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A locker room

The Locker Room

The smell of damp towels and steamy feet fill the air.This is where CAPD Officers hit the showers and change into their gear. One of the walls has been adorned with various plaques, photographs, and medals. The wall is divided into two areas. One half would appear to chronicle the history of the Crew Avenue Police Department, and the other apparently serves to commemorate the achievements of officers, past and present.

You hear the familiar patter of water on tile.

In Memory

This area of the wall is dedicated to the history of the Crew Avenue Police Department. There are many old photographs and newspaper clippings:

A Photo of Trish
Trish Rydon:

The co-founder of the post-outbreak entity known as CAPD, seen here in an early photograph. After helping to establish the fledgling group, she handed over the reigns to Wilson Smithers and set sail for seas unknown. Rumor has it that Trish herself inherited the role of Captain from another founding member, whose name has unfortunately been lost as a result of the chaos of those early days. She was last seen on Apr 18 2008, at 11:14 PM at the threshold of Crew Avenue, smiling and giving her signature thumbs up.

"Where did I leave that doughnut?"

Having grown up in the area of Crew Avenue, he decided to join the squad in 2007 after the neighborhood went to crap. A favorite among his fellow officers, he could always be counted on to protect an ice cold beer and serve himself seconds at the buffet line around CAPD. A constant presence in the breakroom, "Taxi" announced his retirement on Feb 3 2009, 03:53 PM. Though on occasion he can still be found keeping the peace on the mean streets of Foulkes Village.

An artist's rendition of MoW, on one of his all-night benders

Master of Wind:

Though known to his family as Michael Pilgrim, after demonstrating his uncanny gastrointestinal powers at an officer's picnic, the young recruit earned himself the monicker "Master of Wind". The nickname was subsequently shortened to MoW, pronounced "Moe". Well-liked and respected by his colleagues, MoW also has the distinction of being the first and only officer to serve with CAPD despite suffering from the affliction known as Brainrot.

After announcing his retirement on May 15 2011, 03:00 AM, he will be greatly missed and his "wind" will most definitely be remembered.

Keep your eyes off my package!

Joining the Crew in 2008, Giles fitted right in with his massive package and the looks of a 80's pornstar, a firm favourite among the ladies he made a quick rise to the head of the Force where he sat upon his thorne so everyone could admire him. Yet he knew there were greater adventures out there and after announcing his retirement on Sep 15 2011, 01:30 AM he moved on to settle down, leaving his throne to be occupied by cowboys. We wish him the best of luck.

Wall of Honours

This area of the wall is dedicated to the achievements of various officers. There are a number of ribbons and awards here, some crafted crudely and others with remarkable precision:


The Golden Hammer Award The Golden Hammer: Awarded to ZIPO for achieving 465 Points and winning the payback tour.
The Golden Gun Award The Golden Gun: Awarded to Suze for 18 kills.
The Golden Whistle Award The Golden Whistle: Awarded to Sid for 7 successful tip-offs.
The Golden Camera Award The Golden Camera: Awarded to Suze for taking 16 informative snapshots.
The Cunning Linguist Award The Cunning Linguist Award: Both Sid and ZIPO have earned the prize for showing uncommon wit in the line of duty.


Forthcoming, once it's simmered down. See CAPD/Locker Room/The Philosophe Knights Foulkes Village Adventure.