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Nowhere near finished, this is a page in progress that will simply hand out information on what lies in Brooke Hills and the activities that go on. No information on this page to my knowledge is false, neither will any information about any group be added if that group is not comfortable with it.. This page was not intended on being used for Discussion as that is what the actual Brooke Hills Suburb Page is for. But please feel free to leave a comment on what you think of it so far. =D Thank you all... I've also now created a Diary, aptley named Chopper's Survivor Diary. It won't be of much use to anyone but it will be updated daily on how my screwed up days of living through the Zombie apocalypse go. Nothing more than something funny to read, but people like funny shit right?

The Suburb of Brooke Hills

As the original Wiki Page for Brooke Hills mentions, Brooke Hills is a suburb of Malton, located in the north-central area of the city. On its southern border, shared with Ketchelbank, lies Maltons only City Zoo, though it's animal inhabitants have more than likely risen to that great Zoo in the sky. Brooke Hills consists of six Police Departments, so you can always be sure the residents of BH are packing enough firepower. Unfortunately this must be balanced out somewhere and that somewhere is our lack of Hospitals, having only the one, St. Wolfstan's. And although Brooke Hills only has two NecroTech buildings, with the amount of Survivor Groups residing here, they are both kept operational, though not nessessarily barricaded at the appropriate levels as we are currently under attack. If you ever chose to say a little prayer for strength or for a fallen one, drop by the cathedral, St Luke's is always open to the weary traveller. And if you need to see antiquities, you can visit one of Brooke Hills' six museums. Although there are no true Zombie hoards in Brooke Hills, Ferals constantly roam the streets and there are also The Eastonwood Ferals who lie just beyond our western border. Not forgetting The Big Bash! One of the largest Zombie hordes ever seen on Urban Dead, they are currently terrorizing Malton, claiming BARHAR in each Suburb they enter! And it doesn't exactly make life any easier when they're occupying all of our surrounding suburbs. We're cornered... So choose your option; Fight your way out! Or Fight to keep them out! Whichever you feel you have the better chance at...

The Suburb of Brooke Hills
Swallow Lane Police Department Spence Row Police Department Pattinson Plaza Olsen Plaza St. Ita's Church a cemetery McCormack Square a factory Cherington Row the Higdon Building
a factory the Dampier Museum Nicks Grove Winstone Road the Hames Building Keane Street Fifoot Park Axworthy Way Selwood Row wasteland
Grandon Place Police Department the Heathcote Building the Johnston Museum wasteland Stodgell Cinema the Hellyer Building the Ledamun Monument Blann Avenue Brent Place Fire Station Bridle Drive
Heckworthy Drive Osmonton Road Pudsey Park a junkyard a warehouse a carpark the Crabbe Arms Prickett Road Say Square St. Luke's Cathedral
Botting Square the Wormald Building the Chamberlain Building Wakeley Grove Author Avenue Vigour Walk Davie Walk the Schalch Building Kitting Walk Railway Station St. Luke's Cathedral
the Portass Museum the Parsley Building McNally Walk Shipp Alley Railway Station a warehouse a carpark Budgett Alley Railway Station Beckley Square Connor Park St. Arnold's Church
Twitt Row Police Department the Chap Building Ryley Road Police Department wasteland the Welsford Museum a junkyard Swaffield Plaza Donoran Road the Duckworth Motel Pomroy Place
a carpark Blatcher Avenue the Griff Museum St. Wulfstan's Hospital Cade Place Fire Station the Norvell Building Holcombe Lane Sheldon Lane Police Department Hellear Walk Croxford Road
Chafie Bank Redpath Alley School Heaveb Way a carpark Wiles Cinema Moorman Plaza St. Methodius's Church Gillycuddy Boulevard Perin Alley the Redwood Museum
Wakely Alley St. Pius's Church Hearne Lane the Joce Building Membery Avenue Stallworthy Square a cemetery a factory a factory a warehouse

The Groups of Brooke Hills

  • The Sun Organization: The most active and effective group in Brooke Hills. Having found their way to Brooke Hills in late March, they are now on the Game Statistics Page with 15 members and are currently sponsoring the Wasteland Revive Point, having a team of NecroTechs frequently reviving, the Brooke Hills Museum Foundation work alongside them. Though their main goal is to revive, they also consider eliminating any Zombie threat within Brooke Hills a primary objective. A simple browse over their Wiki and Discussion Page will show just how active they are and in the short time-span they've actually resided in Brooke Hills, just how much they've accomplished..


