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know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.03 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Dakerstown

Radiotransmission.gif Radiotransmission.gif Radiotransmission.gif Radiotransmission.gif CoS, Radio is God Radiotransmission.gif Radiotransmission.gif Radiotransmission.gif Radiotransmission.gif


The Church of Static is a cult-like surviver group dedicated to the protection of the Mobile Phone Masts, Radio Transmitters/Radios and their center of worship the Emergency Broadcast System. Even though not many are high level, they have a huge amount of munitions that they are willing to use to protect the EHB from threats... Zombie or human.... They will kill zombies in the nearby area and will defend any building with a transmitter. They will hunt and kill any RKers (Radio Killers) but will also target GKers (Generator killers) as they pose a threat to the power source of the transmitters. Tech is one of the major parts of the CoS, they attempt to collect as many radios, gennies, transmitters, ranged weapons, science museum artifacts and other trinkits.

Current Orders

We have now split you into 2 groups to control our 2 phone masts, please look at the members section to see your squad.


Squad 1 The Buttle Building

CoS Skirmisher: Please report to the The Buttle Building in Dakerstown to defend the bulding. The suburb is under attack so your job is to fight the zed threat

CoS Scavenger: Please report to the The Buttle Building in Dakerstown and begin gathering fuel, the building is without a transmitter so if anyone could find and install on that would be great. Help keep the cades up in the local area as well as the MPM. Dakertown is under threat so you need to get out and repair buildings as well, We need to regain control of the Necrotech facility.

CoS Priest: Once again please report to the The Buttle Building in Dakerstown and begin gathering FAKs, start healinng the local pop and Revive any zombies that do not have human skills. Help keep the cades up! IF YOU NEED SYRINGES THEN HEAD TO GARSON TOWERS IN ROYWOOD AND GO 1 SW TO FIND ANOTHER NECROTECH FACILITY

Squad 2 Garson Towers

CoS Skirmisher: Make sure Roywood is safe, try to head to the Hockey Museum if you want to level up, it's pretty much an XP farm due to the dactt it is quite often in zombie hands. Deal with any Death cultists that attack Garson towers but don't hunt them if they attack anyone else, it's not our problem.

CoS Scavenger: We need to make sure that the Phone mast is fuled, we need to remain a beacon. Keep other buildings at the right 'cade level.

CoS Priest: If Dakerstown falls, then they may need to regroup here, so start stocking up on FAKs for healing and neadles if any Skirmishers need a revive.


The CoS states that the EBS is the supreme god and that phone masts are the CoS equivalent of Churches. They seem to think that the group CORAM (due to their protection of the EBS) are some kind of angelic protecters. The holy power of phone masts mean that they serve as both the CoS holy place and fort in a suburb. Other buildings are made special effots for (mainlt police stations for ammo and factories/auto repair shops for fuel) but these are all secondary objectives.

CoS is divided between 3 main classes

1. CoS Skirmisher: These are the soldier of CoS, named so for their use of skirmishes rather then a full on attack. Fire arms tend to be favoured by the Skirmishers but melee weapons are used occasionly.

2. CoS Scavenger: The backbone of CoS, it is their job to keep the gennies running and to keep the barricades up. They tend to kill zombies in their spare time just to help out.

3. CoS Priest: These are the more peaceful of the CoS classes, it is their role to heal injured members, revive zombies and tend to help with radio broadcasts, they do occasionly kill zombies still.

The Player can decide what class he wishes to be when he joins.

(See new members)


2004, the eve of the end. MalTel is at an all time high and mobile phones are advancing rapidly. Students across the country use them to communicate and exchange conversation from anywhere in Malton. Businessmen use them as a new way to make money instanst messaging causes a huge economic boom. Malton is soon to be a hub of technology!

Strange reports of violence echo throughout the city, people advised to stay inside... Students message friends, business continues as normal... All thanks to Mobile Phones! Then the unthinkable happens, military units move through the streets, explosions and gunfire are heard. Thousands of troops fill the homes and buildings of the mobile phone users! Restricting usage and wasting power. The Army then begins enforcing curfews, restricting movement and then... EVACUATING! MalTel members are leaving the city and with only skeleton crews left to run the phone masts, the signal coverage goes down... As students find their phones cut and their ability to help keep the signal up and running limited, they revolt! It was then that the Maltons joint Phone Users Alliance was formed, the MJPUA attacked both military officers and evacuation convoys in order to stop the MalTel personal leaving the city.

As destruction blazes throughout the city the MJPUA faced a war on two fronts, on the left the military were killing more members each day and on the right the new "horde" infected huge amounts of their army. The last of the MJPUA army barricaded themselves in one of their last controlled phone masts, several days later the power was cut and the starving rebels were left in darkness without even their phones to pass the time. It was then that one of the rebel leaders "Conrad Jefferson" wrote a diary from their point of view, he called the book "The MJPUA Charter"

2012, the dawn of a new age... A young group of civilians, half driven mad by their lack of contact find a radio in a fire department... Soon a message from somthing called the "EBS" asking for support is heard. They then migrated towards the EBS and set up in a nearby building... Whilst they searched for supplies they discovered somthing very stange book titled the "The MJPUA Charter". Once they reached the EBS they discovered a small group of protecters titled CORAM. After reading the Charter they decided that MJPUAs mighty cause must have been to save the EBS and the phone masts and that CORAM must be some kind of angel, it was then that the Church of Static was born.

New Members

Anybody can join! Just follow these steps!

1. First you must do is change your alliance to "Church of Static"

2. Add at the bottom of your in-game description "CoS, Radio is God"

3. Choose your class! Pick between CoS Skirmisher, CoS Scavenger or CoS Priest and add the title to the top of your in-game description. (See beliefs for details on classes)

4. Get 2 radios and tune them ot 25.92 MHz (EBS) and 27.03 (CoS radio). This is the minimum amount of radios you must have at one time, we suggest that you keep as many Radios as possible.

5. Add you name to the list below in your chosen class.

6. You are now a member of CoS, please check back here to see your current orders.


Whilst not officially a member of CoS, Solid Scooter deserves a mention due to his constant assistance of the Church

Squad 1, Dakerstown

CoS Skimishers

Nikki Nemisis

CoS Scavengers

Eric the Bonsai Tree

CoS Priests

Terrorist Ninja

Squad 2 Roywood

CoS Skimishers

Conski McGoo

CoS Scavengers

fang conan

CoS Priests



Many CoS members prove their worth by making a pilgrimage to the great Emergency Broadcast System during their lives.

Some have even attempted the ultimate proof of their devotion! A trip to every Mobile Phone Mast from 1 (Dakerstown to 100 (Miltown) before heading back to the EBS. It is said that who ever does this (By screenshotting himself at each site) shall become a leader of the CoS.


War is an importent part of the CoS society, Military squads are expected not only defend the MpM but also to kill zombies and defend their suburb. CoS "Skirmishers" attempt to harass the horde before they reach a main building, Killing and CPRing a couple a day to the horde is too weak and/or irritated to continue the fight and dispands instead. Should this fail thne the CoS will result to tactics such as Kamikaze Tactics or cutting the masts power and drawing them towards another building.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Dam.GIF Dam Tactics Supporter
This User or Group supports Dam Tactics.
CPR.png CPR supporter
This user or group supports the use of CPR on the living-impaired.
Bgz mob.jpg P.W.N.D.
This user or group supports Mob Tactics.
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