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This category is to be used as a hub for groups and users which have created articles that cannot be reasonably linked on the wiki because their sole purpose is to be transcluded, such as with navigation bars or recruitment ads. Users and groups listed here as subcategories have created articles which are used for inclusion purposes only. The subcategories serve as a place to internally link the pages.

See Also Category:Orphans

Adding pages and groups to the category

When encountering an inclusion only page, be sure to check the "What Links Here" for that page. If the page is included somewhere on the wiki but is not linked:

  • Add <noinclude>[[Category:Inclusions]]</noinclude> to the page.
  • Add <noinclude>[[Category:(Group Name)]]</noinclude> to the page if it is not already categorized with the group's category.
    • This step can be skipped IF you categorize the page with <noinclude>[[Category:Inclusions|!]]</noinclude>. (notice the exclamation mark. This will categorize the page is such a way that it can be easily distiguished from pages that have already been added to group categories). Group categories will be created for these pages later.
  • Edit or create the group category, adding the level 2 header ==Inclusion Pages==
  • Internally link any inclusion pages under the heading, using asterisks to create lists.
  • Categorize the group category with [[Category:Inclusions]]
  • If a new category was created for the group, add {{GroupCat}} to the group's talk page to notify them on the new category. See here for instructions for using the {{GroupCat}} template.
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