  • The Brooke Hills Museum Foundation: (Currently defunct.) Having come into Brooke Hills on the first of December '06, they are now jointly sponsoring the Wasteland Revive Point with The Sun Organization. On December 12th they made the Brooke Hills Defense Plan public, this Surburbial defense plan shows and tells of which buildings should be barricaded at which appropriate levels and for what reasons. This has since been kept in order up until perhaps a month or so ago, when BH came under heavy attack from the West and the East.

BMF Logo.jpg

  • The Department of Emergency Management: One of the most respected and powerful groups in Malton, it is divided into several other groups that together form the D.E.M. The heart of this 'colossal force' beats in the name of the MFD, MPD and MCDU. There are of course several other groups, including the more recent division of the MPD, the Malton Marshals. Of all the groups that are apart of the D.E.M, it is the MFD that hold a presence in Brooke Hills. Barricading up every building possible and assisting survivors when they most need it.
Department of Emergency Management

  • The Malton Zookeepers: A group of dedicated men, women, and genetically-engineered, hyper-intelligent animals who oversee the maintanence and operation of Malton's only City Zoo in the suburb of Ketchelbank. Although there are no official zoo structures in Brooke Hills, the TMZ has established a revive point at St. Pius's Church [41,29]. The TMZ has also been observed defending and maintaining St. Wulfstan's Hospital [43,27].
The Malton Zookeepers

  • The H.A.Z.A.R.D: Having previously 'set up shop' in Darvall Heights and Yagoton for a short period, Brooke Hills is now where HAZARD's main base of operations is. Having been in BH for little over two months, since then they have frequently been assisting with revives and Zombie hunting on the North West side, they have also recently set up a Revive Point of their own at Osmonton Road.

  • The Brooke Hills Dog Soldiers: Although there are only three members in BHDS, they are very experienced and highly trained, all of them being being maxed out Survivors, able to fight, heal and revive, this making them a strong yet small tactical group. As they make mention, their sole purpose is to protect the inhabitants of Brooke Hills in any way possible, including upholding the Brooke Hills Optimal Defense Plan and the incarceration of Zombies in our 'burb.

  • The Warseers: For the past month or so now, the Warseers have not actually had a stronghold in Brooke Hills, though there is good reason for such as they have been camped out in Eastonwood, fighting off the EF that continue to spill over the Brooke Hills western border. On the random occasion they do send out small 'crusade' groups into the surrounding suburbs to help out with exterminating the undead. Little is known about the current operations, numbers and name of the leader of the Warseers as '=][=Access Denied=][=' is their frequently given answer. Cute.

  • The Metallic Clique: The last of the groups rooted to the grounds of Brooke Hills, again, little is known about them due to a lack of presence in the area, though having nine members, they barely fall short of reaching the Game Statistics Page. Bent on survival, the MC are yet to establish a firm name for themselves..

Declarations and Operations In Play Over Brooke Hills

  • On the 28th of June, The Sun Organization declared martial law as the situation in Brooke Hills seemed as if it were soon to escalate out of control, with the Eastonwood Ferals attacking from the east. Any Survivor found that couldn't explain the unbalanced amount of Zed skills to survivor skills would be severely wounded, due to being a Zombie spy. Those with the skill Brain Rot are to be Shot On Sight!
  • On the 9th of July, The Sun Organization's leader, DannGunn, gave the order for a Reclamation and Extermination Squad to move into South Brooke Hills to clense the streets. Leading this team personally, I can safely say... We're doing a mutha fuckin' great job of keeping the number of Zombies in Brooke Hills to a minimum! This is what happens when Survivors can organize themselves to a high level!
  • On the 19th of July the D.E.M declared an evacuation of Brooke Hills due to The Big Bash swarming into BH. The recommended residence that survivors flock to is Bale Mall in north Yagoton where we can make a stand that will indeed result in life or death. The Sun Organization are trying to rally other neighbouring groups to join us at Bale Mall aswell to make the stand that much stronger!
  • The The Sun Organization's 'Reclaim The Streets' project was deemed successful on August 6th as Brooke Hills was taken down from a 'Red' to a 'Yellow Zone' in one huge, swift, organized movement. Brooke Hills stands tall...

Zombie Activity In and Around Brooke Hills

As mentioned in 'The Suburb of Brooke Hills', we are currently under attack at the moment.. Being targeted by three of our four surrounding suburbs. As also previously mentioned, Brooke Hills itself does not (to my knowledge) have any organised Zombie groups in, which to an extent is a shame as a friendly rivalry is always some competitive fun. Though at the moment having no local undead groups roaming around does make it impartially easier to survive considering the amount of Zombies attempting to occupy our fair suburb in these dark times.

