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Autobot symbol.png
Abbreviation: AUTO
Group Numbers: 37 of which 12 are Active
Leadership: Optimus Primus - Optimus Primus
Goals: To do as much damage to zombie forces as possible, while ensuring the safety of survivors.
Recruitment Policy: Recruits must be a battle-ready, dedicated survivors and speak to Primus himself or another Autobot.
Contact: Visit the Official AUTOBOTS Website
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.30 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: [Pashenton]

We are a pro-survivor group located in Pashenton. We help humanity grow larger in numbers and strength, make new friends, and, if the situation calls for it, enemies. We have been stationed in Woolven NT for many months now, keeping the area clear along with allies. We will be doing whatever we can to help those in need and securing the area of Pashenton against the zombie hordes. Player Killers (PKers) will not be tolerated in this suburb.

If you're looking for good tunes to listen to while surviving the disaster of Malton, spin the dial to Iacon Radio, the place to hear all the best zombie killing heavy metal music you'll find in Malton.

Please direct all inquiries for enlistment with the Autobots to either Castaign or Optimus Primus.

Important Announcements

Autobots, take note! We have a treaty in place with Senister, BARHAH Enforcer and the Cult of the Fallen God. The Cult has agreed to respect Pashenton and not engage in PKing or other acts of violence, provided that they are left unmolested. This means that no Autobots will attack members of the Cult, and that their headquarters in the Egleton Building will be left unlit and tagged as church headquarters. Failure on the part of any Autobot to uphold this treaty will be met with extreme sanctions.

On a similar note, please be aware that Autobot leadership (Optimus Primus and Castaign) do not accept a Rogues Gallery entry alone as sufficient reason to kill someone in Pashenton. This will be treated on a case-by-case basis, but just because someone has a few points of bounty will not be viewed as justification for killing them, especially if that bounty is from long ago. The Rogues Gallery is an excellent tool to assist in evaluating visitors to Pashenton, but it is not infallible. Use the RG and Resensitized as a starting point, not as proof-positive that someone is a PKer or a zerg.

Active Member List

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Name Level Function Status
Optimus Primus 43 Leader Active
Death is inevitable 43 Iacon Ranger Recon Active
Doc Ratchet 43 Chief Medical Officer Active
Castaign 43 Chief Recruitment Officer/2IC Active
ModosDios 39 Advanced Disease Control Active
Dreaded Druid 43 Alpha Site Expert Active
Beachcomber 29 Geologist/Scout Active
Lord Indoril 45 Combat Engineer Active
Larrick 'Z' Irish 43 Iacon Ranger Active
RoamingReviver 42 Special Forces Active
Ponbeam 43 Zombie Intelligence Expert Active
RujoKinJal 42 Refueling Technician Active

Missing in Action

Name Level Function Status
TJ King Kong 28 Odd Jobber MIA
Beansdaddy 12 Zed Combat Specialist MIA
flare546 43 Zed Slayer MIA
Dr Hau 24 The 'ld Doc KIA
Martin Riesen 43 Zombie Hunter MIA
Senokai Tusherio 10 Scout MIA
Tox1city 43 Zombie Hunter MIA
Slake Revery 17 Scout MIA
Ed Hodges 14 Revivification Specialist MIA
Kenji Murasame 37 Medic MIA
RedJohn 43 Multitasker MIA
Ralvera 25 Combat Relief Specialist MIA
Fighter Fightr 43 Combat Surgeon MIA
undeadlol 43 Jack Of All Trades MIA
williams50036 43 Tech Support KIA
Rhesus Pieces 43 Combat Medic MIA
Kalimel 30 Clandestine Ops Support Agent MIA
Barzini 43 MIA
Necrocide1337 43 Zerg Hunter/Necrotechnician MIA
Mike Olivera 14 Generator Scavenger MIA
scorpio18 21 Medical Researcher MIA
ZERGBOT 0001 42 Anti-Zerg Bot MIA
Silver Bolt 7 Air Support MIA
ColdSteel144 33 Iacon Ranger MIA

Black List

uberlegen1 BottleCap112 has apparently done some recruiting, and is either Zerging as this character or convinced uberlegen1 to start PKing in Pashenton as well. Considering the two accounts were created 4 days apart, probably Zerging. He is currently attempting to pass himself off as an Autobot. Kill on Sight! (Note from Castaign: similar reg dates are not considered substantive proof of zerging. BottleCap112 claims that uberlegen1 is an out-of-game friend, and that they coordinate their attacks for maximum effect, which is a valid and acceptable strategy. See for BottleCap's explanation. Unlike BottleCap112, who is more than happy to kill peaceful citizens based on either past history or baseless rumor, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Uberlegen1 is KOS, but his blacklisting is based solely on his confirmed attacks against Autobots, not on presumed zerging.) UPDATE: As of 6/15/21, uberlegen1 has initiated peace talks with Castaign. Temp hold on KoS order until further updates.

Madjura Madjura appears to be a not-too-bright, opportunistic PKer. Castaign personally requests that all Autobots treat this D-bag as KOS, and go out of their way to make life difficult for him.

He's dead Jim A constant thorn in the sides of Pashenton's survivors, this goofball has done nothing but destroy generators since appearing in Pashenton and the surrounding suburbs. Clearly insane, as he must think that if he continues to destroy gennies he'll get a different result, other than death. Make sure to call his mental faculties into question if you see him. Then put him down. UPDATE: Per Castaign, we have a tentative truce with He's Dead Jim. He will not destroy generators in Pashenton if he is not attacked by Autobots.

Ambraz Barhah This piece of work claimed to be an Autobot, however he has never been a member of the Autobots. He is PKing trash and should be dealt with accordingly. Kill on sight. Currently listed as Militant Order of Barhah.

Simyaz Farsight A rogue member since turned PKer; Simyaz periodically makes gestures of reconciliation, but his behavior has proven to be utterly erratic and unpredictable. KOS, but be sure to say unkind things about him beforehand.

BottleCap112 A rogue member since turned PKer. Unfortunately he refuses to abide by the treaty with Cult of the Fallen God, and constantly states that they are PKing survivors with no evidence or proof. BottleCap112 asked to be included in our group despite the fact that he was a reformed but hunted ex-Pker.

Buster Witwicky Confirmed PKer and known to take legitimate group names and pose as a member of said group. Currently listed as a Stormbringer

Joshua Ford PK'd Optimus Primus and Doc Ratchet for no known reason other than being in the building. Hides out in Blatcher School and claims it as LSA HQ, whoever they are. Kill on sight

gwrrty PK'd many members of the Autobots, including Optimus Primus. Gwrrty has made it plain he detests the Autobots, so the favor should be returned. A member of "brainROT RUM", an unknown group, if it is one.

All members of the Cult of Cockfucktus, Decepticons, RDD, Red Triangle Circus Gang, Annus Horribilus and Headhunters are considered hostile and should be dealt with extreme prejudice. Attempt to notify other Autobots and allies to sites they have been seen at.

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Foxhoundlogo.jpg FOXHOUND Ally
This group is an ally of FOXHOUND and recieves the benefits of their friendship and protection.
EarletownRangers sm.png Earletown Rangers Alliance
A staunch ally of the Earletown Rangers.

hisohiso Former Autobot, current member of Dark Angels of Hells Gate


Syringe crosshairs sml.jpg Fertilize the Land Policy
This user or group believes in regaining NT buildings at any cost!
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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Get a revive, give a revive.
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