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District SW-2 consists of Grigg Heights, Reganbank, Lerwill Heights, Crooketon, and Mornington.

District {{{District}}}
Grigg Heights Reganbank Lerwill Heights
Crooketon Mornington

Resource Buildings in District SW-2.

Radio Frequency: {{{Frequency}}}
Latest EMR: and Mast Statuses
Grigg Heights
Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: ---
p: DSep 19

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (3,56)

The Ashwin Building


Update Mast

Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: **-
p: CSep 02

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (15,55)

The Lantrowe Building


Update Mast

Lerwill Heights
Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: ***
p: CSep 06

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (25,56)

The Hayler Building


Update Mast

Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: **-
p: FFeb 18

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (4,64)

The Theobald Building


Update Mast

Latest EMR:
z: 10-i: **-
p: CSep 07

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (15,63)

Millington Towers


Update Mast

Some kind of description to be filled in (preferably by locals)--mostly flavour--describing what makes this district unique and/or how it fits into Malton's big picture.

blah blah blah

More blah blah blah

Interesting blah blah blah

Stuff blah blah blah

Resource Buildings

This actually looks quite horrible considering the amount of things in it, so maybe replace this with something more along the lines of just numbers instead of actual names and links?

Fire Stations


NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments


  • None

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points


  • 26.12 - District SW-2 frequency

Barricade Plan

For a good picture of how the individual district plans mesh within the district, look at District SW-2 Barricade Plan.

District Map

To be filled with a map of the district (if possible)

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