The Eastonwood Ferals: Appearing on the Game Stats Page with 28 members, the EF are that touch of surprise, that hint of flavour that make Brooke Hills that bit more exciting to live in, as you never know when the Eastonwood Ferals are going to organise an attack on the western border, like they've done many times before. These days, genuinely scary Zombie hords are a rareity to come across, especially one's that can demonstrate a high level of organisation consistently. I beleive the Eastonwood Ferals are one of the most worthy adversarial Zombie groups in Malton, their ruthless attacks combined with savage efficiecy make them a Zombie group to be rekoned with.

  • Having just won the war with the Warseers, Eastonwood now belongs to the Eastonwood Ferals, and one can only feel that it should rightly so. Having recently turned their eyes away from Brooke Hills, the EF have now started to run amock in their now unfortunate neighbouring suburb, Shuttlebank. Having recently deployed clean up squads in Shuttlebank, they've already emptied out Wild Walk Police Station...

EF Logo.jpg|

The Ridleybank Resistance Front: The most feared group in all Malton with an almost immaculate battle record, having suffered defeat only at the hands of the combined forces of Caiger Mall situated in Darvall Heights, every other 'burb they have entered have suffered a masacre. Having had 900 registered members, though only 300 odd are ever active at a time, wherever the RRF chose to wander, they leave a devastating trail of destruction in their wake. Let's hope the entire RRF don't decide to take a stroll through Brooke Hills.

  • At the moment the RRF have split their forces. Whilst two of their strike teams have joined up with the Big Bash movement, who, as Papa Corleone himself said, are backtracking to the South East and the Northward. So it will now be quite some time before the Big Bash shambles over to Brook Hills or Yagoton.


Of the many factors that come into play when a suburb is under attack or even just a specific area of it, the most important perhaps of which is knowing your opponents next move. No I'm not going to start quoting Sun Tzu, in an attempt to appear wise and all knowingfull ^.^ But knowing from which direction your enemies are coming from and going to give you a great advantage in preparation. Even if you are only simply able to estimate accurately how long it will take a Zombie migration to move from one place to another, either by Wiki or by Radio, alerts can be made. For this reason, frequent scouting runs will be made over Brooke Hills to check on the positions and numbers of Zombies around BH. After recording this and repeating the run over a few days, it should become clear to which direction Zed hordes are moving. It will be quite some effort though, as I do have my duties to my group to perform aswell..

  • This impaticular section has been put on hold as current mission statements in my group don't allow me the man power to complete this task on a weekly basis. Unless anyone with scouting experience (Free Running and preferably Tagging required, go's without saying really) who has spare time on their hands would like to leave a message on my User Dp.
  • I'd like to state for the record. Big Bash is not going to Yagoton anytime soon. It's called backtracking. Survivors may enjoy backtracking but zombies don't. We're going SE and then north. Sonny Corleone WTF RRF ASS 19:19, 28 July 2006 (BST)

Damage Dealt In The North Once More

  • Once again the North of Brooke Hills has seen a small (and I do mean small) scale attack, though it did not come from the South. Now using an 'Alt' to pelt around BH, scouting, he was mauled to death in his sleep last night in The Portass Museum. The Portass Museum was, and I do say 'was' the only building in SW BH in survivor hands, though now after the small raids over the past couple of nights. Any plans to counter act upon the invasion in the south are now being put on hold as a number of Zombies in the North West have increased, though it is yet to be decided from which direction they came and if more waves of Zombies are on their way. Of course I'll be on top of the situation with knowledge on where the migrations are flocking to and from by this time tomorrow. Though I do advise that those stocked up on ammo make sure Grandon, the Heathcote and the Factory stay within our grasp. These three buildings are essential to keep if we are to overcome this flurry of Zombies.

--Chopper 20:37, 26 June 2006 (BST)

  • Alright, after a heavy dosage of Ap being used up, I've been led to beleive a Zombie horde, possibly the EF, are moving from the West to the East. Having camped out in Eastonwood for three nights, in a school no less, I've recorded Zombie positions on the East side, and after having recorded these positions a couple of times a day for the past three, it clearly shows that Zombah' are flocking eastward to BH... It shouldn't take them more than 24 hours to make it here, but I advise we check all the 'cade levels, etc..

