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Inspiration for Urban Dead

Game by RavenBlack, a friend of Kevan. This is a grid-based RPG which predates Urban Dead. (Vampires! is a development of Graaaagh!, and UD is a development of Vampires!, with permission.)
Number of players: Unknown.

Inspired by Urban Dead

Battle Row
Battle Row is a massively-multiplayer browser-based role-playing game set in the underworld of turn-of-the-century New York. Players take on the role of cops or gangsters and battle for control of the city.
Cantr II
A persistent browser-based online game, similar to Urban Dead.
Cities is a similar online game, inspired by urban dead but with a different playing style.
The cities game is geared towards less stressful play, with much more variation and less strategy. There is (almost) no player vs player stuff and the jokes are much worse.
Perform various quests to gain abilities and statistics. The quests are fairly varied.
Cities also has a wiki.
Cities has been created by the Temple ov thee Lemur, creators of the potato powered webserver and other internet annoyances.
Dealt In Lead Dealt in Lead 1 is now closed having culminated in a massive shoot out, but Dealt in lead 2 may be in development.
Browser based MMORPG, inspired by Urban Dead, Nexus War, Shartak and others. Set in a Weird West alternate universe, the American Civil War has raged for over a decade. Will you join the Lich-Emperor Lincoln in the struggle against the Confederacy, fight the Union on the side of General Lee and his mech-cavalry or chose to forge your own destiny? It's up to you.
Scroll Wars 
This medieval browser-based game has Player vs. Player & Player vs. Monster elements. It has no Action Points, though it employs Battle Points. Strange creatures and stranger humor dominate the landscape.
Created by Amazing and others.
Number of players: Small, fluctuating number active.
Hell Rising 
This apocalyptic browser based game is based on Urban Dead and is similar in many regards. It has AP which regenerates at 4 per 5 minutes, with bonus AP on weekends. You can play as a survivor, zombie, or vampire. There are several maps which allow for different methods of play, such as a slow play map. There is plenty of dark humor and hidden features, such as the rare Mortal Kombat-styled "Mortalities".
Number of players: Small, fluctuating number active.
Light Rising 
This sci-fi browser based game, set on a space station in 2244, is inspired by Urban Dead, Shartak, and uses the core code base from Shintolin, but with many changes and upgrades. It has a larger amount of AP than its counterparts, 250 AP per day. You can build, craft, and buy a large amount of buildings and items, and the skill tree allows for choices of race, class and specialization. There's plenty opportunity for role-play, and/or PVP.
Created by UD player Anthor.
Number of players: Small, fluctuating number active.
Nexus War Closed, but left here because of its historical nature.
Player characters are souls plucked from across the universe and placed on the fictional island archipelago of St. Germaine, in the Bermuda Triangle.
This game is currently closed.
Created by UD player Jorm.
Number of players: 24,000 accounts, unknown number active.
"Collaborative artwork"-themed game inspired by Urban Dead. Come join the late alpha/early beta stages. You play an artist on a giant Canvas, coloring and otherwise marking up individual pixels. Each night at around 9pm Eastern (GMT-0400 in the summer), the state of the Canvas is recorded as a PNG. Right now there is no PvP or PvNPC combat at all. The game is no longer running.
Quarantine 2019
This apocalyptic zombie browser-based game, inspired by UD, is similar in many regards. Featuring a relatively fast AP regen rate, a plethora of skills and classes (medic, warrior, scientist, engineer, smart zombie, and so much more), multiple floor buildings, central power grids for districts, and much more. The game is currently in open beta, and open to suggestions (which if good, are often implemented). If you're a fan of UD, come join this great game!
Created by User:Alex007
Active Players (as of 08:26, 23 June 2013 (BST)): ~260 (see
A jungle themed game inspired by Urban Dead that takes place on a very large island. There are camps and huts to hide in, ruins and tunnels to explore, roads to clear in the jungle, traders to trade with, animals to kill (and be killed by), and, naturally, other players to kill. Dead players may play as spirits or be revived by an NPC shaman. Characters are either outsiders (including pirates) or natives.
Created by UD player LeakyBocks.
Total Players ~23500 and Active Players ~315 (as of 08:22, 23 June 2013 (BST), see
Humanity has wandered the world of Shintolin for millenia, hunting and gathering to survive. Recently, some have begun to tire of the nomadic life, and are beginning to settle down. Forests are being cleared for farmland, villages are growing into towns and cities, and crafters seek to unlock the secrets of bronze and iron working. Work with other players to build a town in a dynamic world where every item and building is player created.
Created by UD player Iis.
Zombie Pandemic
Zombie Pandemic is similar to Urban Dead with a huge city in which the players take part in a massive zombie outbreak scenario. Other aspects which makes Zombie Pandemic different is enriched RPG elements, different skill trees and use of realistic navigation on a real world map. This map consists of hundreds of locations offering even more game events and quests in a rich storyline. The game has a more graphical profile too and offers rich concept art and a rich inventory with tons of weapons and a more advanced combat system. Developers are allowing members of the public to design a variety of locations and zombies.

Other Zombie/Horror Games

Cthulhu Nation 
An H.P. Lovecraft themed browser-based MMORPG. Fight back darkness via quests and combat in the years after the Great War. Battle the minions of cthulhu as a member of the enigmatic Group, or apply sinister angles as a Cultist. The game includes gambling, an auction house and weather and lighting effects, as well as a hexagonal exploration system.
Number of players: Unknown.
Dawn of the Dead 
Shoot the zombies that come at you. Kill them before they climb over the fence and eat you alive!
The Dead Awaken 
Another massively-multiplayer RPG, Dead Awaken has little quests to do and some NPCs to interact with, and it has fewer players overall.
Number of players: Unknown.
Dead Frontier 
A flash based MMO where players play as survivors in a zombie infested city. NOTE: The 3D version of the game is currently in open beta, and most PvP features are not yet functional. A previously-released 2D version is playable on the same site (accounts can switch from one version to another anytime).
Number of players: At least 31559 (more than 1 million as of 2012)
Flash Zombie Games 
A collection of small fun zombie games made in flash. Great time waster while you are waiting for some AP.
Infectonator: World Dominator
Spread the joy of BARHAH by infecting entire continents, one city at a time.
World of the Living Dead
World of the Living Dead is a massively-multiplayer zombie game which features strategy gameplay and life or death resource management in a huge sandbox world.
What's your plan?
Scavenge for food and weapons. Risk staying close to the zombie-infested cities where the pickings are rich but the competition is fierce. Attack other players for supplies or form factions to rid your area of the zombie menace. Choose how you want to deal with the apocalypse and develop your characters as they learn how to survive.
Now available without beta keys. Anyone can play.

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