Brotherhood of the Reckoning

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Note: This page doesn't follow the NPOV like most of the wiki. It's written in first-person POV by the group's leader, D4rkness

The Brotherhood of the Reckoning
Abbreviation: BOTR
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Raptimus
Goals: Whatever the hell we want
Recruitment Policy: We'll take almost anyone who wants to kill with us
Contact: Visit Our Forum

"An analogy I liked to use to explain my view on this: If a gang member shoots and kills another gang member who shot at him first, it was gang violence and the one who shot the other is a cowardly criminal. Replace the first gang member with a police officer, and it was self-defense and he is a hero. Both are, by definition, killers. They have killed. Arguing this fact is arguing not with logic, but with emotional perspective. It's fine to view a gang member so contemptably, but a police officer? The argument isn't over him being a hero, though certainly many will argue it, but what it's really about as far as I'm concerned with is how people don't consider him a killer simply because he wasn't punished for it. He did a good thing, but that doesn't remove the simple fact that he's a killer and we all use carebear terminology to hide ourselves from the truth."

-Biff Webster, Urban Dead Forum Global Moderator

The truth will set you free...



Want to join? Click Me!

To learn more, check out our Recruitment page.

The Reckoning is Drawing Near... (Group Updates)

Update for September '08

Well, The Brotherhood is participating in the Uprising[[1]]with a few of our allies, to overthrow the oppressive reign of the DEM!


Uprising.JPG Seeds Of Rebellion
The Brotherhood of the Reckoning had a hand in the Malton Uprising and overthrew the chafing yoke of the DEM oppressors.

Update for July '08 I need to check this thing more often. Anyway, The Brotherhood is cleansing the South Eastern corner of Joachim mall. For the fun of it. :/ --Trav 03:58, 13 July 2008 (BST)

Uopdate for April '08 Brotherhood of the Reckoning is coming back together. We are looking for new recruits to help spread the word of the Reckoning, and just kill for the hell of it. Raptimus is currently our new leader and we are planning to do something soon. LONG LIVE THE BROTHERHOOD!--Arch Angel

Older updates have been moved here


Interested in reading about our past exploits? Then have I got a wiki page for you! History of the Brotherhood: Part 1 is the true story of our early days in NW Malton. It chronicles our first encounter with DHPD, the short-lived but fun Bank Tour, our first major hit that put us on DEM's wanted list, and more. I'm thinking of creating a sequel from our more recent misadventures soon, so keep your eyes open.

Update: Holy crap, I finally wrote part 2! Read it here: History of the Brotherhood: Two Drink Minimum

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