Citizens Living In Teamwork, Organization, Resourcefulness, Insanity, and Security

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AAHV001100.jpg L.O.L. Get it, it's a man in a boat! Roflcopters! (or also acceptable) LoLerskates!

Citizens Living In Teamwork, Organization, Resourcefulness, Insanity, and Security
Abbreviation: C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S
Group Numbers: 4
Leadership: Irishmen and Plsck
Goals: Take back Malton by force
Recruitment Policy: None
Contact: #clitoris on

Citizens Living In Teamwork, Organization, Resourcefulness, Insanity, and Security, is a survivor group that is against static defense and employs a more guerrilla warfare approach to the fight against the zombie hordes.

Everyone is Welcome

We welcome any and all survivors to join our fight against the undead hordes. See below for information on joining. We may be nuts as hell, but we swear we know what we're doing! Taking back Malton by brute force!


  • 1. Be willing to follow sometimes bizarre and obscene orders!
  • 2. Be able to coordinate on the IRCs or on a forum (It better be through the IRCs or we'll be pissed!)
  • 3. Follow our rules(our crazy drunken rules!)

Recruitment procedure is yet to be determined, though if you are interested, jump into the IRC channel, and wait for someone to come around.

Security Policy and Recruitment

We are willing to accept survivors from any walk of life, so long as you are willing to be in our group and our group alone. We do not care what groups your alts may be involved with, but sharing info is punishable by any means from newspaper slap to death, depending on the severity of the crime.

The Five Pillars

  • Teamwork - We work together to survive.
  • Organization - We are more organized than the undead hordes
  • Resourcefulness - We can headshot a zombie with a beer bottle in the street.
  • Insanity - We're crazy, that's why we'll headshot zombies with beer bottles.
  • Security - We keep our bonds in Safe Deposit boxes!


We have offensive and Defensive stations and whatever station you qualify for you better fulfill your duty, otherwise we will assign you a new one, or kill you.....


There is a small group which runs the IRCs and group itself. These are the staff members:


Cheddar is in charge on the deffensive/offensive CRing.

Irishmen is in charge of the scouting.


None yet.


I don't know what rules there are other than the aforementioned rules! You better watch out for this section though!


Any and all advise and comments made by this group is not to be taken seriously on a real life level.


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