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East Becktown Defenders

We've Got Your Beck!

The East Becktown Defenders are a formidable confederacy of Military, Scientist and Civilian classes who strive to maintain a strong survivor presence in East Becktown. While our priority is to keep Tactical Resource Points up and running, we can often be found liaising with our friends of the Dunell Hills Police Department, having deep conversations with the less-than-alive Daubeney Resident Zambahz or on the occasional field trip to Caiger Mall.

The EBD were founded on May 1st, 2016 by Staubach. Having spent a few weeks prior patrolling around Caiger Mall and the Darvall Heights/West Becktown/East Becktown borders, Staubach decided to dedicate himself to the protection of the Tactical Resource Points in the suburb of East Becktown. Having previously worked on a short term reclamation project in April with George Strongarm and John Dorian MD in West Becktown, a project assisted by the Dunell Hills Police Department, Staubach decided on a more permanent solution for the neglected East Becktown.

With his two colleagues from the previous project by his side, the East Becktown Defenders became a reality. They were soon joined by several other survivors on the NecroConnect forums.

East Becktown Defenders
Abbreviation: EBD
Group Numbers: ~10
Leadership: Staubach
Goals: Maintaining the TRP's in East Becktown.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors. No PKers or Death Cultists.
Contact: Find us on NecroConnect

Current Activity

We are currently getting organized and finding our way around East Becktown.

If you need to be revived or could use a First Aid Kit, feel free to let us know on the talk page or leave us a message on NecroConnect.

The same goes for anyone who would be willing to join the East Becktown Defenders.

We maintain the Revive Point at Davies Avenue (24,35).


Note that all current activity will be purposely kept vague for safety reasons. More detailed reports of our actions can be found below, with a short delay to guarantee the safety of all Defenders and our allies.


May 2016

  • May 1st: The East Becktown Defenders are formed. Founding members: Staubach, George Strongarm and John Dorian MD.
  • May 2nd: Staubach contacts the Dunell Hills Police Department, requesting assistance in East Becktown.
  • May 4th: DNA extracts logged for all three known members of local zombie group, the Daubeney Resident Zambahz.
  • May 6th: Booker Little joins the EBD.
  • May 7th: Help from the Dunell Hills Police Department arrives in the form of Damien Laplant.
  • May 10th: Benjamin Moore joins the EBD.
  • May 12th: Damien Laplant leaves East Becktown and returns to Dunell Hills. Caiger Mall falls into undead hands.
  • May 13th: Kaiden Inshabel joins the EBD. A massive influx of zombies enter East Becktown.
  • May 14th: Benjamin Moore contacts the DRZ in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations.
  • May 15th: Evidence emerges that the high number of zombies in the suburb are a result of zerging.
  • May 16th: Kaiden Inshabel contacts the DRZ using their own unique dialect in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations.
  • May 17th: The huge number of zombies in the suburb begins to take its toll. Many buildings and TRPs fall to the undead threat.
  • May 19th: Almost the entire group, scattered across East Becktown, are killed and looking for revives.
  • May 20th: Johnny Threefingers joins the EBD. The EBD apply for official allied status with the DHPD.
  • May 21st: The DHPD accept the EBD's application for official allied status.
  • May 22nd: With the EBD back on their feet, repairs and barricade construction begins in earnest across East Becktown.
  • May 23rd: 53 zombies seen inside the Attwell Building. A chance meeting between Kaiden Inshabel and the DRZ results in no one getting eaten or shot.
  • May 25th: Piromaniack joins the EBD.
  • May 27th: After working busily for days to restore the suburb, the EBD are again hit hard by zergs. Most of the group are killed but quickly revived.
  • May 29th: Staubach contacts the Knights Templar and the Soldiers of Crossman requesting alliances.
  • May 30th: The SoC accept the EBD's application for official allied status
  • Jun 1st: The Knights Templar accept the EBD's application for official allied status
  • Jun 2nd: After much internal debate, the EBD reluctantly decide to evacuate East Becktown and head to Dunell Hills.

TRP Status List

NecroTech Facilities

The Attwell Building (20,36) The Daubeney Building (26,35) The Kening Building (23,30) The Sugg Building (24,32)


Barbara General Hospital (23,38) Edward General Hospital (22,39) James General Hospital (28,31) St. Eleutherius's Hospital (24,34) St. Elisabeth's Hospital (27,36) St. Ethelbert's Hospital (27,33)

Police Departments

Loney Row Police Department (24,39)


A factory (22,36) A factory (24,30) A factory (29,32)

Auto Repair Shops

Bennet Auto Repair (23,36) Crate Auto Repair (22,35) Cross Auto Repair (20,39) Gomm Auto Repair (27,37) Lush Auto Repair (20,33)


  • None

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Building Status Key

Safe Rebuilding Under Attack Under Siege

Ruined In Zombie Hands Pinata Unknown

Allies & Friends

Dunell Hills Police Department Daubeney Resident Zambahz
Allies Friendly
neigborhood zombies
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