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=== April 25 ===
=== April 25 ===
NW corner ruined. 2 zombies inside. All generators destroyed.
NW corner ruined. 2 zombies inside. All generators destroyed.
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[[Category:Ackland Mall| ]]
[[Category:Ackland Mall| ]]

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Ackland Mall
"... power's back on at Ackland Mall ..."
Bob Moncrief EBDW! 15:50, 14 January 2020 (UTC)



Ackland Mall

Havercroft [32,44] - [33,45]

the Swinnerton Monument Cuss Place Rolls Cinema Auston Auto Repair
wasteland Ackland Mall Ackland Mall Huddy Drive
Club Kick Ackland Mall Ackland Mall Michaud Walk Fire Station
St. Blaise's Church Chaffe Cinema a junkyard the Herring Monument

Basic Info:

  • Malls are an excellent place to find a wide range of items; the only major items that cannot be found here are revivification syringes and fuel cans. As such, Malls are frequently used as safehouses and fortresses by survivors. Zombies often check inside (when they can get in), and organized zombie groups sometimes lay siege to them. They are listed as a Tactical Resource Point.

Ackland Mall is a four-block shopping mall in the suburb of Havercroft and was the scene of the Battle of the Bear Pit, The Ides Of March, Second Siege of Ackland Mall, Black Christmas Siege and the most recent War of the North West Frontier. This is also the only shopping mall with a Goth Clothes store. Lastly, this mall is the location of the tomb of Ron Burgundy, leader of men and scourge of Wes Mantooth.

Nearby NecroTech Buildings

There are no NecroTech Buildings in Havercroft, nor are there any in the neighboring suburb of Lerwill Heights.

The NecroTech Buildings within ten blocks of the mall, listed from nearest to farthest, are:

  1. The Stagg Building in Lukinswood (26, 47; distance 6-7 W, 2-3 S)
  2. The Nix Building in Barrville (40, 43; distance 7-8 E, 1-2 N)
  3. The Brennand Building in Shore Hills (30, 52; distance 2-3 W, 8-9 S)
  4. The Daubeney Building in East Becktown (26, 35; distance 6-7 W, 9-10 N)
  5. The Eagan Building in Barrville (43, 46; distance 10-11 E, 1-2 S)



The radio frequency for Ackland Mall is 27.50 MHz.

The North-East corner of Ackland Mall contains the mobile phone mast for the suburb of Havercroft. It is important to note that of all of the Malls and Forts, this is the only one with a phone mast. Thusly, holding the NE corner of the building is of vital importance to humans. In this respect, only the Herman Building is similar in being of both strategic and tactical value.

Sadly, this tactical advice was invalidated with the large buildings update making malls one building 2x2 large and internal defense is nearly impossible.

To update the mast status, please update the Ackland Mall Danger Report and alter the mast_status line based on the condition of the North-East corner of the mall.

Local Authorities

Header.JPGAckland Mall Security serves as the primary law enforcement agency and regional defense authority in this area.

Designated Entry Points

  • St Blaise's Church [31, 46] (in honor of St Isidore's Church near Caiger Mall, a church-by-a-mall)
  • Woollacot Boulevard Fire Station [30, 45]
  • Spurdell Walk Police Dept [32, 47]
  • Maria General Hospital [35, 46]
  • Ephrem General Hospital [33, 42]
  • Michaud Walk Fire Station [34, 45]
  • Rolls Cinema [33, 43]

All of the above are one or two blocks from the Mall.

Some of these suggestions do not match the Havercroft Barricade Plan.

(See talk page for discussion of entry points.)

Designated Revive Points

Whichever revive point you use, please request a revive using the DEM Revive Request Tool.

UPDATE: 4/28/07 If the DEM revive tool is down, you can use the AMS Revive forum (http://tinyurl.com/2s442l) as a backup. ** Link to new forums added (Russell Oakley) February 22nd, 2008

Recent News

News older than one month can be found here.

December, 10 ,2010

The mall is back in survivor hands with 'cades at EHB and zeds just starting to gather on the outside. All four corners generated and fueled, but the survivor presence is still low. More compatriots are necessary if the bastion is to continue standing. SPAO 21:05, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

December, 1 ,2010

From what I could tell the mall was completely trashed, no more than 15 zombies within the entire 4 blocks but in the surrounding area there were at least 30+. It seems unlikely that something will happen anytime soon.Dr Marty 01:54, 1 December 2010 (HST)

August, 3 ,2010

The Big Bash has brought a great horde, and more than 50 zombies sway and dine inside Ackland.--Black Tongue 00:28, 4 August 2010 (BST)

August, 2 ,2010

The Big Bash 3 is in town and there 15 of zeds in the mall

April 25

NW corner ruined. 2 zombies inside. All generators destroyed.

Zamgrh.PNG Translation
In zamgrh, this location is known as Aghgraang Marrh.

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