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Clock.png Historical Group Sub-Page
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki pages are preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history. Please do not edit this page or the corresponding talk page without good reason.

Dulston Defense Death Squad

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The Dulston Defense Death Squad is a member group of the Dulston Alliance, and therefore all other current member groups of the organization are considered allies in the struggle to maintain peace in the NE Corner of Malton. To this the DDDS have pledged to protect the citizens of Dulston, "Til the last man!".

In addition the DDDS considers the following groups strong allies due to past allied operations together:

Allied Discussions

Members of the DDDS are advised to check the following discussion boards in order to be kept up-to-date on any operations pertaining to DDDS group activity or coordinated efforts with the Alliance as a whole:

Members of the DDDS are advised to maintain contact with other allied groups through there official bulletin boards. This is essential when coordinating suburb-wise defenses with any of these survivor groups:

Note: While all Alliance member groups are listed in the Alliance's forum, not all of these groups have shown an interest to post there. Posting to a dead forum section is not advised as the message will likely not reach the target group.

Recruitment Policy

So you want to join the DDDS? Well good for you! Our group has always had an open membership policy because we strongly believe that every survivor is an untapped resource waiting to be focused towards a coordinated goal, and that goal is the DDDS and its efforts to bring peace to the NE Corner of Malton.

Now the first thing you might want to know is exactly what you're signing up for. Good question. As you probably already know the DDDS is a survivor group that is situated in Dulston, but we patrol the surrounding suburbs of the NE Corner (i.e. Pescodside, Rolt Heights, and Rhodenbank) always on the lookout for threats to our little corner of Malton. It would be your job to help eliminate any hostile zombies or murderers who happen to wander into the area. Remember, we're not hostile, they asked for it. So protect the citizens of Malton and maintain peace by killing all our enemies.

At this time I should mention that the DDDS is a member group of the Dulston Alliance. What this means is that when you join our group, you're also automatically a member of the Alliance and therefore allied with all its current member groups. As such, be sure to check their organization's page for more information, especially when tracking down criminals, as they maintain a list of our many mutual enemies. But hey, that's life in Malton. Feel free to read about more of the details here.

Next step, admittance into the DDDS is restricted to certain individuals. In order to root out potential traitors or bad seeds the following types of survivors will be denied access to the DDDS membership:

  • Zombies with Brain Rot. Or any zombies for that matter.
  • Survivors who are known murderers.
  • Survivors who are known griefers (i.e. GKer).
  • Survivors who are known death cultists.
  • Survivors who are considered zombie sympathizers (i.e. spies).
  • Survivors who are known to be, or have been, affiliated with a zombie horde.

Now that you've decided our group is the group for you, your next question is probably, "What do I need to do to join up?". That's easy, visit the DDDS Forum and post in the member recruitment thread. The last step is to add our group's name to your character. It should be spelled out as: DDDS. And there you have it, you are now a member of the DDDS.

Survivor Resources

New survivors looking for an edge when dealing with the murderers and zombies infesting the streets of Malton should check out the following resources and tools. They may be just what you need to help deal with these threats more effeciently.

  • UDTool - This Firefox browser extension is a invaluable tool for sorting all your contacts into groups for quick identification (i.e. enemies, allies, rotters), among other useful features.
  • Urban Dead Strategy, by Joe Pilato - A strategy guide.
  • Mobile Phone Maintenance - A guide that explains how to maintain Malton's communications network under any circumstance. Or in our case, the NE Corner suburbs.
  • Security and Cooperation - A guide that explains about "metagaming", or how to use sources outside of the game to gain information or talk to other players.
  • Shelter and Safehouse Appraisals - A guide that deals with finding and maintaining a good safehouse.

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