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The Dulston Alliance
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The Dulston Alliance
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Abbreviation: DA
Group Numbers: Combined total of all member groups (~55 as of December 2009)
Leadership: Group leaders represent each individual member group and together coordinate the Alliance's goals.
Goals: Coordination among all survivor groups to oppose all threats to peace in the NE Corner.
Recruitment Policy: For further details check here.
Contact: Dulston Alliance forums

History of the Alliance

"Tumulo Omnis Mortuus, Mortuus Delendus Es."
(Latin Translation: "To bury all the dead, the dead must be destroyed.")

Formed from survivor groups in and around the suburb of Dulston back in 2006, the Dulston Alliance has since grown by leaps and bounds over the years and now includes some of the most active survivor groups in the area. The Alliance has worked hard to bring security to Dulston and through these efforts has spread its protective influence into the adjoining suburbs of Pescodside and Rhodenbank in the form of patrol duties. It is due to these efforts outside Dulston that the Alliance has recruited non-Dulston survivor groups into its ranks and together the Alliance plans for the greater glory of the NE Corner. Not to be forgotten is the hard-fought suburb of Rolt Heights which, although still under contention due to the difficult nature of maintaining revivification there, will one day be fully under survivor control with help from the Alliance.

The history of the Dulston Alliance is a memorable one, as our organization has united to fight several hostile organizations since its humble beginnings. From the dreaded zombie horde, the Ridleybank Resistance Front to the cold-blooded killers from DORIS, the Dulston Alliance has always been there to provide the best resistance the suburbs have to offer. Proving yet again that through coordination and cooperation survivors will stand triumphant through any adversity, whether it be zombie or human. So always remember, Malton is our home and the zombies will never take it from us; stay the path and continue the fight... to the last man!

Recent News

As a reminder to all members of the Dulston Alliance, be sure to post the latest news items at the top. News items should reflect incidents or events that take place specifically in Dulston, or in the surrounding suburbs of Pescodside, Rhodenbank, or Rolt Heights that together form the NE Corner. Non-Alliance survivors, and hostile groups specifically, are reminded never to post their news here, but rather they should post it to the corresponding suburb wikipage where the event occurred.

November 25th, 2010 - It would appear that Red Hawk One has expanded his efforts by issuing recon reports across the airwaves too, as indicated in this compiled radio transcript: "Good evening Rhodenbank! And for our American listeners, Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a while, but KRFR is back! First up, suburb status. Zombie movements seem to be concentrated along the Rolt-Pescodside and Rhodenbank-Earletown border, which are seeing some ruins and zombie groups of 4-7. The trouble spot on the Rhodenbank-Earletown border contains the Wortley Building (NT), St. Helier's, and St. Alban's. The first two are ruined with 5+ zombies outside, while the last location is EHB with exactly 5 zombies outside. Last check on St. Helier's only had a single rotter inside, so one or two survivors *may* be able to reclaim it on their own. Meanwhile, the trouble spot along the Rolt-Pescodside border is centered around the BAR's territory, and was covered in the last recon report.

"Other than these trouble spots, the region as a whole is faring very well. Most buildings are heavily barricaded and maybe 60-70% are lit. Of course with the relative safety comes a different problem: overbarricading. Check out the suburb plan and see if your building is designated a VSB entry point; while heavy 'cades are great during sieges, they don't do much more than lock newbies out during calm periods. Don't let this happen! And that's the news! You're listening to KRFR 27.96. Until next time, RED out!"

November 23rd, 2010 - Veteran RCDC recon operative, Red Hawk One reported the following information on the situation in Northeast Malton: "On my way back up through the Rolt Heights/Pescodside area, I saw most of the buildings were intact. The RHVP HQ at Ayliffe Street PD was pretty lively and the folks were rather chatty. Unfortunately, the chat was mostly about zombies. It seems there is a small-to-medium sized horde drifting around Rolt Heights that has been picking fights at the local TRPs. I dropped in at the BAR as well, but it seems they are one of the zombies favorite targets. Last I saw, Burchell was ruined with 11 zombies inside.

"Further north, Rhodenbank appears at first glance to be in similar shape as Rolt Heights, minus the zombies. One point of interest is the Wallbutton NT, which was pinata'd. I was able to take down the barricades, but the zombie is still inside. Free experience to whoever wants to kill/CR it and then repair the place."

