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These "Quality projects..." -Kevan
Brought to you by 2 Cool and friends!

The following material contains the views of both Nick and Jed and will offend some readers. UD Wiki advises personal discretion when viewing this page.

2 Cool
2 Cool logo.JPG
Abbreviation: 2 Cool for an abbrev.
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: Nallan and J3D
Goals: Jus' Chill
Recruitment Policy: Join the Fan Club today!
Contact: Contact on the talk page or email us here!

2 Cool (or "2C", "The Dynamic Duo", "The Boys", "The Team", "The Fellers", "Coolx2", or "2 Cool inc.", as they have been dubbed), is made up of Nallan and J3D, and is a multi-faceted entity, existing in several forms - the most well known being the Wiki enterprise responsible for the collaborative wiki project, Amusing Locations in Malton, and several of its subsidiaries. The wiki-based arm of 2 Cool also claims credit for the reintegration of the phrase "The Arkham Sisters", referring to the twin suburbs of Old Arkham and New Arkham, into the post-apocalyptic vernacular of Malton. The first written accounts of the Great Fire of 1912 were also compiled by 2 Cool. A full list of projects undertaken or inspired by 2 Cool is available here.

2 Cool's wiki endeavours have caused a degree of drama in the past, including the "Quality Control incident", and several deletions (1, 2, 3, 4), an assortment of vandalism cases, as well as a variety of arbitration cases:

2 Cool also exists as an in-game group made up of Nallan's alt, NickNickNickNick and and J3D's alt, Jaaam. The group is in a constant state of flux in relation to its goals and ideals, but mostly strives to push forward its wiki-related projects and goals through advertising on all in-game mediums (radio, graffiti, speech), and seems to exist purely for its own betterment, often disregarding the needs of any other in-game character, no matter what their affiliation. Having said this, the group has been known to unintentionally help other groups in Malton as a side-effect of pursuing personal goals, such as barricading buildings to keep 2 Cool members alive.

It is because of the unusual format of the group that it has made several enemies inside Malton, but it has also gained somewhat of a fan club consisting of supporters from the wiki and from Malton.


  • Be Cool.
  • Compile the list of Amusing Locations in Malton.
  • Wander the streets of Malton bringing hope and joy to all.
  • "Take care" of those on the hit list... *taps nose*. Having understood, you raise your eyebrows and nod.
  • Get a madcore Fan Club posse.

The Team

In reverse alphabetical coolness no order:

NickNickNickNick (or Nickx4 for short) - has gained a reputation for being the "guns" of the team, learning firearm skills at a very young age. Has been described (by himself) as "a powerhouse of looks, wit, and knowledge of zombie lore". He maintains that he "didn't just choose [his] name because the first three Nicks were already taken". Nickx4 loves pancakes but hates asparagus, and once watched the first fifteen minutes of 28 Weeks Later on a loop for six days straight because he "forgot what happens". Above all, Nickx4 hates naggers - that is, those who nag - and once killed a man with a pine cone.

Jaaam is currently 2 Cool for a detailed description, hopefully this will change in the near future.

Where we's @, mutha-FAK-in' skank bitches

Grabbing some R 'n' R in Lukin's Wood. OK that was a stretch, I know.

Where we's were, mutha-FAK-in' skank bitches

  1. Passed out in The Mole.
  2. Headin' down Milfytown
  3. Taking a break, in yonder Diaper Auto Repair, from the constant demands of life on tour whilst we save our precious IP hits for yonder Bwood.
  4. Club Head hitting the paint with our homeboiz n gals (nah just boys lol) from ALiM, YYYEEEOOOWW!!!
  5. 2C be chillin' down teh wezt coazt, ya dig?
  6. Walkin' the cold, hard streets of Brooke's Hills ;) repairing what carnage we can and fighting for our right to paaaaaaarty! We are also currently trying to spread the use of the term "Brooke's Hills" when referring to the suburb of Brooke Hills. See: Suburb Nicknames.
  7. Biertag! in Rolt Heights havin' a good time with some loser and other revelers.
  8. Guarding Lamport Walk Police Department from:
  • Barricade Plan enforcers who seem to want the PD at VSB
  • Noobs who appear in the PD and seem to think its fine to punch and shoot at 2 Cool and the 2 Cool Fan Club
  • Local residents trying to sleep in the PD and corrupt 2 Cool's noble protection
  • Anyone else other than 2 Cool, 2 Cool Fanclub members, and hot girls


The story so far...

