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An Endgame is the situation that would occur if either

  • All Survivors


  • All Zombies

Were killed (or revived), with no way (Or will) to revert to their old state. This leaves one faction in complete control of the game world, resulting in a stop to all Human / Zombie Combat. It is likely that the game would become quickly boring and stagnant in these circumstances. Thankfully, this situation is practically impossible in Malton. However, it is a different matter in...


In Monroeville, this situation is easily possible, and is the likely conclusion to the city's life. This is because...

  • When survivors are killed, they cannot be revived.

Therefore, the only possible outcome was a zombie domination. However, as of the 28th of march -

  • It is not possible to create new characters


  • Zombies can be Permakilled by a survivor with the headshot skill.

This makes it possible for survivors to win the game too. However it is arguably much harder for them because -

  • By now, Zombies likely outnumber survivors.
  • Some players are PKers.
  • You must be level 10 to buy the Headshot skill, meaning you must earn 1100 EXP before you can permakill a zombie.
  • When killed by someone not possessing the Headshot skill, zombies return to life with full health.
  • When killed by someone not possessing the Headshot skill, zombies may choose not to get up, becoming a sleeping menace which cannot be stopped, and stand and resume combat whenever they want.

Therefore, a zombie victory is a much more likely conclusion to combat in Monroeville.

After a complete victory, it is speculated that the city of Monroeville would be closed by Kevan. However, it is speculated by the Headshotted text that "Your body may eventually be shipped to Malton for research, when Monroeville has been cleared" meaning that those killed (and probably those still living) would be given a new chance at life in Malton.

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