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(Shamelessly lifted from the Yagoton Optimal Defense Plan, among others. Thanks for leading the way!)

Brooke Hills (custom) Defense Plan

Created by the suburb defense group the Brooke Hills Museum Foundation, the plan follows a modification to the Uniform Barricading Policy, but is specific only to this Suburb. Characters are encouraged to read here on barricades and barricading and the Uniform Barricading Policy.

Basically, any buildings containing critical items (Hospitals, Police Stations* and Necrotech, providing first aid, weaponry and revivication syringes) are only barricaded to Very Strong*, and all others to Extremely Heavy (to allow safe houses for Survivors with Free Running). This is so that, in theory, there there is at least one fully accessible building for any given 9 block square area (3x3) of the suburb, so even Survivors unfamiliar with the plan can find access to safety without too much difficulty.

(* See below for local Custom local exceptions)

Brooke Hills & neighbors
Shuttlebank Yagoton Millen
Eastonwood Brooke
Ketchelbank Roachtown

Brooke Hills has some unusual factors that influence a custom variation on the standard Uniform Barricading Policy plan (aka a custom "Defence" plan.) B.H. has an unusually high percentage of open space, 50% overall, such that providing adequate "freely accessible" buildings for low-level survivors in all areas demands shying away from the typical Heavy Barricade choices. The BMF also believes in keeping at least one example of atypical search areas accessible, such as Junkyards, Factories, Auto Repair shops, and the like, if possible.

  • Note that due to its location near other Very Strong buildings, the SW Fire Station should be Heavily barricaded.
  • BH has 2 groups of 3 Police Departments clustered very close to each other (see map)- the "middle" PD is to be Heavily Barricaded, the other 2 Very Strong.
  • For reasons that should be obvious to the observant, Brooke Hill's 6 Museums will also be fully accessible to all Survivors. (The dream of this policy temporarily awaits a more secure suburb.)

In the event of an increased zombie threat level, some buildings may be increased in their barricade level (by policy or by individual initiative), but otherwise buildings with critical resources be should (in theory) "never" become unavailable to new Survivors by over-barricading above "Very Strong"! Specifically this includes Hospitals, NecroTech and Police Departments (keeping in mind the local exceptions, above).

(Note: Barricading these buildings over VS only traps characters without Free Running outside, and forces them away from the burb. Please be considerate to new meat players in the game. Survivors should keep a few AP to spare in case an expected VS building is over-barricaded, or ruined.) Swingin' Sam 00:19, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

The local survivor defense group, the Brooke Hills Museum Foundation, has declared this plan for the maintenance of the barricading levels according to this diagram, but asks all visitors to lend a hand. All questions, comments, and complaints should be directed to the BMF Discussion Page (The BMF is currently inactive).

Map of Brooke Hills & environs

With the cooperation of the Brooke Hills Museum Foundation, the Malton Fire Department and the Malton Police Department have assumed responsibilty for the barricade policy in Brooke Hills. These two divisions of the Department of Emergency Management have boarded up all museums for safekeeping, until the city is safe again.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • If you have Free Running, sleep in an EHB building.
  • If you do not have Free Running, sleep in a NON-resourceVSB building...
  • MFD and MPD thank in advance anyone helping to maintain the barricade policy.

  • This barricade plan is a target to strive for, but at any given moment, zombies and overzealous, frightened, or malicious survivors may radically change the barricade landscape. Rather than waste effort tearing down barricades only to put them up next door, the MPD and MFD will:

  • barricade in the spirit of the Uniform Barricade Policy, so that there is always a VSB nearby.
  • update this map as frequently as possible.

  • But please do not rely on this map as a definitive, up-to-date, and infallible resource. Save a few AP in case something goes wrong, and check the main Brooke Hills article for scouting updates.

    Recent updates
    Most recent on top. Please sign and date with --~~~~

  • Rephrased intro section, to reflect changes since originally posted. "Optimal Barricade Policy" no longer exists (now UBP), BMF is no longer active, changed "never above VS" to "in theory 'never' above...", etc etc.--Swingin' Sam 00:36, 25 February 2008 (UTC)
  • Changed warehouse at [49, 29] from VS to heavy, to reflect current status and because there is another VS building nearby. --Dan 05:08, 2 April 2006 (BST)
  • Marked St. Pius church as a revive point. (I did not put it in bold, because it's being run by the zoo association, which does not otherwise operate in Brooke Hills.) --Dan 05:33, 2 April 2006 (BST)
  • swapped VSB and EHB safehouses at [43,23] and [44,23]
  • marked Schlach Clinic [47,24]
  • -- Forbin 08:31, 28 February 2006 (GMT)

    Uniform Barricading Policy for Brooke Hills

    The following is the UBP for Brooke Hills.

    (outside B.H.) Brooke Hills Barricade Map, & environs (outside B.H.)

