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DHPD - Ghost Squad
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About Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad was commissioned on February 17, 2009.

Nothing makes the game more exciting than executing a real-time OP with crisp precision as 5+ officers flood into an infested building. When the dust settles, 5 men wearily repair and rebuild the barricades for their brothers and sisters to use.

You don't know WHERE Ghost will strike. You don't know WHEN Ghost will strike. You'll only know that Ghost WAS there by the pile of corpses riddled with bulletholes and this message tagged on the wall: "You called down the THUNDER, now reap the WHIRLWIND!"


Membership to Ghost Squad is open to all DHPD members who have graduated to full officers. Living under a U.S. timezone is recommended as most RT (Real Time) strikes will be executed later in the EST timezone. However, in August 2010 a new striketeam "Team Euro" was formed for our members in the GMT timezone.

Ghost Squad
Squad Leader: Fr4nk Castle
Goals: Real-Time Strikes
Recruitment Policy: Admission with 2/3 votes from active Ghost members
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Fr4nk Castle 274719 Commander The Punisher
Tarabon 780380 2iC Coyote
Ahmad Bradshaw 1193353 Member Suicide Bomber
Bulldog C6 941919 Ex – Ghost Commander BD Founding Commander of Ghost
FaMzNeSS 1107989 Ex – Ghost Commander Wild Card DO NOT GO TO THE BASEMENT WITH HIM!
greenbay11 1092598 Member July
Jaffa Bee 1456552 Member TBD
Jaurez 1468215 Member The Vigilante
Monkeyontherun4 1811188 Member TBD
Officer S 1608789 Member TBD Team Delta
sam69 1254224 Member The Reaper Team Delta
sblmnl 871801 Ex - Ghost Commander Burning Man Known to spontaneously combust
taroksmistress 1731961 Member TBD Team Delta
tarrok 249209 Member TBD Team Delta Leader
Whatshisname 215648 The White Russian Ant
Will helm 1137023 Member The Sentinel Team Delta


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Arthur Birling 1417556 Team Euro Art Accepted a well deserved promotion to Dixie Squad Leader
Dr SykoKiller666 1689890 Member Dr Syko, Syko Accepted a well deserved promotion to Dixie 2IC
Gebo 114750 The Barrel
Hali Phax 1219214 Hacker Hali Accepted a well deserved promotion to Bravo 2IC
James Davey 1425927 Almighty Tallest JD Accepted a well deserved promotion to Omega 2IC
OfficerButler 900127 The Shadow Butler
Splagbot 5758111 Member Der Splagmeister MIA
Tag 'it 648364 Squirt Tag
The Glass Cake 1677560 EX-2IC The Leviathan Squad Medic - M.I.A.
The Mighty M 1467583 Member Mike On his return, he moved on to newly-reinstated Bravo
Victor Hawthorne 109494 Bullet Magnet Vick

Mission History

  • Operation: Who's Beck in Town? - In Progress
  • Operation: Raging River - Completed
  • Operation: Bring The Noise - Completed
  • Operation: FaMz Basement Finger Circus of Fury! - Completed
  • Operation: New Years After Party Fiesta! - Completed
  • Operation: New Years Party - Completed
  • Operation: Christmas at Caiger 2009 - Completed
  • Operation: Spirit fingers - Completed
  • Operation: Remember, Remember The 5th Of November (2009) - SUCCESS
  • Operation: Five Finger Discount... - Victory!
  • Operation: Welcome to the Jungle... - Completed
  • Operation: Into the Heart of Darkness... - SUCCESS
  • Operation: I left something in my desk... - Completed
  • Operation: Shoes. Let's get some shoes... - Completed
  • Operation: Urban Renewal in Molebank - Aborted
  • Operation: Bar Fight 2 - Completed
  • Operation: Dunell Hills Spring Break! - Completed
  • Operation: There's a sale at Caiger Mall! - SUCCESS
  • Operation: YOU ARE HERE ===> - SUCCESS
  • Operation: Dunell Hills or Die - Completed
  • Operation: Here We Are, Come Get Some - SUCCESS

Field Reports

May 2010

Ghost Squad organized the RTS that cleared Nichols Mall and reopened the Kilt Store. The DHPD returned the store to its rightful owners and traded in our bloodied kilts. Despite multiple attempts, the determined zombie horde was unable to reinfect the mall during our 1-week stay.

