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coordinates=79, 96|
NW_location=[[Wedlake Grove]]|NW_color=Street|
N_location=[[Chancellor Place Railway Station]]|N_color=Railway Station|
W_location=[[Ruffer Bank]]|W_color=Bank|
This_location=[[Barrell Park]]|location_color=Park|
SW_location=[[Gleaves Crescent]]|SW_color=Street|
S_location=[[Babey Road School]]|S_color=School|
NE_location=[[Smallwood Walk]]|NE_color=Street|
E_location=[[Warehouse 80,96|a warehouse]]|E_color=Warehouse|
SE_location=[[Stoy Alley]]|SE_color=Street|}}
==Barrell Park==
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Barrell Park

Danversbank [79, 96]

Wedlake Grove Chancellor Place Railway Station Smallwood Walk
Ruffer Bank Barrell Park a warehouse
Gleaves Crescent Babey Road School Stoy Alley

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Barrell Park



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