--Chopper 18:54, 27 June 2006 (BST)

  • Tip top. That small problem we had in the north has now quickly turned into an invasion by the EF! They handed me matches, I sparked 'em off. Now we are no longer simply living, we are surviving! We have a genuine threat on our hands and in our streets that wants to deny us our existance. The key to fending off this ravenous horde is to keep Grandon, the Heathcote and the Factory in OUR hands. If any of these three buildings fall to the undead; you can expect surviving to become a hell of a lot harder. So I think 'Organization' is the word of the week for us. The Eastonwood Ferals are a very much so co-ordinated group so we will have to show the same level if not more of such a trait. I ask of everyone, do not run as previous allies have done so, but stand tall and fight with us, fight with The Sun Organization! But more importantly, fight for Brooke Hills! Let this be a battle to remember! Let us speak of this in the future as a past refference when we showed the EF what happens when they chose our homeland as their target!

--Chopper 09:09, 29 June 2006 (BST)

  • If only more people would have read this page, then the damage at Grandon would have been lessened. For a start, the barricades wouldn't have been at VS+2 and the Gennie would have been destroyed. It may not have made too much difference, but it would have spared a couple of lives.. Expect more raids on the Western border of Brooke Hills, though the threat in the south is generally decreasing as Survivors from The Sun Organization amongst other groups have gone about on a clean up act. It's shown aswell!

--Chopper 12:18, 1 July 2006 (BST)

  • Been a while since I've made a post here, I say a while, anything could happen in a couple of days. Since the 29th of June a substancial change in the balance of Zombies in Brooke Hills has come around. The North of BH is now almost completly clear, there are no Zmobies within a four block radius of Grandon Place Police Station, not including the Zed at our RP as he/she isn't a Rotter. The Zombie mob is currently swaying, mindlessly outside the Police Depo's of Timewell Drive, Twitt Row and Ryley Road. Not forgetting a couple of Zombah' outside our only hospital, St Wulstans, which I do advise we take full control of, increasing the number of Survivors that sleep there, keeping the 'cades at VS+2.

--Chopper 12:19, 5 July 2006 (BST)

Time to Clense the Streets

  • This past week has shown exactly what the Survivors of Brooke Hills are capable of. We have been attacked from the Western border by the Eastonwood Ferals, a formidable force yet we have stood our ground, holding all buildings of significance almost permanently. Police Stations in the South of Brooke Hills have fallen from time to time, but the combined forces of Survivors from different groups are refusing to back down. Returning the attacks on the Eastonwood border, forcing Zombies to retreat from Luellin Lane Fire Station, Hayes Place Railway Station, The Stoy Building and Timewell Drive Police Department. The North of Brooke Hills is next to immaculate, Zombies are now a rarity in the North, the Wasteland Revive Point is becoming well known as a Five Star revivification area. The Sun Organization impaticular have several members who more than frequently use their scientific skills to bring the dead back to life. The wait for revivification is estimated up to four hours, of course several other groups are also assisting in standing up the walking dead too.

But in my opinion, now is the time to seize South BH, the north is firmly in our grasp, by sending a couple of Survivors from each group, we can take full control of our 'burb. Take heed of my words before another wave of Zombies make their way over... --Chopper 22:01, 9 July 2006 (BST)

  • Almost a week has gone by since my last statement, but there's been good reason for so... We are tightening our grip around Brooke Hills! Zombie presence is minimal, Survivors have gathered and come together in South BH, safe houses have been secured, generators have been set up. Seems I was spot on in my suggestions and comments ^.^ There are now well over 50 Survivors taking control of the southern sector of our suburb. I myself am leading a Reclamation and Extermination Squad down South in an attempt, which I cannot see being unsuccessful, to force the Zombie hords out of Brooke Hills! --Chopper 22:20, 11 July 2006 (BST)
  • I commend Brooke Hills and it's inhabiting Survivors! Last night we officially took back the entirty of Brooke Hills, as there are now less than ten Zeds in our entire suburb. The South has been cleansed almost entirely, seeing as Ryley Road and Twitt Row PD's are completly clear. These have been main targets for Zombah' when they decide it's feeding time. St. Wulfstan's hospital also, doesn't have a single Zombie around it's vacinity as neither do our Necro Tech buildings. The Sun Organization played a great roll in the taking back of Brooke Hills. I myself, ordered by DannGunn to lead a Reclamation squad into the South of BH played an inspirational role, receiving praise from many groups and survivors for the work The Sun Organization was doing for it's fair suburb. Bollocks, utter bollocks, to those who say communication and co-operation are not humanities strongest traits! We fucked y'all Zombie crews up! --Chopper 12:21, 15 July 2006 (BST)

We climbed the mountain, and we conquered it... Only to be pushed straight back down by The Big Bash