Upon returning to The Hills, Ghost assisted in organizing a department-wide strike on Dury. The RTS was successful, but short-lived due to the immediate counterstrike by a local group of deceased individuals.--SBLMNL 03:14, 23 May 2010 (BST)

April 2010

Ghost Squad lead the strike that liberated Tompson Mall in Lockettside. The entire department held the mall for 4 days, fending off up to 30 determined zombies, while shopping for jaunty chapeaus in the Hat Store. Our shopping spree over, we returned to The Hills for a raucus retirement party.--SBLMNL 23:58, 2 May 2010 (BST)

September- October 9th

Ghost Squad assisted in helping the local population at Caigar Mall. Under the Acting Ghost Commander "FaMz" orders, we helped secure and hold the south east quadrant of the mall. We took a heavy tole from a high player Killer population but held the line until the rest of the DHPD pulled out for our next mission.

With new DFO-C elections FaMz took lead of the operations, Tarabon was promoted to Ghost lead, Sblmnl to new 2IC, and James Davey was promoted to Omega 2IC. Operations led us to Owsleybank for providing assistance to local population with a repair, cade, and clean mission. October 9th involved a successful RTS in which Ghost squad and an additional member from Bravo repaired and caded three buildings to allow a running lane connecting hospitals to a necrotech facility. With little to no resistance the strike was a complete success.-- User:Tarabon 14:17, 10 October 2009 (BST)

July- August 2009

Ghost Squad went on a tear of late. After taking a vacation to the Malton Zoo with the entire department, the whole gang took a stab at Ridleybank. We made one successful strike on Blackmore, but the RRF homeguard zeds came right back and booted us out. A subsequent retaliation strike came up one zombie shy, however.

After a brief restock at Ackland, Ghost retook Caiger during a real-time fight with a zombie on the inside. All said and done, 11 zombies were cleared out by 6 members. After another restocking trip, we joined the rest of the department on a raid of Dunell Hills. Recently, a strike on Dury and Zeph resulted in both buildings being caded to max while 9 stinkers in all were evicted by 6 members.-- BULLDOGC6 04:10, 29 August 2009 (BST)

June 20- July 9

Ghost Squad ventured north into Dakerstown and Roywood and unleashed an enormous cade-bomb on the entire burb. All buildings aside from those requiring gennies and fuel were fixed and caded. The place never looked so good!-- BULLDOGC6 07:24, 9 July 2009 (BST)

March 30- April 30

Ghost pulled off various Real Time Strikes, including a joint operation with elements of Alpha Squad as the spearhead into Dury, Broadbelt Grove PD, Zephyrinus General Hospital, Club Meade, and Billet Auto Repair. The "BZD" or "BDZ" Triangle has remained in DHPD hands ever since the April 20th strike. After a push-back from The Dead never came, we've been holding the line in Dury with Hard Knock Life, The Crimson Clan, and The Big Prick.-- BULLDOGC6 04:05, 8 June 2009 (BST)

March 22, 2009

Ghost Squad took a brief vacation to Ackland Mall for a restock after the Mall Tour battles. Now we're back in business dealing un-death to Zacks in DH proper.

March 5, 2009

Ghost Squad, with the help of Delta, Omega, and elements of the Southwest Alliance successfully counter-striked at Thompson Mall. 10 Humans managed to clear and cade the mall within 4 minutes of the first shot being fired. Ghost has now pulled out to restock and head north. This closes out Operation: Here We Are, Come Get Some.-- BULLDOGC6 21:49, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Late February - March 3, 2009

Ghost Squad is getting its christening the hard way. Outnumbered greatly by the Mall Tour '09, the members of Ghost and OmegaSquads of the DHPD have lent their muscle to the Southwest Alliance in Thompson Mall. Without PKer support, they are proving to be quite the bullet magnets, as the local PKer population has taken a liking to the stationary meatshields of Ghost.

Bulldog, fresh from a revive, had this to say: "I'd like to see these amateurs try and pull this shit up in The Hills. I bet they can't track for shit."

Whatshisname nods. "It's always easy to pick a stationary target off repeatedly, especially when we're pumping all of our AP into the barricades. These guys couldn't catch us if we were mobile in their dreams."

All members gather their heads together as the barricades crash. In unison: "You called down the THUNDER, now reap the WHIRLWIND!" All members turn and charge into the horde, guns and axes blazing.-- BULLDOGC6 06:21, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Mercinaries.jpg Heavy Arms
This user or group has Heavy Arms and will use them if provoked.

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