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A dank cell

The Holding Cell

After speaking to an on-duty officer, you are allowed to view a small room with 4 tiny cells. The officer explains to you that the Crew will occasionally detain some of Malton's most heinous offenders here for, "Crimes against humanity, rape, and human cloning."

Above the only desk in the room you notice a whiteboard labeled, "Do Not Revive".

Cell 1

This cell contains Spandrell. He is being detained indefinitely for cloning himself (aka zerging), and using his clone Spandrella to repeatedly PK, break into HQ, and act like a general goon.

Browsing through a rather thick evidence file, you discover a number of video files, each showing Spandrell working in concert with his clone. The files are labeled: Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Cell 2

This cell is currently empty

Cell 3

This cell is currently empty

Cell 4

This cell is currently empty


This is a frequently updated list maintained by the Crew which indicates the current badguys who are not to be revived under any circumstances.