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We are a mobile group of revivers, who are trying to bring life and friendship, where the zombies brought loneliness and death. Usually we move into area's that are ruined and try to get it rebuild as fast as possible. Starting at the revivequeues we help the local survivors untill they are able to maintain the suburb by themselves. We do not have leaders, we are just trying to do our best and are ready to go to the four winds...

As we are a reviver group, the main part of our members are revivers and medics, but as we usually do not work in peaceful areas we also need people to help with the safety and other necessities (barricading, lighting and clearing the resource buildings from zombies and the revive points from rotters). We have no class or level restrictions, but expect that you are pro-survivor and have the desire to work in the most exposed suburbs in Malton. We will not accept players with a record of PKing, Gking, zed spying or players with Brain Rot.

For more information take a look at (To The) Four Winds. You can contact us here: (To The) Four Winds Forum