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Abbreviation: DPHC
A dozen and rising. Active
Leadership: Sandusky
Goals: Liberation through Extermination.
Recruitment policy: Contact on this page, please.
Contact: hawk215@hotmail.com


Coming together this the only way to survive. That's why we are currently working in a group effort with:

-Brooke Hills Museum Foundation



The DPHC is a collaberative effort of many different groups of people all over Malton, specifically Brooke Hills and West Grayside, hoping to overthrow this undead occupation. They say that no true occupation by an opposing force has ever been successful if the natives of the occupied country are unruly. If you're happy living under constant fear of being ripped out of bed in the middle of a night, dragged out of your makeshift shelter, and eaten alive, only to do the same to others, this doesn't affect you; but if you feel even a sliver of hope to prevail against this threat, please help us.


The easiest way to overthrow an occupying force is to establish territories outside the control of the opposition. In Malton, this means cleaning out suburbs to act as centers for resistance. We have targeted the best areas for this resistance as Brooke Hills, a northern suburb with easy access to the hot zones, and West Grayside, a southern block of the city; so we can use a vicegrip-like hold to put pressure on the hordes and press them to each side, effectively creating a "Divide and Conquer"-type scenerio. Note: THIS ISNT EASY! This will take a lot of people, and other groups should feel free to contact us at the bottom of this page to give us a hand in this situation. Remember, we're all human, and the more of us there are, the easier it will be.

We encourage use of guerilla warfare tactics and small scale raids to infiltrate an area and gather reconnisance information. As soon as an area is deemed as having their defenses down, we move in and hit hard. If the attack is going in our favor, the only thing left to do is follow through. If the attack is swaying against us, there is no shame in moving out to a friendly-occupied territory to regroup and maintain pressure on the suburb.


It's simple. Resource buildings in non-hot zones should never be barricaded over Very Strong. When this happens, it limits new players and future soldiers from getting the equipment they need to get experience and combat zombies. The exception is that in a hot situation, planned response teams must move into these areas and barricade the resource buildings as heavily as possible, to maintain a secure hold on the suburb. If we can control the resources, we can control a steady supply of arms and much-needed revives. If we lose them, we're stuck hiding out in sub-standard buildings, trying to play catch-up. Please adhere to this in West Grayside. Currently, as of Jan 16th 2006, it is not deemed a hot zone. We've done our best to clear out the suburb and have succeeded in reducing it from a Red zone to a Yellow-level zone. Good work. Check here for updates as to when to extremely heavily barricade resource buildings.


- Aided in the Brooke Hills battles, unfortunately losing many a resister to attacking hordes - Cleared West Grayside from a Red-level to a Yellow-level - Helped maintain the Creedy Way PD in West Grayside - Maintained strong presence in West Grayside, helped out S.T.A.R.S with their purging effort.

CURRENTLY: - En Route to Caiger Mall! We have recieved distress calls from comrades inside the mall, asking for reinforcements against the Mall Tour '06. *PLEASE* Allies, A) Please help us in this effort and B)If you want to allie with us against this scrouge, please do!


It's simple. You want less Zed's? Contact us and we can coordinate attacks more effectively as a team.

Looking for alliances from other groups? We support any other teams wanting to resist. Currently in a fantastic mutual relationship with Brooke Hills Museum Foundation.


Need to leave us a message? Until we get a discussion page up and running, feel free to use this page. Thanks!

Enlistment Application

April 3, 2006

"TheCooler has found refuge in Brooke Hills and would like to join the DPHC. my email and MSNIM is SlanderousGod@hotmail.com

NoobCakes is interested in an alliance with DPHC. We're relatively new and are currently establishing our HQ in East Grayside. It's all quiet over there, so we're good on our own for now. At some point, however, we plan to move in and take back Stansbury Village. It's under heavy zombie control. Unfortunately, many of us still need to level up before we can move out. We invite you to join our forums to help coordinate an alliance.

The Special Tactics And Rescue Squad would like to request partnership with DPHC

  • The S.T.A.R.S. invite all members of DPHC to join our new forums to help coordinate

DPHC apologizes for its slacking off in making a Wiki page, but we've been a little too busy attempting to aid the effort in West Grayside and Brooke Hills. If you need to contact us, feel free just to write on this page. Thanks!

Southern Alliance requests an alliance with DPHC.. We are currently stationed in East and West Grayside... With our combined forces, we can irradicate the Zombie Menace in the South.. --LeGrady

You said you need revives. Try our revive point. I hope our two groups can become close allies in the fight for Brooke Hills. --Tetrahedron 21:52, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Yep. We're interested in an alliance. --Tetrahedron 20:25, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)

The S.T.A.R.S. are currently located throughout East Grayside, and their home base is (for the moment) Witchell Street Police Department (69, 82) We have restored the mobile phone usage in the area, if this helps coordinate.

The Malton Security Force wishes to join in the fight to reunite all of malton, we are stationed in West Greyside near Egheart Hospital. I'm Popa01 and you can contact me at Rocker3252@yahoo.com

Ally Assistance Requests

The Special Tactics And Resque Squad URGENTLY requests assistance. Our home base has fallen, and I (Stephen Wolfe) have been badly wounded. I have 13 HP and am barricading Gerard Crescent Police Department in Scarletwood. We need help securing the area, and I badly need someone with a medkit to heal me. 21:25, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

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