Dingley Library

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Dingley Library
Currently @ HB.
MR2Di4 (talk) 17:44, 21 July 2022 (UTC)
Dingley Library

South Blythville [24,74]

Bobbett Street The Rutter Motel Brymer Auto Repair
Rome Grove Dingley Library a junkyard
The Tomkyns Motel the Seager Monument Shiplow Library

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

A non-descript library, the barricades block out most of the light when the generator is on but thats about all you an see from the outside. Marven Mall is failry close and is recommended for gaining most resources such as guns/ammo/spary cans/genny's and the sort. Recently The Invaders Nexus set up camp in there. They do encourage others to rest here as they try to keep the building as heavily barricaded as possible.


[24-74] in South Blythville, near Marven Mall

Barricade Policy

According to the South Blythville Barricade Plan, this building should be kept at Extremely Heavily Barricaded (EHB) at all times.


The Invaders Nexus is currentally in control of the library and will defend it from raging zeds.

Current News

5/23/2009 You are inside Dingley Library. The building has been very heavily barricaded. Also here is fane247 (60HP).A portable generator has been set up here. It is running.Somebody has spraypainted Pinoy Power onto a wall.--Dr Mycroft Chris 03:14, 23 May 2009 (BST)

A Note From The Invaders Nexus -- 14 February, '07

We our opening our doors(sorta) to all survivors but Pkers be warned other groups may track you down to kill you, and I cannot control this. Anyone residing here better respect all survivors and zeds, unless they are munching on us and try not to bleed too much on our books, no one wants to read books with bloody pages, it's just weird. The radio must be re tuned to 26.93 MHz after every use, I mean every well unless you initiate in a string of radio spam but please set it at 26.93 when your finished. The tag on the inside of the building(Located near the door on a big piece of plywood) must not be changed unless by a group leader, the tag on the outside of the building is your playground. Keep the generator fueled at all times(Brymer Auto Repair is pretty well stocked in fuel, usually), we need light to read and because last time we read by candle light we lost a few children's books due to fire(Fire axes just make things worse people). Oh and for the love of god it's February tear that tree down if it's in there, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Keep gun play down too, buckshot can really mess up a book. --Rodwy 05:25, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Keep at Extremely Heavily Barricaded.