Dentonside Power

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Dentonside Power

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Dentonside Power
Dentonside Power Logo 1.png
Abbreviation: Why Abbreviate? Just Put "Dentonside Power" Into Your Profile, It's Not That Long.
Group Numbers: 1 Active
Leadership: Badwolf robotics & Nimrod1
  • Powering Nessesary Buildings
  • Keeping Buildings Securely Barricaded.
  • Keeping The Citizens Of Dentonside Safe From Zombies.
Recruitment Policy: Put a message on the talk page
Contact: Group Talk page


Dentonside Power is a small, pro-survivor group based in the suburb of Dentonside. We will keep essential buildings powered to the best of our ability and will work with other Pro-Survivor groups in the area as to keep Dentonside and it's citizens safe and happy.



2017 May - Operations focusing on maintaining power to key resource buildings in the Dentonside South/ Houldenbank North vicinity.

2015 October 8th - Dentonside Power resume operations within Dentonside. Current operations focus on the tribe building and northern Houldenbank with the eventual aim of retaking resource buildings within central Dentonside.--Nimrod1 19:17, 8 October 2015 (UTC)

News will be removed periodically as to keep the size down. As such it can be found in the archive.

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