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Known Groups in This Area Central Malton Important Buildings and Events


Richmond Hills Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank Buildings:


Havercroft Barrville Ridleybank Pimbank
Shore Hills Galbraith Hills Stanbury Village Roftwood
Brooksville Mockridge Heights Shackleville Tollyton

Central Malton is the area of Malton compromised of the four innermost Maltonian suburbs: Barrville, Galbraith Hills, Ridleybank, and Stanbury Village. More generally, it applies to the 4x4 suburb area fom Richmond Hills at the Northwest, to Randallbank at the Northeast , to Tollyton at Southeast, and Brooksville at the Southwest.

Throughout October, Central Malton saw the rise of vast, organized zombie hordes which spearheaded successful assaults against almost all of the survivor strongholds in the area, causing massive casualties. In addition to the hundreds of members comprising these groups, perhaps thousands more feral zombies also inhabit Central Malton, making these suburbs by far the most dangerous area for survivors.

Geographically, Central Malton is important to balance of power in the city because the group or groups that control it have the freedom to reach any other portion of the city using only one day's worth of AP (roughly).

Moreover, eight of Malton's twenty malls (40%), the only zoo (100%), one of the two forts (50%), one of three stadiums (33%), and two of the five mansions (40%) lie within or adjacent to Central Malton (16% of the city), allowing a group that controls the area to have disproportionally large influence over the city.

Central Maltonian Hordes

  • The Ridleybank Resistance Front - based out of the suburb of Ridleybank, the horde has been responsible for the complete destruction and domination of that suburb. In addition, they have waged many successful campaigns and sieges in the surrounding suburbs, and continue to control many of the sites they have targeted.
  • Pwotters - originating in Stanbury Village in early November, this horde were at first beaten back by survivors based at Daynes Alley Police Dept and the nearby Moseley NecroTech building, and in the Catherine General Hospital. However, in what became known as the Christmas Massacre, the Pwotters returned and wreaked terrible vengence on their previous tormentors. As of early January 2006, Stanbury is completely under the control of the Pwotters and associated feral zombies.
  • Undeadites - this new and ever increasing horde soon gained infamy for it's continous rampage through Tollyton, Roftwood and Galbraith Hills; tearing down many safehouses for the ferals in these suburbs.
  • Mockers - just outside the central four square area, but still within central Malton, the Mockers took over Mockridge Heights around the same time the Pwotters formed. Although many of them have moved out to ravage other suburbs, it is rumored that they are beginning to move back to their home territory, as evidenced by the increase in [1]slogans and tags.
  • Shacknews Zombie Horde - Originally based out of Wray Heights and West Grayside, this Horde shows an unprecedented level of coordination. In early October, the rumblings coming from Central Malton and the Battle of Blackmore drew the Horde slowly northward. Traveling through Kempsterbank and Shackleville, they brought terror and death with them. On October 12, 2006, they were primarily responsible for the fall of Nichols Mall and the Blackmore Building.

Survivor Groups of Central Malton

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