Department of Health and Human Services

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The Department of Health and Human Services is the medical side of the Malton Department of Defense. Dedicated to healing those in need and reviving those lost in the hoard of zed's, the D.H.H.S. does one of the most required jobs around to keep the survivor population on top. Although our main priority is healing, D.H.H.S. members are asked to carry a firearm and will use it in a pinch to defend our resources, so we can continue to provide medical care.
D.H.H.S Medics aiding a wounded MDD member.

Need Help?

Need a revive or FAK and close to our operating area? Just post on our forum's here (FAK) or here (Revive), and we will provide you with the care you need.

Current Designated Revive Point: Cookesley Avenue (74,23)

Although we will also cover requests in St. Emelia's Church (77,26)

The above RP's are to change as the MDD have relocated.

Want To Join?

Just head to the recruitment page on the forum and asked to be put in the D.H.H.S.

Undead Member?

Click Here.

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