November 16th, 2010 - While the events surrounding the disbandment of the Alliance's former member group, the Earletown Rangers, were tragic it has not all been bad news. Recently a new group called Atlas has risen from the ashes. While the new group is smaller than the original the group's leader, HiteiKan was well known and trusted among the Alliance Brass. As such, it should come as no surprise that Atlas requested, and was today accepted, as the newest member group to join the Dulston Alliance. We wish them the best of luck in their efforts to bring order to Pescodside.

October 31st, 2010 - The Dulston Alliance would like to wish all the survivors in northeast Malton a "Happy Halloween". Be sure to have fun and avoid the zombies, as those aren't costumes.

October 15th, 2010 - Recon has reported that the Militant Order of Barhah is in Gibsonton, and are reported to be heading north. Efforts are currently underway to join forced with the Burchell Arms Regulars in a united front against the MoB. Operatives and local survivors are asked to be on the look-out for MoB sightings.

September 20th, 2010 - The Alliance would like to thank The Fortress for holding their celebration in Dulston. There was much fun had by all.

September 15th, 2010 - A new diplomatic mission with The Fortress has garned their support and they have chosen to celebrate their 5th Anniversary at Troubridge Cinema in Dulston on September 20th. All survivors who are interested are welcome to join the party. It goes without saying that zombies and criminals are not invited to the celebration.

September 14th, 2010 - With the recent fall of Treweeke Mall efforts are underway to recapture the hallmark building. As of today half the ruined mall has been recaptured. Sporadic zombie conflicts continue elsewhere throughout Dulston.

September 8th, 2010 - Efforts in the Second Front have secured further headway in Rhodenbank as most building are in good repair and barricaded, with only a few without power. Recon reports have however indicated increased zombie activity in southern Dulston, so survivors are warned to be on alert around all resource buildings, especially Treweeke Mall.

September 6th, 2010 - The Second Front, as it has been called by members of the Alliance, is the continued anti-zombie warfare taking place between the suburbs of Earletown-Rhodenbank-Dulston as the Dulston Alliance continues to fight the good fight. Currently successes have been secured on the eastern end of the battle with multiple buildings recaptured in Dulston.

September 1st, 2010 - RCDC recon reported that western Rhodenbank is on the verge of recovery, but survivors are asked to keep an eye out for what the Alliance refers to as "semi-feral" zombies. These are unaligned zombies that have been active in the suburb, striking with reasonable frequency every few days to overrun one or more buildings within a short span of time before scattering. Efforts are currently underway to curb zombie aggression in Rhodenbank in order to restore stability.

August 31st, 2010 - As quickly as it arrived, it almost seems too soon for the Dulston Alliance Awards to end, but end they must. For those outside the Alliance who are curious as to the outcome the member group which scored the highest ranking was, somewhat surprisingly, the D.I.T.P.S, While the D.I.T.P.S are best known for their laid-back pseudo-serious manner of survival tactics they pulled through some serious points which afforded them victory over their closest contenders, the RCDC. The title of "best of the best" though was awarded to yonnua koponen of Dead vs Blue. Congratulations go to every Alliance operative who participated!

August 30th, 2010 - While those operatives joining in Operation: Rainbow In The Dark had a lot of initial success and laughs with the comrades-in-arms, eventually the RRF did take the matter seriously enough to overrun the Blackmore Building with 30+ zombies. As such, the operation has come to a glorious (violence-filled) end and all operatives are now shuffling home to northeast Malton.

August 24th, 2010 - The Earletown Rangers have initiated Operation: Rainbow In The Dark, which is just a fancy name for those operatives who want to join the survivor struggle to defend the Blackmore Building over in Ridleybank just to spite the RRF. Any interested Alliance operatives are encouraged to join in the fun and kill a zombie, preferably one from the RRF.

August 7th, 2010 - The Alliance would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Hang 'Em High competition. As of now the competition has officially ended. Trophies have been awarded to those hunters who excelled him punishing the guilty, as well as, working with their fellow operatives and allies.

August 1st, 2010 - Today marks the opening of the Dulston Alliance Awards. A new competition where all manner of survivor skills will be put to the test. Bounty hunting, zombie slaying, reviving, reclaiming buildings and healing mark the five aspects of this pentathlon. It will take place over the entire month and will judge who is the best at each of these pro-survivor tasks and who is truly the greatest Dulston Alliance operative out there.

