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#redirect [[Mockridge_Heights_Carparks]]
suburb=Mockridge Heights|
NW_location=[[Howarth Library]]|NW_color=Library|
N_location=[[Grandfield Row Police Department|Grandfield Row Police Dept]]|N_color=Police Dept|
NE_location=[[Wasteland 43,67|wasteland]]|NE_color=Wasteland|
W_location=[[Mechel Street]]|W_color=Street|
This_location=Carpark 42,68|location_color=Carpark|
E_location=[[the Blabey Museum]]|E_color=Museum|
SW_location=[[St. Perpetua's Hospital|St Perpetua's Hospital]]|SW_color=Hospital|
S_location=[[the Sillence Monument]]|S_color=Monument|
SE_location=[[Factory 43,69|a factory]]|SE_color=Factory}}

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Carpark 42,68

Mockridge Heights [42,68]

Howarth Library Grandfield Row Police Dept wasteland
Mechel Street Carpark 42,68 the Blabey Museum
St Perpetua's Hospital the Sillence Monument a factory

Basic Info:

  • A carpark is a city block without any buildings, used before the apocalypse for parking cars. If any cars remain, they are apparently unusable.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.