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Cannonball Crew

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Ranks & Insignia

The Cannonball Crew employs a military-style rank system and other elements to enhance the game's role-playing and meta-gaming aspects. Participation and performance is rewarded not only with hearty rounds of whiskey and beer, but also with much sought after hardware like patches, stripes, medals and ribbons that are proudly adorned by Crew members. We like to have everyone looking their best in the game and on our forum. Here you will learn how to outfit yourself with a proper Cannonball Crew uniform that involves updating your character's profile and your forum signature.


Update the Group name in your profile to read either Cannonball Crew or Fort Perryn Defense Force. Spelling and capitalization counts so feel free to copy & paste the appropriate name into your profile.

Please note if you're a member of the Loose Cannons squad, your group should read Cannonball Crew.


Update your in-game appearance with the standard issue uniform, which consists of the following items and can be found at the Fort Perryn barracks.

  • Beret: (Each squad picks its own color)
    • Command Staff: Black
    • Dog Squad: Red
    • Able Squad: Blue
    • Fort Perryn Defense Force: Red
    • Ghost Bears: Blue
    • Pimp Legion of Doom: Green
  • Dog tags: Fort Perryn
  • Jacket: Camoflauge
  • Shirt: Khaki short-sleeved
  • Trousers: Camoflauge
  • Boots: Black
  • Optional: Glasses, sunglasses and night vision goggles


The Elite
Ccpatch cc small.png
[Full Size]
Cannonball Crew Ccpatch dog small.png
[Full Size]
Dog Squad
Advanced Squads
Ccpatch able small.png
[Full Size]
Able Squad Ccpatch baker small.png
[Full Size]
Baker Squad
Ccpatch charlie small.png
[Full Size]
Charlie Squad Ccpatch fpdf small.png
[Full Size]
Fort Perryn Defense Force
Ccpatch ghostbears small.png
[Full Size]
Ghost Bears Ccpatch pld small.png
[Full Size]
Pimp Legion of Doom
Ccpatch tx small.png
[Full Size]
Team Xtreme
New members
Ccpatch lc small.png
[Full Size]
Loose Cannons Ccpatch easy small.png
[Full Size]
Easy Squad


Command Staff
Ccstripe cpt.png Captain CPT
Ccstripe 1lt.png First Lieutenant 1LT
Ccstripe 2lt.png Second Lieutenant 2LT
Ccstripe sgm.png Sergeant Major SGM There is only one Sergeant Major and he/she is the Chief Non-Commissioned Officer.
Cannonball Crew
Ccstripe csm.png Command Sergeant Major CSM
Ccstripe msg.png Master Sergeant MSG
Ccstripe sfc.png Sergeant First Class SFC
Ccstripe ssg.png Staff Sergeant SSG
Ccstripe sgt.png Sergeant SGT
Loose Cannons & Loose Cannons Soldiers
Ccstripe cpl.png Corporal CPL Eligible after completing 8 or more missions.
Ccstripe lcp.png Lance Corporal LCP Eligible after completing 5-7 missions.
Ccstripe pfc.png Private First Class PFC Eligible after completing 1-3 missions.
Ccstripe pvt.png Private PVT Starting rank.


Only one Branch of Service pin should be worn at a time
Ccpin commandstaff.gif Command Staff For Command Staff members and squad leaders.
Ccpin intel.png Intelligence For members who participate in intel gathering operations and specialize in communications.
Ccpin medical.gif Medical Corps For members who perform first aid and revives as their primary duty.
Ccpin signalcorps.gif Signal Corps For members who actively engage in diplomacy with other organized groups and/or specialize in recruitment.
Ccpin barricade.gif Barricade Crew Members must carry a toolbox, generator and fuel can and perform barricading as their primary duty. Historial Note: Was originally available only for members of Able Squad because it started out as Shockmatic's Barricade Squad.
Ccpin combat.gif General Combat For infantry soldiers who enjoy keeping the undead dead.


Ccmedal shocktrooper.png Shock Trooper Given for participation in a suicide mission.
Also available as a ribbon: Ccmedal shocktrooperribbon.png
Ccmedal dedicatedservice.png Dedicated Service Given to those who go above and beyond their duties to accomplish goals despite tremendous risk.
Ccmedal diplomacy.png Diplomacy Given to those who excel in diplomacy with other organized human groups.
Ccmedal heroicrevive.png Heroic Revive Given for reviving teammates in a manner that was risky yet smart.