Radio Frequency

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.36 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates:
Dulston: [90,0]-[99,0]-[99,9]-[90,9]

Since the inception of radios the Dulston Alliance has claimed the frequency 26.36 MHz. Communications on this channel should be limited to Dulston Alliance members or survivors requesting assistance from the Alliance. In those cases your location, the number of zombies, number of survivors, and barricade status are required in order determine the factors necessary in order to facilitate an organized response operation. This frequency is also a good means of passing on links to the profiles of any survivor charged with murder. Keep in mind this channel should not be used for general discussion or anything but vital suburb defense communications.

Dulston Alliance Code of Conduct

1. No Zerging - We do not allow members to run two seperate characters within the Dulston Alliance or any of its groups. In addition, if a member does have another character be it survivor, player killer or zombie, this character must stay a minimum of 20 city blocks away from their Dulston Alliance character. Basically, two full burbs away. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. No Spying - Don't join other groups to get information or join other forums in hopes of gaining insider information.

3. No Player Killing - DO NOT KILL another survivor for any reason. Well, as long as they aren't on the Dulston Alliance Black List, anyway. If you are killed, report their name for their first warning on the Dulston Alliance forum. If they happen to commit an act again they will be on the list permanently. If killing someone on the Black List please announce their execution before or after and state they are in fact on the Dulston Alliance black list. The Rogues' Gallery alone is not sufficient to kill a survivor. If you use the RG, make sure your target is also on the black list.

  • The Dulston Alliance will never ally with a PKer group or organization.
  • The Dulston Alliance will never allow a member group to ally with a PKer group or organization.
  • The Dulston Alliance will leave any alliance/expel any member group that will not break an alliance with a known PKer group or organization after being warned on the consequences.

4. No Generator Killing - These are for the common good and should not be destroyed. It's as simple as that. If the burb is in a state of emergency, then a generator may be destroyed for security reasons only. If the building is occupied by other survivors please let this be known before or after you disable it.

5. Don't be an Ass! - Do not spam the radio. Do not insult other survivors (no matter dumb they may be). Do not join other groups forums to start e-drama. Always help a new survivor out if they ask for advice. We are here to protect our suburbs and their people, not act like idiots or school yard bullies. We are all for having fun, but just don't carry it too far to the point that people get tired of you and it takes focus away from more important things.

6. Do Not Kill Zombies at Revive Points - The only exceptions to this rule are brain rotters or Black Listed characters. Be sure to check the revive points on the wiki for any suburb you are in and avoid killing ANY zombies at these specific locations.

7. In Fact, Do Not Kill Zombies in the Street...Period! - There is no greater waste of AP than to kill a zombie simply standing outside. Wait for them to breach a building before you decide to go trigger happy. If you want to level up, healing other survivors is an easier, more beneficial way to gain experience.

The Dulston Alliance's Official Zerging & Spying Policy

1. The groups and general membership of the Dulston Alliance shall not Zerg under any circumstance. The Dulston Alliance practices a slightly stricter policy when it comes to Zerging, and considers Zerging as "having more than one character within a thirty block radius."

- Any member found zerging will suffer heavy penalties. Punishment will be decided by the Dulston Alliance leadership and can be increased depending on the situation and the scale of the incident, and the length of time the member has been part of the Alliance (AKA, the "Newbie Clause"), but minimum sentence is having all zerglings deported from Dulston immediately, and the offender in question required to publicly explain and apologize. - Any member found zerging a second time, and are still part of the Alliance, will find themselves banned from the Alliance, permanently, and their offense recorded on the Black List.

2. The groups and general membership of the Dulston Alliance shall not spy, and only in a situation where there is beyond-a-doubt proof that the enemy group has spied upon the Dulston Alliance first, should such an offense be overlooked.

- Any member of a Dulston Alliance group found spying wrongfully will suffer heavy penalties. Punishment can be increased depending on the situation, but the minimum sentence will be a concerned PUBLIC apology and explanation. - Any member found wrongfully spying twice will find themselves banned from the Dulston Alliance, permanently.

This policy is hereby officially ratified by the Dulston Alliance, it's general membership, and it's member groups, new and old, as of August 18, 2008.

Dulston Alliance Emergency Gear

All members of the Dulston Alliance are encouraged to carry the following items on them at all times. Any weight you have remaining for items can be filled with what you choose.

3 First-Aid Kits
3 Syringes
1 Radio
1 Flak Jacket
1 Toolbox
1 DNA Extractor

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

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