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This page is intended for the temporary keeping of Bug Reports which have their original reports done without a timestamp. Note that not all of these are without comments, or not worth revision. The timestamp right now is 15:25, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT) - this page's content will never as such be removed, however, referencing links will be taken down in a month from now. -pinkgothic

Bugs reported more than once

Lights on inside message wrong

Any building with a generator set up will say that the lights are on from the outside, even if the generator inside is out of fuel. Obviously the lights can't be on if the generator isn't running.

I have noticed this one as well, so I guess I confirm this one! --Dogbarian 23:38, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Revive works on my screen, but hasn't revived the person it was used on

I was logged in as Cole Porter [1] and I used a revive syringe on Ben Jackson [2]. The screenshot showing this worked is [3] However Ben Jackson has had no revive show for him. This is my brother's character, but we actually live over an hour apart so we aren't using alt characters. I've since logged in using his character to check whether it is simply his browser, but he is showing no signs of a revive and the syringe has gone from my equipment.

I logged in as The Donald, who was a zombie at the time. I found a scientist out on the street. As I said "Mrh?"
[<a target="_blank" style="color:#8fbf00;" href="http://zombietalk.oldeenglish.org/">Zombish</a> for "mr?"], he revived me. Unfortunately, I didn't fall down. I stayed standing, but lost all my buttons to interact save for the drop button. Logging out and logging back in doesn't fix either of the problems. I also disabled the GAIE inventory organizer, but that didn't help. I died shortly after, and after I stood up, all my buttons restored themselves.

Screenshots: The revive The lack of buttons

Your "loss of buttons" was just due to that noone was within the same square with you, wich means that you cannot attack or speak --Papa smurf255 01:45, 18 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Typo on Hit Limit Message

When using the main game script after having exceeded the IP hit limit, there is a repeated word "no" towards the bottom of the page:

  • If you've donated $5 or more to support the server, you can log back in as one of the characters that you nominated at the time of donation, and they'll have no no IP restrictions.
I can confirm this --Chainsaws 16:20, 3 Oct 2005 (BST)

Bugs reported once

Last attack before death

My zed was fighting a live (ie logged on) harman, and naturally he killed me before I could get him. I infected him first, and in triumph I shouted a battle cry. However, when I got the return page on the shout, he'd struck the killing blow, and I saw the headshot message...one problem. I wasn't dead, and could attack once more before dropping. Screenie Screenie Screenie

Ammo vanished?

My main character was looking for ammo in a mall and found a clip. I clicked on it...and although the clip vanished and an AP was spent, the gun was not reloaded. Eh? MaulMachine

Are you sure you only had one gun? Because if not, you might have been "paying attention to the wrong gun", so to speak... -pinkgothic 23:12, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)


My character has been appearing outside of a mall recently when I had left him inside! This has happened twice now and I suspect someone has been hacking my file or they have grown lives of there own! Is it possible to change my Urban Dead password? I have sent an E-mail to Urbandead@Urbandead.com and I am waiting for a reply! Will I get one from that e-mail adress? I have suspisions on who it might be, but I don't have proof!

My character is Trooper511, he is in Penny Heights at Shelley Grove School. The mall he was disappearing out of was Lumbar mall. This is not an Isolated incident! My brother who is near by, was also recently pulled out of a safe house and left near the mall in a small group of Zombies! He has died because of this, and I have nearly died twice!

A quick reply would be helpful!

It's rather unlikely you've fallen prey to hacking. What's far more likely, though, is that you were attacked, killed, and your body moved out of the building. Are you certain this is not maybe what happened? -pinkgothic 22:19, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)
It's interesting that he says he "nearly died" if he had been killed and dumped as a dead body surely he would have said that he did die twice? So it seems to me that he's saying he logged out (alive) and then logged back in later and found himself still alive but outside. Could this possibly be something like the teleportation bug some other people have been reporting when they try to carry out certain actions after stopping a page from loading? --Tethran 00:13, 8 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Healing 15HP onto a 45HP Person

I just tried healing someone with 45HP (And bodybuilding) in a hospital + generator with my advanced First Aid Kit. They should have risen to a total of 60HP, but instead stayed at 45HP where I was able to waste another FAK on them, with them remaining at 45HP

Possible Barricade Attack bug

After reading thread about a complaint where 2 zombies attacked the same harman at the same second and their attacks were both successful, yet the HP only went down by 1/2 the expected amount I got to thinking. I'm a programmer by trade and what it looks like is happening is a 'concurency bug' If 2 events happen at the same time only 1 is logged against the object, Yet the attackers both get credit. What is the concequence? If 50 zombies attack the barricades at the same moment and they are all successful the barricade only gets the damage from 1 hit.

After creating new character I can't log in as my old one

I started the game with a zombie (Egg Nog) a few days ago. I then wanted to start a human (FrederickDeath), to play in a completly different part of the city. Once I had created my human, even after logging out, if i tried loggin in as my zombie i got a 'invalid username/password entered' error, and the forgotten password screen told me my username doesn't exist! A bug??

Clear your cookies and your temp internet data. Times normally does the trick. Velkrin 00:33, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Ammo disappears on logging out IF it is loaded

My Military character keeps losing his ammo. If I load one or more of my 3 shotguns when I log back in they are empty. Same with my 4 pistols, and that includes removing remnants of clips - if I have, for example, 3 bullets left in a pistol they will be gone when I log back in.

Have you tried logging out and immediately logging back in? Does anyone else know your username and password, or is your password really simple? You should sign your posts in here, too. In the row of buttons above the box you edit text in, it's the second button from the right (And the button icon looks like a signature). --SL 03:30, 22 Oct 2005 (BST)

Vague White Screen Issue

Hmm, I still cant log on at all. When I try it is just white and sez done at the bottom. I have run into this same white screen problem when using one computer, but had no problem logging onto another. I suspect this this is a completely unrelated problem that is actually more likely to be connected to whatever anti-cheating measures Kavan is using. If you have roomates/family using your computer to move their character in the same suburb, or if you have access to only one computer, period, you may have a problem.... - Syncline

Pre-emptive actions?

I think I found another bug. Seems like if I run out of APs on the same square, I press the Back button which will return you to the page stating I have 1 AP left. then click on any actions, movement attack or otherwise, and it will bring me back to the page saying I ran out of APs. But the next time i logged in the action is already completed (i killed a zombie automatically). I'm guessing that my browser resent the last command and the server executed it the moment my AP stocked up. - GeCh

I just tested this with Firefox and did not have what you described happen: I used up my last AP swinging at a person, hit back, and hit 'attack' again. Then I waited an hour or so, went back to the tab (which I had left open), clicked the address bar, and hit enter. The person had not lost any HP and there was no indication that I had attacked him. Now, if I hit refresh instead, it tells me there's POSTDATA, and it wanted to know whether to send it - which just means that yeah it'd have sent the command again if I let it. Are you using Internet Explorer, or some other browser which doesn't warn you when it's resending data? I haven't tried doing an attack after running out of AP and then logging out and logging back on once I would have more AP, so it's possible that's the bug too. --SL 09:43, 7 Oct 2005 (BST)
I am using Mozilla Firefox. Hmm, perhaps I might have been mistaken.I'll try it again, and if i do encounter the same thing I'll post a more detailed log. If I got it wrong, apologies for the false alarm. -- GeCh GMT 0340 7 Oct 2005
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