Dennis Row Fire Station

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Dennis Row Fire Station

Santlerville [71,28]

St. Matthew's Hospital Club Shelley Warehouse
Paice Street Dennis Row Fire Station
Bowyer Auto Repair
Pincoffs Boulevard Gable Crescent Railway Station Dwelly Alley

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Dennis Row Fire Station
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Malton Fire Department

Dennis Row Fire Station is in the South-West corner of the suburb of Santlerville and serves as the Entry Point to the other buildings in the area. It is used mainly by survivors (especially those without free running) and those who wish to gain access to St. Matthew's Hospital for medical treatment.

Should Dennis Row Fire Station need to be evacuated, please fall back to St. Matthew's Hospital, 1NW where the Hospital staff will be able to administer treatments as well as swing fire axes.
Entry Point Fire Station
Dennis Row Fire Station is the key Entry Point for SW Santlerville and so attracts a large crowd of survivors who maintain this entry point at VSB+2. Being close to the corner of the suburb, it acts as a retreat for survivors from the surrounding suburbs (NW Heytown, NE Randallbank and SE Huntley Heights) when the zombie horde becomes a little too playful. The Fire Station is relatively safe though because the barricade levels have to be maintained at VSB+2, it can occasionally fall to an organised zombie attack. Nevertheless, this is a regularly patrolled and well maintained Entry Point.

Generator.JPG High Priority
This location has been determined as a high priority for a generator.


Dennis Row Fire Station is not on the priority list for being supplied with a fuelled generator and radio transmitter, though these items would be very much welcome if they are missing. Should you need items such as radios and fire axes, then searching Burrough Row Fire Station, just 2N is recommended as it is the head-quarters for the NE division for the Malton Fire Department and is likely to be powered, lit and have a large group of survivors inside. Note for those without free running that Burrough Row Fire Station is kept at EHB.

Medical Services

It is appreciated that survivors without free running are unable to enter the adjacent St. Matthew's Hospital for medical supplies or treatment. Do not worry as staff from the Hospital make regular Ambulance trips with First Aid Kits to heal survivors in Dennis Row Fire Station. If you require medical supplies, then please go to St. Columbanus's Hospital, which is another designated Entry Point and kept at VSB+2.

Barricade Policy

This building is a designated Entry Point according to the Santlerville Barricade Plan set by the local group, The Dribbling Beavers. As such, barricades must be kept at VSB+2 and no higher.

Ubpicon1.gif UBP-Compliant Barricade Plan
This location is designated to be barricaded at VSB(+2) under the Santlerville Barricade Plan.

In Case of Over-barricading

Please report any barricade violations to this thread, note that you do not need to sign up to an account to post. Should you find this entry point over barricaded and you have a few spare AP and a crowbar, please knock the barricades down to VSB+2, if you are doing this from inside, please announce, "This is a designated Entry Point and must be kept at VSB+2 according to the Santlerville barricade plan." to let others know why you attacked the barricade.

The graffiti on the walls inside Dennis Row Fire Station should indicate this as a Designated Entry Point.

Other Entry points in the area include:

Current Status


  • unknown

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