Ccribbon01 caiger1.png
First Siege of Caiger Mall (Nov-Dec 2005)
Major stand by survivors at Caiger Mall

Ccribbon02 caiger2.png
Second Siege of Caiger Mall (Mar 2006)
Major stand by survivors against Mall Tour '06 at Caiger Mall

Ccribbon03 5thofnov 2006.png
Operation: 5th of November (Nov 2006)
Attacked Ridleybank and reclaimed Blackmore NT for humankind

Ccribbon04 stickling.png
Stickling Mall (Nov 2006)
Recaptured and defended Stickling Mall

Ccribbon05 tyntemall.png
Tynte Mall (Jan 2007)
Recaptured and defended Tynte Mall

Ccribbon06 giddings.png
Giddings Mall (Jan 2007)
Recaptured and defended Giddings Mall

Ccribbon07 tyn nic hil.png
Tynte Mall, Nichols Mall and Hildebrand Mall (Jan 2007)
For successful operations at all three malls

Ccribbon08 barrville.png
Barrville (Jan-Feb 2007)
Secured and defendded the suburb of Barrville

Ccribbon09 miltown.png
Miltown (Jan-Feb 2007)
Aided survivors in the suburb of Miltown

Ccribbon10 malltour 2007.png
Mall Tour Defense 2007
Battled Mall Tour '07 across Malton

Ccribbon11 ironshield.png
Operation: Iron Shield (May 2007)
Defended Dowdney Mall and Dewes NT

Ccribbon12 firestorm.png
Operation: Firestorm (Jul 2007)
Secured the Blackmore NT

Ccribbon13 fortperryn.png
Liberation of Fort Perryn (Aug-Sep 2007)
Secured and defended Fort Perryn and established the fort garrison

Ccribbon14 5thofnov 2007.png
Operation: 5th of November (Nov 2007)
Attacked Ridleybank and reclaimed Blackmore NT for humankind

Ccribbon15 fortperryn.png
Fort Perryn (Aug 2007-Jan 2008)
For extensive service time at Fort Perryn including defending against the Feral Undead and the Second Big Bash

Ccribbon16 greenheaven.png
Operation: Green Heaven (Jan 2008) (aka The Battle of Pitneybank)
Month-long battle with The Second Big Bash at Giddings Mall, Morrish NT and Farmer NT

Ccribbon17 wintergrind.png
Operation: Winter Grind (Feb 2008)
Recapture and defense of Greenhow NT, Went NT and Nichols Mall

Ccribbon18 castlesweep.png
Operation: Castle Sweep (Feb 2008)
Secured Blackmore NT and raised the ire of zombiedom (including the RRF and The Dead)

Ccribbon19 vipertrail.png
Operation: Viper Trail (Mar 2008)
Mission to secure the malls in the Survivor Security Zone

Ccribbon20 winterthaw.png
Operation: Winter Thaw (Mar 2008)
Reclaimed Fort Perryn through a joint effort between the Fort Perryn Defense Force and Creedy Defense Force

Ccribbon21 ironlung.png
Operation: Iron Lung (Apr 2008)
Secured Fort Perryn by instituting a new barricade policy and added many new recruits to the Fort Perryn Defense Force

Ccribbon22 burntparadise.png
Operation: Burnt Paradise (Mar-Apr 2008)
Two-month, high-level mission of rebuilding the shattered suburbs of Malton from Peppardville to Dakerstown; Part of the Cannonball Crew's effort in the Unified Human Resistance

Ccribbon23 bangarang.png
Operation: BANGARANG! (Apr-May 2008)
Defended Malcolm NT, Colglough NT and Anne General Hospital against the Feral Undead, The Dead and other hordes; Maintained the new barricade policy and held Fort Perryn for over a month

Ccribbon24 piledriver.png
Operation: Pile Driver (May-Jun 2008)
Turned Ridleybank green, secured the Blackmore NT and fought alongside many survivor groups (including Army Control Corps, Channel 4 News Team, Creedy Defense Force, The Fortress, The Kilt Store, Malton Rangers, Paradox, Phoenix Security Services and Umbrella Corporation) in a month-long siege at Nichols Mall against several zombie hordes (including the RRF, Feral Undead and Undeadites)

Ccribbon25 whitesmoke.png
Operation: White Smoke (May-Jun 2008)
Recaptured Fort Perryn in a coordinated raid with the Creedy Defense Force and The Fortress

Ccribbon26 leadvault.png
Operation: Lead Vault (Jun 2008)
High-level mission with the Creedy Defense Force that brought Fort Creedy back from ruins

Ccribbon27 silentpromise.png
Operation: Silent Promise (Jul 2008)
Fought to reclaim Fort Perryn with our allies, the Army Control Corps, Axes High and especially the Creedy Defense Force

Ccribbon28 sentrycross.png
Operation: Sentry Cross (Jul 2008)
Successfully performed over 100 revives in the dangerous suburbs of central Malton