In the Beginning...

2 Cool was founded in August 2007 under the guise 'Too Cool'. The members, Jaaam and NickNickNickNick were both alts of members of the then active Santlerville group the Beatbox Kids. Unfortunately Too Cool was overrun by other eager BBK alts and lost its exclusivity. In response to this Jaaam and NickNickNickNick renamed their original group '2 Cool' and allowed the so called 'noobs' to keep Too Cool, as it was "a lame name for a group anyway" (Jaaam, September 2007).

A bitter rivalry between 2 Cool and Too Cool developed which climaxed in the PKing of NickNickNickNick by a pathetic Too Cool trenchie. However the coolness of 2 Cool proved too cool for Too Cool which eventually drifted apart, one member of the group is believed to be MIA while the so-called 'leader' of the group, Ratmonger, is suspected of falling in with unsavoury PKing religious types.

ALiM Exploits

2 Cool emerged from this dark period of their history and began focusing their efforts on compiling the list of Amusing Locations in Malton, a worthwhile project. They also moved into Hollomstown and set about reviving, cading, healing and generally being responsible local citizens. Unfortunately certain zergers became jealous of their finely tuned role playing abilities and PKed them. Hence 2 Cool's chief aim turned to monitoring these treacherous PKers and ensuring that justice came to them and that they did not strike again.

The next 'hood to benefit from 2 Cool's coolness was Penny Heights: home of Joachim and Lumber Malls. While casually relaxing in Joachim 2 Cool was confronted by a zombie spy, posing as some sort of legitimate attorney. After freeing Penny Heights of this menace 2 Cool killed a KOS PKer and headed off to Kersley Mansion, where they briefly resided and attended an ATO party where they were the, er..."guests of honour", mwahahaha!!

Saviours of the Northwest

Following the infamous departure from ol' Stanbury Village the gang set forth into the steamy zed infested North West where they briefly shacked up in a junkyard. It was in this junkyard that an injured and half-crazed man met our heroes. He was strong enough to utter his name with his hoarse voice and rasping breaths: Iluot. His infectious personality soon grew on 2 Cool, and although NickNickNickNick had only recently come back from zombification and still had the vital signs of a zed, 2 Cool headed for Ackland Mall to gather supplies and send help. It is still unknown whether Ilout lived to spread the good word about 2 Cool.

2 Cool, now drunk on vodka power set forth to deliver Dakerstown from the zombie menace. Things started going well, however after one member of the team changed the suburb to green and boasted of 2 Cool's exploits in the Dakerstown news, things got out of hand. Simultaneously the vast hoards returned to the suburb and members of a local group decided to take negative action against a fellow survivor group. As arbitration after arbitration and break in after break in went by, 2 Cool were soon struggling to keep their proverbial pulses for the night...

Unswayed, 2 Cool ran away to Yagoton (not for the first time) to resupply and make a decision on their next move. Too soon, their decision was made for them... by them...

South, Souther and Southerer

In an attempt to avoid certain death amidst claims that the Second Big Bash was en route to Yagoton, our brave warriors decided to migrate south for the proverbial greener pastures. Tired of the death and turmoil of Northern Malton, 2 Cool trekked roughly 40 blocks to Havercroft - the land of plenty. During their first few days in the area, NickNickNickNick and Jaaam carried out hits on west Barrville and single handedly cleared out and powered such safehouses as the Scorse Building and TRPs such as Keane Boulevard Police Department, St. Wilfrid's Hospital, the Nix Building, and Kebby Auto Repair. Their efforts were praised by the beleaguered locals. Little did they know that danger/certain doom loomed on the horizon/behind every corner/closer than they thought...

