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Looking for a group to join? Have a group seeking members?

This page is open to adverts by groups currently recruiting new members.

Formatting and additional information can be found below the group adverts.

Survivor Groups

Creedy Defense Force



Forum: (not used much any more but still checked)

  • Fort Creedy is a popular place for zombies and survivors to fight over.
  • It's a safe and fast place to level up.
  • It's well populated with either zombies, survivors or both.
  • There is usually a lot of action but in quiet times we move around the map.
  • The Creedy Defense Force is a small but active group.
  • We don't have much of a hierarchy and the leadership gives suggestions not orders.
  • We specialize in real-time strikes.

--Spider (talk) 21:16, 7 September 2020 (UTC)

Soldiers of Crossman

Soldiers of Crossman wiki
Soldiers of Crossman wiki
Area of Operations

Rising from the ashes of two historical groups, the Soldiers of Crossman have thrived in the volatile Northwest of Malton, becoming one of the longest-lasting, premier groups in the game. Our friends know us for our loyalty, good humor, and dedication. Our enemies know us for our strength, determination, and tenacity.

The Northwest was once a proud bastion of humanity in the zombie apocalypse, standing firm when all else crumbled around it. We intend to bring that back by uniting all of the survivors in the Northwest, not only in the fight against our common enemy, but also in our struggle to rebuild that which has been taken from us.

Join us on our mission:

To unite the Northwest and take back what is ours.

Last updated: 19:06, 4 October 2020 (UTC)

the new communist party of malton

the new communist party of Malton
Comrade, are you tired of zombies, Pkers, or just plain jerks breaking into your base, destroying your generator and radio, killing you in the process? Well fear no longer comrade! We are the NCPM, and we will push those zombies and PKers into the pit where they belong, or die trying, join now! The new communist party of malton

time stamp (14:34, 11 October 2020 (UTC))

The Wraiths


The Wraiths are now recruiting zombie hunters, healing/revivification experts, repair/barricade specialists, communications experts and scouts for our permanent teams in Shackleville and Ketchelbank, as well as zombie operatives for undercover operations in Ridleybank and wandering zombie operatives for barricade smashing on ruined buildings as part of Project Piñata. There are also still several X-Wing Series canons available if anyone is interested in playing them. For more information, post on our forum or our Wiki Talk Page.

Zombie Groups

Rotwood Elite

Barhah, zambah brazzaz an z!zzahz!
Zambah brazzahz an z!zzahz of Malton!

Do you dream of a non-stop party where the food delivers itself? Where barhah reigns supreme and the harmanbargarz are made sizzling fresh for you? Then come on down over to Fort Feral! Featuring fresh fine-cut harman steaks from chef sirrandom himself, made with real Whittensdie residents!

Rotters, death cultists and zethren alike are all welcome within the rotting embrace of the

Rotwood Elite!
Sign up today and enjoy the barhahque party!
--06:36, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

The Scourge

The Scourge logo.png .........
The Scourge

Barhah! We're a bunch of fun and friendly players who love the game and think the undead have been at a disadvantage for too long.

Whether you're a career zombie, a brand new babah or a survivor wanting to defect to the non-Mrh?ing side, any and all zombies are welcome to join us! We make sure to feed our babahz so they grow up to be big and strong!

We run regular strikes on Discord and we maintain a record of our shamblings here on the wiki. Feel free to stay for a meal, a week, or the rest of your unlife...

To join the fastest growing horde in Malton, head to our Discord and we will let you know where in Malton we are!

Last updated 06:36, 30 September 2020 (UTC)
......... The Scourge logo.png

Death Cultist Groups


The Prophecy

The nature of man is to consume and deplete any and everything.
We are here to ensure this process.

Across the Globe governments will fall apart trying to hold their own weight and every constitution, restriction, law, sanction and contract will fill the sky like fireworks as millions of people will dance on the ceiling of their own existence, until the pillars of humanity crumble to form a mausoleum.

When everything ceases to exist and you have lost everything you will claim has been so hard to build, will you then be free - or freed?


Misanthropia deathwish.jpg

Freedom is a gift and life is not a paved road.
Every brick is laid, skull by skull.

Bring us evidence of the death of an innocent here or on the talk page to gain access.

----06:36, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

The Cleaning Crew

Do you ever miss parachuting into buildings?

Do you like well made piñatas?


Do you thrive with the salty tears of your foes?

Then The Cleaning Crew might be the group for you!

Contact us on our discord.

06:40, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

PKer Groups

The Flowers of Decay


The Flowers of Decay

What makes the Flowers grow?

Zombies at revive points taking headshots. Overbarricaded revive points. Fools giggling and chatting in bars while their neighbors next door die in droves. Suburbs filled with idiotic graffiti and stolen museum pieces, courtesy of the weak and indolent who'd rather waste time than help survivors.

Malton has grown weak and lazy. Over the years, one group after another has vanished into obscurity... except one. The Flowers of Decay. To this very day, we continue to toil away at our thankless work, making Malton a better place by culling the weak and educating survivors.

We propose a better way of life. We propose strength through adversity. We are the whetstone for a blade that is in deadly need of sharpening. We are the challenge that humanity needs in order to grow stronger and better. We are the Flowers of Decay.

If you want to do something about deadweight Flotsam who try to pass themselves off as survivors, then join us.

1. We want active team players. If you can't be somewhat active and stay in touch, we're simply not the group for you.
2. The FOD does not recognize Honor Among Thieves. Providing blanket immunity based on affiliation rather than merit is allowing flotsam to wallow in uselessness. We will kill whom we please, when we please.
3. We are against zerging, alt abuse, text rape and metagame spying. We want the best out of our players and allies.


--RWSig1.png RWSig2.pngFoD PK Praise Rando!--06:36, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

All Play Styles & Other

Format for Posting Adverts

Group adverts are to follow a very specific format. Your advert code should look like this:

===[[Group Name]]===

{{:Group Name/Recruit}}
time stamp (~~~~~) or timed signature (~~~~) Optional if otherwise displayed.

  • The entire advert content is "encased" in a table. This prevents one advert's formatting from affecting other adverts due to image "text flow" and so on.
  • "Group Name/Recruit" is a normal wiki page that contains the content of the advert. Using the curly brackets and colon inserts your advert page's entire contents onto this page, just as if it were a template.
  • You MUST put the following categories on your "Group Name/Recruit" page:
<noinclude>[[Category:Group Subpages]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>[[Category:GROUP NAME HERE]]</noinclude> if your group has a category of its own.
  • Additionally you should add:
<noinclude>[[Category:Recruitment|TYPE]]</noinclude> where TYPE is your group type.
  • Place your advert in alphabetical order by group name, within the relevant group type. Adverts not posted in the proper alphabetical order will be moved.
  • Large Groups or Organizations with significant subgroups are limited to one advert. This includes groups such as the DHPD and the DEM, they may use their advert to direct players to the separate sub-groups.
  • The advert must have a timestamp (five tildes - ~~~~~) or a signature with an attached timestamp. This can be placed either on this page or on your adverts page.
  • After two months as measured from the timestamp the entire advert may be removed for inactivity. It is the group’s responsibility to update the timestamp to prevent the advert being deleted. Updating the timestamp may and should be done at any time while the group is still recruiting.
  • Adverts which do not use the format below or fails to adhere to the guidelines above will be commented out. This can be done using comment tags - <!-- ... -->. A dated comment will be left in the edited section explaining why the advert page was dis-included; if the advert is not fixed within two weeks, the entire section will be removed.

Category Listings

Recruitment pages are listed below in order by type. To include your recruitment advert in this list, put the following on "template" page, where TYPE is your group's type:


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