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group_name=Cult of the Fallen God|
group_name=Cult of the Fallen God|
group_abbrev=[[The Cult]]|
group_membership=3 Active members|
group_membership=3 Active members|
group_leaders=Senister (MIA), BARHAH Enforcer (Until Senister's return)|
group_leaders=Senister (MIA), BARHAH Enforcer (Until Senister's return)|

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Cult of the Fallen God
Abbreviation: The Cult
Group Numbers: 3 Active members
Leadership: Senister (MIA), BARHAH Enforcer (Until Senister's return)
Goals: Raise the Dark Deity Cthulhu.
Recruitment Policy: Ask one of the members.
Contact: The Egleton Building


Can you hear the call?

The Cult of the Fallen God is a group of cultists that worship the god known as Cthulhu. The Cult was formed by a collective of people from the suburb of Pashenton, where the cult mostly resides. Most of the Cult is build up around former visitors to The Egleton Building, suggesting some sort of mythical connection to the Egleton and its surroundings. The Cult was sparked into existence by the presence of the Bastards of War in Pashenton. The Cult of The Fallen God has claimed that their only goal was to rid the suburb of BOW for the greater good, but many doubt that that was their true intention.

After the war with BOW and their allies, the Cult entered a deep sleep as peace once again settled upon Pashenton. During this peace however, the powers of Pashenton shifted and were replaced by new ones. The peace was disturbed by some of these newcomers, some of them defiled the Dark Ones temple during it's protector's absence. Great Cthulhu stirred and called forth his most trusted servants to right the wrongs wrought against one of his earthly domains. After an unprovoked attack upon the High Priest, the Cult was ordered to take violent action against the aggressors, The Autobots.

After a short skirmish between the cult and The Autobots, a meeting was called when an ambassador from The Autobots came to the Egleton. An agreement was settled, no more harm would come to either side should the agreement be honoured. Things were peaceful for a long time. The cult kept to itself, carefully nurturing their knowledge of unnameable blasphemies and adding wonderful local flavor to Pashenton, happily providing insane ramblings to entertain and horrify anyone who spent time at the Egleton.

Sadly, it came to pass then, that during this peace the cult's revered leader, Senister, entered a deathlike sleep that has been the path of so many a cult member. He has been carefully laid to sleep under the Egleton among his cult brothers and sisters until such a time that the stars are right once more. In light of this, a person calling himself only "BARHAH Enforcer" claimed temporary leadership of the cult, until such a time as his mentor and friend would awaken once more.

Hordes come, hordes go. Come death, come ruination, come life itself - the Cult will always endure. The Cult is open to anyone, regardless of life, death, history or future. If you hear the call, flock to the Egleton. The door is open, the lights are off, and The Enforcer will gladly induct new initiates anytime.

He's got the whooole world in his hands..

Recruitment into the Cult

If you are ready to shred the last piece of humanity left in this god forsaken city and join the Cult of The Fallen God, then come swear your allegiance to the Sleeper in the Egleton and we will grant you your task for inclusion in his church.

Being a member of the Cult is a task itself. You will be labelled as the worst scum on earth, few outsiders will trust you and many will hunt you. Endure and you will be rewarded when the Dark One comes. Succumb to the burden and you will be left behind and forgotten...

The Words of The Fallen God

Study them well, for their meaning is our purpose, our very meaning in life.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" - The chant of the Deep Ones, a chant far too complex for the human vocal system to pronounce in an acceptable manner. It translates into English "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming".

Do not let our vastly inferior language confuse you. The Dark One might be dead, but "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die" as the Mad Arab's Necronomicon has taught us. When the stars are right the Dark One will be reborn anew and will destroy anyone who opposes him, his loyal followers rendered powerful beyond imagination.

Human design limits us to our undignifying shortening of the Deep One chant to the humanly possible chant "I'a Cthulhu, Cthulhu fthagn". Which translates into "Hail Cthulhu, Cthulhu waits" or possibly "Cthulhu dreams". Use these words to praise the Sleeper, but be warned, misuse of his name will not be tolerated. Only use his name when sacrifice is made, lest you incur his wrath.

These are the words of Cthulhu, our master, our god!

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