Rumours from friends stranded in other parts of Malton began reaching 2 Cool, things were changing in Malton. Things our heroes had always taken for granted, such as the ability to barricade at normal effectiveness despite the presence of zombies no longer held true. From Dunell Hills a new menace was rising, making their presence felt not only on the stats page but across Malton. 2 Cool had been unwittingly riding the proverbial wave of The Dead and now it threatened even the seemingly invincible Havercroft. Wisely, our heroes packed up their winter clothes and headed further south, lured by a suburb which, in a time of danger and uncertainty, sounded too good to be true.

Greentown, acres of unadulterated zed free greenery. 2 Cool had high hopes for Greentown. They planned to clean up its wiki page, visit St. Holy's Church of ALiM infamy, and generally spread good will around its inhabitants. But alack, the speed at which the horde moves is comparable to a wildfire and Greentown did not have the ability to remain green in the face of adversity, so the two inseparable brave travellers once again prepared to trek south. Their destination was The Arkham Sisters, and, customarily, NickNickNickNick headed for the older of the two, while Jaaam made for the fresh meat. The dynamic duo hoped to make the most of their visit, and so took in the sights that these two fine suburbs have to offer, including the infamous Cockburn Plaza Railway Station, which had caused a great deal of wiki-drama for the pair in past months.

Despite his earlier inclination, Jaaam eventually met with his counterpart, willing to share with NickNickNickNick a taste of a more refined lady. Once in Old Arkham the pair set about spreading the gospel and making sure 2 Cool was set into local's minds through an array of witty graffiti that could be seen across the suburbs walls and billboards, from Horditch Auto Repair to Question Place. Most locals were pleased to finally have some hope and joy in their lives however 2 Cool could only do so much, and with The Dead knocking at the doors of Old Arkham the pair took their chances fleeing east, into the sea of red that southern Malton had become.

The Dark Ages

It was a dark time for 2 Cool; the gang only made it as far as Buckley Mall before The Dead caught up with them. As zombies, 2 Cool's minds and senses were numbed, as so details of the following weeks are sketchy, but it is known that after dying in Wyke Hills, NickNickNickNick was miraculously revived by a friendly survivor in Pitneybank. It is unknown what happened on the way from Wyke Hills to Pitneybank - some 50 squares north-east. The only clues as to the events that transpired were a foul taste in his mouth and three severed fingers in his jacket pocket. Once breathing, NickNickNickNick set out to find Jaaam and bring him to life. He found his companion gnawing on a half-decayed soldier's... foot...

The recently revived pair decided to make their next stop a reunion special of sorts, and made for Stanbury Village, hoping to stop by Playboy Mansion, home of their friends from the ATO, and catch some R & R. But upon their arrival at the mansion, 2 Cool were greeted with a horrifying scene...

The ATO had long since disbanded and the mansion had been claimed by Communists (unrelated to FUACK or the the Urban Guerillas - other so called "filthy commies" 2 Cool has encountered on their travels). Surprisingly, 2 Cool got along great with these strange beings after offering gifts of wood and flint, with which they taught the Russians to make fire. In a farewell ceremony in honour of the god-like 2 Cool, their hosts made a human sacrifice to bestow good fortune on our travellers. Either that or it was some ancient Russian voodoo curse like in Pirates of the Caribbean and the Curse of the Black Pearl. I like that movie. I mean I've watched it a couple of times...

From the Village these intrepid explorers decided to swing by Pole Mall with hopes of striking it rich selling wristwatches in the carpark. So far they've found two bottle caps and a half empty sack of goon, and are yet to make a sale.

And then there was one...

Nah, just kidding. 2 Cool stayed strong during this time of trial, and eventually scrounged enough moolah to pay for a ticket back home to reclaim their rightful place on the walls and in the hearts of the residents of Arkansas. Upon their triumphant return to the place they so affectionately refer to as, amongst many things, Noah's Ark, "The Boys", as they have come to be known as, discovered that the fallout from their last memorable foray into Arkham was still to be felt, like the proverbial molester's hand on the young boy's thigh.

