettside, the survivors here have fought bravely and have so far managed to hold Cheeke NT for about 24 hours. The mall is not hit yet.

4th November

  • Thompson Mall is back in survivor hands, but the Bash is planning to visit Lockettside again. The Winds are preparing for the fight.

24th October

  • Chasing the Bash for about three weeks now. Thompson Mall is under attack by LUE, so some of our members are planning to help our friends of the TMS. Others are still on the tail of the Second Big Bash.

3rd October

20th September

  • Moved to Yagoton. Suburb is doing quite well. New move in the very near future.

22nd August

  • The main part of the members are at the moment in Havercroft helping AMS with the LUE siege.


22nd June

10th June

7th June

2nd June

27th May

  • We have descided to go to Santlerville to help cleaning up after the siege.

23rd May, 2007

  • We are pressently trying to find a suburb in need of us, and are recruiting new members.

13th May, 2007

  • Even thought most of the remaining members of (To The) Four Winds have joined Ackland Mall Security we are now all working to get the group back on its feet.


Active Members

  1. Alex deLarch
  2. Arxel
  3. Aureus
  4. Boadbil
  5. Bogatyr
  6. Brother Angst
  7. doc runner
  8. Dr Jocelyn James(wikipage)
  9. enniskillen
  10. redturtle
  11. Moran01 (Wikipage)
  12. Patrick C Ocampo
  13. The Rune Carver
  14. Tiger Saber
  15. Vlcrst
  16. Widows Peak

Inactive/past members (if you find your name here but are active, please say hey in the new forum)

Anna Blume Julian Barnes Gwen Andersen Michelle Barthes Sophie Uqbar Zeikfried Delfos Akhran Narbo Lazy Wombat Fok Don Adams Mr Radich Surion Bulgarinor Cometina dog lacroix J Rial Vinnito Komako Varrius Neith Kaja Rainbow One Armed Yeti Ray Dougan Trica Fuzzy Moogle Darbon(wikipage) Bigger Hose(wikipage)

You can contact us here: (To The) Four Winds Forum

Friends and allies

Ackland Mall Security

Ams.jpg Ackland Mall Security Ally
This user or group is an ally of Ackland Mall Security.

The Burchell Arms Regulars

BAR Ally.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars (Allied)
(To The) Four Winds supports the BAR, often literally.

The Dribbling Beavers



ENDlogosmall.jpg Evil Never Dies
This user supports E.N.D. in their quest to bring life and hope to Malton.

The Mongolian Horde

Mongol2.jpg The Mongolian Horde
This User or Group is protected by The Mongolian Horde under the alliance of the The Golden Empire.

The Resistance

The South Paynterton Aces

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Revive Points where we have been




Wyke Hills

East Grayside

Wyke Hills

West Greyside

Kinch Heights



South Blythville

Stanbury Village





Raines Hills



Shore Hills




B.A.R.´s forum

Rolt Heights


Check out TDB forum

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

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