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#redirect [[Whittenside Streets#Brymer Drive]]
NW_location=[[the Beable Arms]]|NW_color=arms|
N_location=[[Charteris Bank]]|N_color=bank|
NE_location=[[Bisdee Road Fire Station]]|NE_color=Fire Station|
W_location=[[Carpark 87,96|a carpark]]|W_color=carpark|
This_location=Brymer Drive|location_color=Street|
E_location=[[The Bellamy Building (Whittenside)|the Bellamy Building]]|E_color=Building|
SW_location=[[Dewfall Cinema]]|SW_color=cinema|
S_location=[[Sprackling Square Police Department|Sprackling Square Police Dept]]|S_color=Police Dept|
SE_location=[[Clough Towers]]|SE_color=tower}}

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Brymer Drive

Whittenside [88,96]

the Beable Arms Charteris Bank Bisdee Road Fire Station
a carpark Brymer Drive the Bellamy Building
Dewfall Cinema Sprackling Square Police Dept Clough Towers
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