Yet before our heroes even had a chance to bask in their reflective glory, bathing in the praise heaped upon them by locals tired of an area that despite it's abundance of Amusing Locations, was about as much fun as an enema, they were forced north by an incoming horde. The bags were packed full of 2 Cool's treasured belongings including (but not limited to) a half empty sack of goon, several flare guns (NickNickNickNick's firearm of choice), and of course the quintessential spray cans, the Horse-Drawn Zeppelins were prepared for the long and treacherous journey. Yet, one face stood out from the crowd that had assembled to farewell our heroes. The face was, of course, that of Eugene McWalters - proud member of the 2 Cool Fan Club and a noob to the art of 2 Cool, keen to learn just how to be 2 Cool. NickNickNickNick was at first opposed to the new company, stating "What, so it's 3 Cool? That'd be fucking rediculous!". But alas, being noble spirits, Jaaam and NickNickNickNick took Eugene under their proverbial wing and the trio embarked on what was sure to be a memorable voyagé,

Heading into the sea of red that once more faced our fair weather friends a bank rose before them, its yellow facadé luring them in from the cold red wasteland surrounding it. The bank of Mole as the suburb would come to be known as stood out, welcoming our intrepid adventurers and offering many an ALiM to be visited. However for the first time 2 Cool and their army of worshipers were not simply looking for fun, friends and ALiMs, this time, it was personal.

A Coffin Too Far

Arriving in Molebank Deux Cool were faced with undead lurching through the streets and buildings lying ruined everywhere, a far cry from the moderate danger level the dangermap had promised them. Being amazingly awesome this band of brothers took the state of the suburb in their stride and evicted the beasts of the devil from a sacred ALiM location and set about establishing their very own HQ. Yet the forces of evil were out against them, and on the very first night in their new home the ferals tore down the last of the barricades and devoured 2 Cool and their entourage. A trip to the efficient nearby RP was all it took to get a pulse back but 2 Cool had been wounded deep, deeper than any syringe could reach, the boys had received a crushing blow to their overinflated egos, this was indeed a wound that would not heal until they had returned to Coffins Lane School and reclaimed it as their own! And so our heroes set forth, to once again take back what was rightfully theirs.

Conveniently the school was totally empty and with toolbox in one had and the construction skill in the other the team set about bringing humanity to Coffins Lane School for the first time in its illustrious history as a centre of education in Malton. The zombies outside had other ideas and as the night progressed the knocking grew louder until they once more broke down the last of the barricades and set about feasting on 2 Cool, leaving Eugene's tasteless brains to the side, being the smartest Jaaam was the first to die as his tasty brain was throbbing with knowledge and power. By the time the sun was poking its head over the building line all that remained of your beloved 2 Cool was a museum staff peaked cap that usually rested jauntily on Jaaam's head.

Skips a few pages
"Basically they get back on their feet and abandon the school. Unfortunately Eugene insists on joining them on their next adventure and 2 Cool begrudgingly agree. Next fucking chapter, you fucking asshole shitbrick cuntlicking retard whoreson."

A Taste for Blood

In our next story, the gang decides to pop on over to Lamport Walk Police Department, hoping to kill some innocent bystanders and claim the building as their own, using it for their sick sexually demeaning rituals and satisfying their unhealthy appetite for human blood. As an island, the PD was of particular interest to "The Fellers" for its inaccessible qualities.

Upon arriving at the police station, "The Triumphant Trio" found it inhabited by all manner of child-like inhabitants. It was obvious what needed to be done, and so each and every one was slaughtered in the name of 2 Cool's glory, because everyone knows that murdering n00bs is like knocking over juniors in the corridors - good clean fun, and necessary to establish dominance over the pride, and take a lioness as one's mate.

Er - And so the days went by, and 2 Cool's policy of admittance to their humble abode narrowed to a select few individuals: members of 2 Cool, its fanclub, and seemingly "hot" or "attractive" "chicks" or "females" - with which Eugene was particularly inexperienced. Keeping the cades at VSB, so as to lure unsuspecting victims into their lair, 2 Cool enjoyed the unlimited supply of ammunition and morsels of sweet, deep-fried dough or batter. Although one adequate specimen stayed in our heroes' company, most of the other temporary inhabitants of the PD were lowly level 1ers - unsavoury to look at, and unsavoury in that they were, indeed, not made of savoury, as 2 Cool originally suspected. No one was spared - that is, until a highly-regarded baron arrived on 2 Cool's proberbial doorstep. Together, NickNickNickNick, Jaaam, and their new company sampled the finest aged wines and cheeses whilst Eugene was dealt the task of waiting on the other three. He took up his chores with enthusiasm, for which he had become renowned, and was to be later rewarded...