    (37) (38) (39) 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, (50) (51) (52) (53)
    (16) club Mus j.yd ~a~ Hosp auto N-T - - Mon P.D. club - schl
    (17) - Mon P.D. ~a~ schl Rev! ch lib
    (18) N-T F.S. ch w ~a~ N-T w - lib
    (19) - - j.yd auto ~a~ - - j.yd ~a~ - -
    ,20 N-T Lib P.D. P.D. ch f - F.S. - Hosp
    ,21 - ~a~ Mon f Mus - w
    ,22 N-T Mon - P.D. N-T Mus Rev! - N-T Mon F.S. j.yd N-T
    ,23 - - F.S. j.yd w ~a~ Cath Cath Mus Mall Mall
    ,24 - - - Clinic - Cath Cath Mall Mall
    ,25 - - Mus - - w - ch - - P.D.
    ,26 f club P.D. P.D. - P.D. Mus j.yd - - F.S.
    ,27 - Mus Hosp F.S. P! P.D. - Mon P.D.
    ,28 - b s - ch Mus auto - Mon
    ,29 Hosp Rev! - f f w Hosp N-T f
    (30) - Mus j.yd b lion rept. b Mon - -
    (31) j.yd Mon N-T bear - w - -
    (32) N-T - elph City Zoo grff - -
    (33) - - - Aqrm - - ch P.D. P.D. ch
    (34) F.S. b w N-T - j.yd ~a~
    (35) - w auto b f/P! Mus N-T F.S. - schl - auto
    (36) - ~a~ j.yd - Hosp - Mnsn Mnsn schl
    (37) (38) (39) 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, (50) (51) (52) (53)

    "Access Limitted" Buildings
    Heavy Barricades Survivors require Free Running to enter, by accessing via an adjacent building.
    Freely Enterable Buildings
    "Very Strong"


    The Barricades in these buildings should be kept at Very Strong, and no higher, to allow all Survivors accessibility to community resources.
    Free Runners should rest nearby in Heavily barricaded buildings, to avoid creating large targets.
    Fire Stations B.H. has 2 Fire Stations that are both fully accessable and barricaded only to Very Strong.
    Police Dept. B.H. has 6 Police Depts, of which 4 are freely accessable, The other 2 being

    extremely nearby to two others, and Heavy Barricaded - see Notes below).

    Hospital Hospitals should always be accessible to all Survivors.
    Clinic Because there is only one hospital in Brooke Hills, the Department of Emergency Management maintains the Schlach Building at [47,24] as an emergency clinic. Although you will not find first-aid kits here, EMTs will routinely patch people up here. Please maintain this building at VSB, and do not linger in the waiting room.
    Buildings outside Brooke Hills
    (white label) the BMF has no idea how barricaded these buildings are.
    Hospital We can only hope that no one is over-barricading hospitals, but who knows?
    Revive Points Revivication Points should "never" be barricaded, so zombies can enter freely. In theory.

    Grey Streets, empty land Grey Streets outside Brooke Hills
    P.D. Police Department F.S. Fire Station
    N.T. NecroTech bldg Hosp Hospital
    f factory w warehouse
    j.yd junkyard Mus Museum
    Cath Cathedral- a "large building" Mans Mansion, a "large building
    ch church s school
    ~a~ "arms", pub, club, etc.
    P! Cell Phone Tower, requires generator & fuel to run
    Additional Tagging Targets
    b bank (@ 40,28) Mon Monument


    Police Department
    Brooke Hills has two groupings of 3 P.D.'s (the SW grouping sharing one with Eastonwood, in the 39 Column). In each trio of P.D's, the "center" one is designated Heavy Barricade.
    Fire Stations
    B.H. only has two F.S.'s. Because of its proximity to other Very Strong locations, the SW one will remain Heavily Barricaded.
    The only items that can be found in a F.S. are a fireaxe, flaregun, and wirecutters. Wirecutters are largely useless, and flareguns are... an unusual weapon, that can be found in Police Departments if you really want one.
    Fireaxes can also be found at junkyards and auto repair yards (both good place to search in general), and also warehouses.
    Since Hospitals outside Brooke Hills are also critical locations, they are shown in pink, but the BMF does not take responsibility for their barricade policies!
    Junkyards have no doors, but can be barricaded. The following items can be found there: Shotguns & shells, pistols & clips, crowbars, cellphones, fireaxes, spraycans, fuel, pipe, bat, knife, wirecutters, newspapers, and books.
    Phone Tower
    Norvell bldg (45,27) (fuel cans be found in Junkyards, Auto Repair shops, Factories, and carparks; Generators in Hardware Stores, Fire Stations, Factories and Malls.)
    St. Luke's Cathedral is a Large Building, spanning B.H.'s eastern border with Shearbank. As such, it is only as strong as the strongest of its 4 blocks- once inside, any survivors (or zombies) can move from block to block within the building. The BMF does not recommend staying in the Cathedral, nor do we at this time take responsibility for the security of the building as a whole, but will attempt to ensure that it remains barricaded at least Very Strong, if no more.
    At some point, the BMF hopes to maintain all Museums powered for the enjoyment of its citizens, but for now we're working on the basics of defense- we'll get flashy later.

    Acknowledgement and thanks to the author(s) of the various other Suburb Defense Plans for their work that inspired and was adapted to create this page.