Bounty Hunters Unltd.

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Bounty Hunters Unltd.

About - News - Hunters
Bounty Hunters Unltd.
Abbreviation: BHU
Group Numbers: 10/2 (and growing!)
Leadership: Mikhos
Goals: To rid Dulston of zombies and PKing scum.
Recruitment Policy: Visit the forums.
Contact: Forums

Bounty Hunters Unltd.? That sounds a lot like Zombie Hunters Unltd., you say. Well, we've had a name change, mostly because we hunt more criminals than zombies in the suburb of Dulston. Also, there was another group, Zerg Hunters Unlimited with the arconym of ZHU, and therefore, we have changed over. Zombie Hunters Unltd., created back in August of 2007, have been handing out revives, giving heals, and have been defending safe houses. So before you push them off as a small group, consider this: Experience counts, and they have a lot. Proud Dulston Alliance members.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.36 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Pegrum Place Police Department (93,9)

Our sworn Duties

1. To hunt members of the DA Blacklist and other criminals, and never hurt innocents.
2. To destroy zombies (not our fallen comrades!) wherever they are.
3. To heal and revive fellow Dulstonites.
4. To never let being bounty hunters get to our heads.

If you can follow the four duties, then you're a candidate for our ranks.

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

Recruitment Policy

Requirements for applying:

1. Be able to follow all four duties.
2. Not having a history of PKing, GKing, RKing, etc.
3. Post an application on the forums. If you cannot use the forums, use the TALK page.


 {{zhmember|User=Someone|}} makes:
Zhmini.png Bounty Hunter
Someone is a member of Bounty Hunters Unltd.


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