Unfortunately for our bodacious boys the arrival of yet another member of the 2 Cool Fan Club, one "Fat FL" sounded the proverbial doomsday bell at Lamport Walk PD, the home of 2 Cool those past few weeks. Just days after the appearance of this firm supporter of "all things 2C", as he would say *sniffs*, the ravished hordes burst forth and devoured the glamorous and... hot inhabitants of Lamport Walk PD. The ever-weak Eugene lacked the resilience to stand up after being knocked down flat on his proverbial face one proverbial time too many, leaving the dynamic duo with little choice but to continue their voyagé (pronounced: voy-arj) alone, not that they were ever truly alone, as the two of them could rest assured that they would always have their brother in arms loyally by their sides, engaging in adventures only worthy of one group under the great skies of Malton, the group formerly (and currently) known as 2 Cool!

Next on the 2 Cool itinerary was a trip north into Darvall Heights to Silley Park for The Third Extravaganza, an event that promised to rock the skies of Malton and the hearts and minds of the residents of our fair city. Unfortunately the facts that 1. Darvall Heights (or Devil's Heights, as it has come to be known by) is a god-forsaken shit hole that no one in their right mind would visit and 2. the guy who organised it was a retard without a clue, meant that the night could never live up to the hopes of 2 Cool, hopes that were all that kept our heroes alive in those dark lonely days in hell. Anyway, to cut a long story short 2 Cool were unimpressed by the pathetic extravaganza that failed to live up to it's predecessors and executed the only other attendee, who conveniently was also the organiser, thus completing the circle of life.

"Go East", said the boys. And off they went to Rolt Heights to embrace their drunken roots and other people's drunken roots at Malton's famous annual Biertag celebration! Unfortunately Jaaam had other commitments and was unable to attend however Nallan had a rambunctious time along with members of the BAR and assorted party loving locals. The only damper on the event occurred several days later when Jaaam arrived to get drunk alone catch the post-Biertag celebrations, A certain fucking ass loser trenchie piece of shit decided that having fun wasn't for him and that anyone having fun must be stopped and given a stern warning, as The People's evidence One demonstrates, Your Honour.

Not missing a trick, Jaaam got his FAK on and headed a few buildings away to kill a newbie alone in a building (no witnesses = no RG listing :D), with only the words "Welcome to Malton, asshole" for company. It would be safe to say that newbie didn't hang around Rolt Heights much longer, mwhahahaha.

Brooksey 'n' Beyond

But it would also be safe to say that they did, in fact, ultimately, in a way, run into that proverbial "newbie" in the end. For isn't Malton just one giant newbie? If that analogy be true (which it almost certainly is), then Brooksey would be the twelve loaded shotguns and Eastonwood (or, "Ew" as it is known as by the beleaguered locals) would be the no-nonsense attitude. In fact, the area became somewhat of a home away from home for the good guys over at 2 Cool inc., Jaaam claiming to be the great grandson of the first settler in the area, Jaaam "Brooke Hills" Montgomery II and Nickx4 claiming to be the great grandson of his submissive butler Jeeves.

Anyway, the boys set to work on their new ambition - "Big Game Ruin Hunting" - the new fad to hit Malton in light of ruin decay, a blessing sent from above and well received in the community. Jaaam and Nickx4 set about finding the biggest ruins they could repair, often having to begrudgingly work together towards a common goal in an ironic and comedic turn of events not seen since Lethal Weapon 4. But there were some residents of the area that didn't take kindly to foreigners, and decided that 2 Cool's selfless and charitable work wasn't enough to warrant a listing in the groups section. This angered <nowiki>[[2 Cool|the gods]]</nowiki> but, in true ALiM fashion the boys kept their chins up and their toolboxes handy - continuing their search for the Malton's oldest ruin. But alas, soon the proverbial "ruin wells" dried up and there was no more ruin to be had. The town quickly became a habitat for ghosts once 2 Cool had vanquished the seemingly invincible Eastonwood Ferals, and so the gang moved onward, in search of redder pastures and older ruins, or "Rosemarys" as Nickx4 calls them.