Ccribbon29 redtide.png
Operation: Red Tide (Aug-Sep 2008)
The combined forces of the Cannonball Crew and the Fort Perryn Defense Force (on their first ever road trip) teamed up with the Creedy Defense Force and returned Fort Creedy to its prominent place as a survivor stronghold

Ccribbon30 razorwire.png
Operation: Razor Wire (Sep 2008)
Battled a tenacious horde of zombies (including the RRF) and helped survivors regain control of Shearbank and Stickling Mall

Ccribbon31 captiveploy.png
Operation: Captive Ploy (Oct 2008)
Engaged in a back & forth battle in Pimbank over control of key resource buildings (Hind NT, Nunn NT and Tynte Mall)

Ccribbon32 5thofnov.png
Operation: 5th of November (Nov 2008)
After a disappointing start to the official 2008 campaign, the Cannonball Crew rebounded by going it on their own rebuilding and defending Stanbury Village and Shackleville

Ccribbon33 rovingbunker.png
Operation: Roving Bunker (Nov-Dec 2008)
The Fort Perryn Defense Force established a mobile base to rebuild and secure Joachim Mall, Lumber Mall and the surrounding areas

Ccribbon34 coldspark.png
Operation: Cold Spark (Dec 2008-Jan 2009)
Worked with a slew of fellow survivor groups to reclaim Ackland Mall, Brennand NT and our ancestral home of Barrville

Ccribbon35 malltour 2009.png
Operation: Mall Tour Defense 2009 (Jan-Apr 2009)
Faced Mall Tour '09 head on and defended and/or rebuilt Stickling, Dowdney, Buckley, Pole and Nichols Mall

Ccribbon36 shiningoasis.png
Operation: Shining Oasis (May-Jun 2009)
The Fort Perryn Defense Force worked diligently to rebuild Danversbank and Whittenside, and with the tremendous effort of two squads from The Fortress, was even able to help retake Fort Perryn

Ccribbon37 nightcrawler.png
Operation: Night Crawler (Jul-Aug 2009)
The Fort Perryn Defense Force struggled to rebuild Whittenside block by block and fought valiantly with 404: Barhah not found for control of Fort Perryn

Ccribbon42 heathers.png
TX Operation: War on Heathers (Mar 2009 - July 2010)
Team Xtreme steadfastly fought against the PKer Group, The Heathers upon being targeted for their goals of Bounty Hunting PKer's in Malton.

Ccribbon38 brushfire.png
Operation: Brushfire (May 2009 - June 2010)
Fort Perryn Defense Force took the fight to Whittenside, battling against the zombie masses to fix up the suburb.

Ccribbon40 ironmanb.png
Operation: Iron-Man (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010)
The Cannonball Crew went to Dakerstown to help rebuild and fight after a powerful surge of zombies crippled the area.

Ccribbon41 dawnpatrol.png
TX Operation: War on Dawn Patrol (Dec 2009 - June 2010)
Team Xtreme took on the Dawn Patrol after they declared their intentions to crush bounty hunters.

Ccribbon39 ironfort.png
Operation: Iron Fortress (April 2010 - May 2010)
Fort Perryn Defense Force and The Cannonball Crew moved into Whittenside and Pennville to help fix up the surburbs and subsequently retake Fort_Perryn.


Here's how to set up your forum signature. The examples of forum code references the image below.

  • Squad or Title: Use an official title such as FPDF Squad Leader or Chief Non-Commissioned Officer, a descriptive title like Loose Cannons Scout or FPDF Medic, or show some personality with Able Squad Grunt or PLD Zombie Slayer.
Example code: [B]Able Squad Grunt[/B]

  • Unit Patch: Display the patch of your primary squad or unit. You may qualify for multiple unit patches, but only one should be displayed at a time.
Example code: [IMG][/IMG]

  • Rank: Don your current rank stripe with pride.
Example code: [IMG][/IMG]

  • Branch of Service Pin: Wear the pin depicting the role you'd like to take on. You can change pins as your role changes, but only one pin should be displayed at a time.
Example code: [IMG][/IMG]

  • Medals: For the fine soldiers that earn prestigious medals, be sure to keep them polished.
Example code: [IMG][/IMG]

  • Mission Ribbons: Ribbons are earned by participating in missions. They should form a ribbon bar with a maximum of 4 ribbons across. As you gain ribbons you can use a graphics program, such as Paint.NET or The GIMP, to create a personalized ribbon bar and then upload it to a free image hosting service. Forum signatures have a limit of 10 individual images.
Example code: [IMG][/IMG]

  • Characters: List your main character and alt(s) with their profile links.
Example code: [URL=]Character's Name[/URL]


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