  • Motherfuckers... After all that effort, all that work! The Battle For Brooke Hills was won! Survivors showed an incredible amount of organization, team work and so, so much of that trait that to an extent represents humanity; Hope. Their faith in their ability to overcome the constant Zombie raids and invasions brought them their well deserved victory! Though I cannot recall the celebrations of a victory being so short-lived! Within three days, The Eastonwood Ferals co-ordinated a surprise attack on Twitt Row Police Department amongst other buildings in the south whilst at the same time, The Big Bash hit Brooke Hills hard from the North. This inevitably had devastating effects on Brooke Hills, but even to this moment we still fight! We've reclaimed every PD in the area and now Survivor presence is moving back into our Hospital and The Heathcote NT building! 'Hope' it seems, can be humanities greatest ally, giving them the inner strength to overcome obstacles that were not thought conquerable. Though balance is kept as hope would also seem, to be our greatest enemy. False hope could lead us all to our deaths... Let us 'hope' that the right decisions are made on the part of humanity! --Chopper 13:16, 20 July 2006 (BST)
  • Alright, I know it's a bit early to be saying this, but Brooke Hills has taken the first steps of recovery from The Big Bash. The suburb is still in Zombie hands, but it is expected as over half of Malton has been submerged in bodies that The Big Bash have stacked up! The undead wander the streets of Brooke Hills rather meaninglessly now as Survivors have come to realise that against a horde this large, the entire suburb can't be protected but a selection of safehouses can be! Alliances from the most unlikely of groups have been forged, Survivors have banded together in this last stand for Brooke Hills. We all know that Malton is currently being over run by Zombah', but instead of just handing our suburb to them on a plate, we're putting up ressistance against these slowly moving carnivores. You can keep knocking, but you will not get in! The streets may belong to Zombies right now and our Revive Point is currently building up quite a que. But Necro Tech's of The Sun Org. have been revived and are currently stocking up on Syringes as Yagoton is about to fall into Zombie hands soon enough (At this current moment they have a more efficient RP, but only until The Big Bash move on from here to there)... --Chopper 10:19, 23 July 2006 (BST)

Brooke Hills Is Ours, And That Way It Shall Stay

  • I know it's been a fair while since I've updated this page, but that's simply because Brooke Hills has had it's hands full. And after two full, gruesome weeks, Brooke Hills has been reclaimed. The overflow from The Big Bash has left, The Eastonwood Ferals are occupied with Shuttlebank and the free roaming ferals around BH simply don't have the organization, power or ability to crack open the newly founded strength of Brooke Hills. Without giving too much credit, it must be said that The Sun Organization have been the driving force behind the recovery of our suburb. And for now, I beleive we all share the feeling of content as all the hard work of organized raids, setting up safehouses and reclaiming buildings has now been paid off. Congratulations to all the Survivors of Brooke Hills, it was a fierce battle which raged on for quite some time, and it's now more than clear that we have come out victorious... --Chopper 13:02, 10 August 2006 (BST)
  • Brooke Hills continues to become a safe place to reside as each days passes. All six PD's, both NT buildings and our only Hospital are all under Survivor control. More and more safehouses are being set up each day, and the barricade level has been brought under control. Having recently suffered a brigade of Trench Coaters moving into BH and barricading up every building they enter, it became awkward for little under a week to find a reliable safehouse. The Sun Organization decided something needed to be done about this, and so a team of scouts were sent out, armed with crowbars to right the wrongs of the over barricading in the 'burb. All is currently well in our fair suburb, though quite possibly not for long. Last night ChopperReid led The Reavers along with a few other members of The Sun Org into Eastonwood, where the Eastonwood Ferals' HQ was stormed and taken over, along with The Hosken and Harold Buildings, all EF presence was obliterated within these three blocks and the buildings were claimed in the name of what the EF call 'Breatherists'. It's more than likely that the Eastonwood Ferals will retalliate with an organized attack of their own, though it's doubtful they'll be able to cause as much damage as The Sun Org reaped upon them. --Chopper 14:03, 16 August 2006 (BST)

  • Until two days ago, the Eastonwood Ferals maintained a strong presense in Brooke Hills that lasted perhaps a week. Constantly raiding the safehouses of our more recently safe suburb. Grandon Place PD, Twitt Row PD, the Heathcote NT building and the Hellyer Building all fell to the EF fighters, though non of which were actually in their hands for very long as it's come to be known that the residents of Brooke Hills do not go quietly into the night as the organization and co-operation of the survivors of BH continues to grow... --Chopper 21:29, 24 August 2006 (BST)
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