A severe case of Swine Flu

Alas, like the proverbial zombie plague enveloping Malton, the boys (as you may recall 2C are colloquially known as) were struck by a severe case of amnesia following their exploits in Eastonbrooke. With only a few phrases - etched in the annals of time - to lend a helping hand to their memories, and allow the simple people of Malton to cherish the fantastical stories of 2 Cool's wild adventures (a small comfort in these tough times we all share), the history of 2 Cool is patchy to say the least in the proceeding months.

As mentioned, our heroes did retain a few phrases to help piece the several months missing from their memories together. It seems they spent a period of time big game ruin hunting the wastelands of the Northwest, followed by a voyagé South East to what was, and will continue to be, the quintessential Maltonian party - the ALiM Party of course! A far superior party to any other gathering, post or pre apocalyptic, our fair city has ever seen. Following this, the boys headed to Diaper Auto Repair to allow their Borehamwood alter egos a chance to have a wholesome day, blessed with a full 50ap from our Lord and Master. However, times change - and as our loveable rouges have shown us time and time again, they were able to adapt easily to Borehamwood becoming a pathetic shitheap, and thus, with a renewed interest in Malton, the boys turned their attention to a suburb often neglected by the upper class folk of Northern Malton; a place often left off many of the more cultured maps of Malton; a suburb known to the boys (and only the boys) as none other than Milftown!


As this cherished by few suburb was struggling to keep it's proverbial head above the zed, 2 Cool set about clearing and rebuilding - aiding some friends (if you can still call the treacherous scum that) from the bad old days who had extended the invitation. Coolx2 (a popular shorthand way of writing "2 Cool") worked towards this worthy goal, but always in the back of their minds was not only the severe absence of milfs, but also the looming Manhunt, which was warming up in "the nether regions of Malton", or East Becktown, as it is more commonly known. It has been said that this is when Nickx4 uttered the now famous words "There's no place for 2 Cool in Milftown." Many 2 Cool historians believe this to be a major turning point in 2 Cool's history, and one that paved the way for the climactic events which occurred over the following weeks of Axe Hack's Second Manhunt.

The Manhunt is a Cruel Mistress

Departing from the depths of Malton's cruel underworld, the fellers headed far, far north west to an area of Malton known to many as the North West - and this time, it wasn't that personal. Instead, 2 Cool were chasing a victory in what many irresponsibly and impolitely refer to as the "mancunt". The boys knew victory would fall into their laps like a new born child, as they had developed a high-tech team structure, unbeknownst to the other competitors, and deemed to be largely invincible. With Nickby4 competing and Jay tripleA M acting as a dedicated reviver - 2 Cool had never been in a better position to spread the word on Malton's most notorious group of thugs, 2 motherfucking Cool.

Unfortunately, the lads (or adlays, if you prefer) underestimated their own laziness and lack of drive to 'win' by other peoples' standards, when they already knew full well they were the bustin'est caunts this side of Pesky. Thus, not even a day into the Lamehunt, as it came to be known, the boys had already effectively retired, allowing themselves to be eaten by the hungry hordes before slipping down into Molebank - a place that, as an avid reader of the 2 Cool chronicles, you are no doubt well aware is significant - a place that the 2 Cool fan club regularly holds pilgrimages to. That's right you fucking idiot, you've figured it out! Why of course the place i speak of is none other than Coffins Lane School!!

A Coffin 2 Far

this header works on so many levels fyi, okay fine nick you caunt it only works on three. Still more than your average 1 or 2, wouldn't you say petunia?


2 Cola

A 1970s 2-Cola advert.

Of course 2 Cool are perhaps best known as owning, producing and marketing the world renowned (and at times just as notorious as the group itself) cola based beverage, 2-Cola. Everyone has heard of, and loves the taste of delicious 2 Cola, while young (or young at heart) boys often satisfy their lustful desires over one of 2 Cola's many provocative advertisements.


Graffiti found across Malton

"Somebody has spraypainted...

