Dulston Citizen Uprising

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Dulston Citizen Uprising
Zombie Logo2.png
Abbreviation: DCU
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Jan Hatchet
Goals: Keeping the dead, dead.
Recruitment Policy: Actively Recruiting
Contact: N/A

The Uprising's History

Following in the footsteps of the recently disbanded Dulston Yanks, the Dulston Citizen Uprising was founded in mid-2007 by teenage survivor Glass Jack and ex-firefighter MetalCard with one attitude in mind, "Love your weapon and grab yourself a cold one, because we ain't going anywhere anytime soon!"

After the death of Glass Jack in late 2007, many of the members resigned, either having died or fled the suburb of Dulston. It wasn't until two years later that MetalCard came out of hiding and made his way to downtown Malton, where he met Dr. Jan Hatchet and Combat Medic Luna Curador. Jan Hatchet then agreed to co-lead the new Dulston Citizen Uprising after MetalCard explained the situation.

Shortly after the revival of the DCU, the stresses and responsibility of day-to-day surviving within Malton took it's toll on MetalCard. He is currently MIA, and his previous behavior patterns indicate that he's had a mental breakdown and is "most likely holed up some place where the sun doesn't shine."

Active Members

Historic Members