  • ALiM and 2 Cool - solving world hunger...NOT!
  • ALiM - better than Christmas
  • ALiM - The only reason anyone uses UDWiki
  • Amusing Locations in Malton -a 2 Cool wikiproject
  • an ode to 2 Cool
  • Arkham, Arkansas, Arkham Sisters, Noah's Ark-ham
  • C ockburn Plaza Station, beda den dis sh*thole!!
  • Cockburn Plaza Railway Station is cooler,2 Cooler!
  • cum? LOL. - a 2 Cool community announcement.
  • death to all N!GGERS!!!!! - love from 2 Cool
  • FUACK sucks. 2 Cool FTW!!
  • Gimme some of that sweet 2 Cola!
  • Keep barricades at VSB+2 Cool!
  • keep cades at VS to allow 2 Cool in.
  • propaganda promoting use of The Arkham Sisters
  • no one cares about cading. they care about 2 COOL!
  • No one can track down the mysterious 2 Cool
  • Sick of stubs? ALiM is for you! -2 Cool
  • The Arkham Sisters: A common nickname for Arkham
  • The Arkham Sisters - Hot in the sack
  • The EBS and 2 Cool - partners in our community
  • u herd rite - I lyk 2 Cool
  • Who are 2 Cool?
  • 2 Cool - Est. 2007
  • 2 Cool-hunting Malton's finest locations since '07
  • 2 Cool and ALiM. A better Malton... for YOU!
  • 2 Cool - spraying over other groups ads since '07
  • 2 Cool = Too Cool.
  • 2 Cool - We're here COZ WE FUKIN RULE LOL!!!
  • 2 Cool are in der hoooood, watch out n*ggers!
  • 2 Cool are in town. Watch your backs, n*ggers!
  • 2 Cool are in town and kickin' asssssss
  • 2 Cool are, umm, too cool?
  • 2 Cool can really dance!
  • 2 Cool eat n!ggers for sport!
  • 2 Cool FTW
  • 2 Cool have abs
  • 2 Cool - making 'Church Bank' funny again!
  • 2 Cool once killed a man for teh lulz
  • 2 Cool r 2 Cool 4 u
  • 2 Cool r 2 Cool r 2 Cool r 2 Cool
  • 2 Cool rox da shiiiiiiiiittt
  • 2 Cool say watch the cades, we need spray cans
  • 2 Cool say 'check out tinyurl.com/36a8bv
  • 2 Cool say Relax.
  • 2 Cool say life is like a box of chocolates.
  • 2 Cool says, 'Reading is pretty fakin' lame, lol!'
  • 2 Cool. theres 2 of them. and theyre F*CKING COOL!
  • 2 Cool. ya dig?
  • 2 Cool, the best group in Eastonbrooke.
  • 2 Cool, we love you!
  • 2 Cool are frakin sick caunts.
  • 2 Cool be in teh houz, yippee ki yay mafukazzz

...onto a wall."

Some fucking templates, okay?

2 Cool logo.JPG Why am I so awesome?
This user is an insanely rad member of the widely renowned and notorious group 2 Cool. Everyone has heard of 2 Cool.

2Cfanclubzeds.png 2 Cool FUCKING ROX MA SOXXXXXXX
This user is a member of the official 2 Cool Fan Club. There's like, a thousand of us.

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This user or group helps compile the list of Amusing Locations in Malton
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Ja-133ap.PNG Ruin Saviour!
2 Cool claims to have repaired a building that cost 134AP.
Thinker.gif Royal Society of Malton
This user or group is a member of the Royal Society of Malton, a coalition of groups and individuals who pride themselves on their intellect and strive to make the survivors within Malton more intelligent.
Desertedisland.jpg Island Vacationer
2 Cool has either taken an authentic and relaxing vacation on one of Malton's fifteen islands or been castaway there and forced into an authentic and mind numbing solitude.
Hypnotease.jpg Amnesia
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Oh my God. Who the fuck are these jackasses and what the fuck do they think they're doing? Get these fucking idiots off the fucking wiki now.
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This user loves the delicious taste of 2 Cola and loves their delicious advertisements even more.
Ahh, refreshing!

TrcImagesSpray can.gif ME LIKE TO TAGG!!!
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2 Cool supports 24 happy hour in Malton

The Hit List, Rather.

Hilarious 2 Cool Subpages

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