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Survivor Skills | Battle Tactics | Commanders | Return to Extinction

Boot Camp

Standing Orders

1. Kill all survivors unless they’re your friends.

2. Follow targets and report brains on the CentCom Shoutbox and Forum.

3. Otherwise attack or sleep inside the nearest NT whenever possible.

4. Failing that attack or sleep inside the nearest Mall or Hospital.

5. Ruin everything in sight.

If you enjoy the gameplay with Extinction so far and are ready and willing to take the next step to become a fully fledged Extinction Trooper then gear up:

1. If you're not already using it then download Firefox.

2. Install the Firefox addon UDtoolbar.

3. Finally report to and BOOKMARK Extinction Tactical Control (Taccon).

Basic Training:

1. Extinction is active in NW Malton so make your way to one of the active suburbs indicated in the Extinction Command Zone Map.

2. Start adding Extinction Profiles to your Contacts List.

3. In the Extinction Taccon you'll have access to every resource that we use. Links are provided along the bottom, with an active CentCom Shoutbox to the right of the screen which is also visible on the forum.

4. Whenever you log on to the Taccon check the CLOCK which is set to Malton (GMT) time. Assault times for the Extinction Horde are 12AM 4PM 12PM 4AM GMT (8/12/8/12 US EST or roughly breakfast-lunch, evening-midnight US EST). Attack the target on ONE of those times and you will synchronize with other Extinction Troopers, spend less AP on decading, enter with a force of zeds and overwhelm the survivor defense.

5. Before the assault begins click the "Chat" button and report in to the Extinction IRC Ready Room to meet your comrades in undead arms to agree on tactics. You can click the "Ready" button while in Chat to get other Troopers attention.

6. Regularly check "Targets" and "Reports" in the Taccon for up to date information.

7. Always use map coordinates when reporting brain/barricade locations to either the Centcom Shoutbox or Current Targets. Highest priority reports are barricaded NT's! For example: Shearbank - Whippey NT 53,22 open 15 brains.

Boot Camp Graduation:

1. Click "Settings" and add "Extinction" in the Group box (under "Character description").

2. "Zombie Appearance" descriptions can include Extinction Team and Rank and links to the Extinction forum and wiki address, for example:

Extinction Strike Team Shadow

Taccon: tinyurl.com/yr6h3c
Forum: z10.invisionfree.com/extinction_ud
Wiki: tinyurl.com/3xv3zr

3. All Extinction Troopers with Paypal accounts are encouraged to donate in order to remove the IP limit and support UD.

4. Go forth and bring Malton's NT's to Extinction.

In the Urban Dead end game Extinction depends on YOU!

Extinction Trooper Survivor Skills

Despite the fact that survivors are reprehensible creatures to be slaughtered for the common good, the discerning zombie should spend some time walking in their repugnant shoes to shop for a few items and abilities.

All Extinction Troopers without Flesh Rot should have the following:

  • A flak jacket. Given that the primary zombie superpower is standing where survivors wish they weren't, it is essential to maximize the cost associated with removing you from a building. A flak jacket increases the AP drain on firearm wielding survivors by 20%. It may take several days to find a flak jacket, even in a powered police department, but the time spent searching will pay for itself many times over.
  • Body Building. This skill adds another 20% to the cost to kill you and is also effective against those not using firearms (firefighters, recently killed survivors, etc.)

All Extinction Troopers without Brain Rot should also acquire the following:

  • Free Running. When Combat Revived this will make it easier to scout survivor safe houses to collect information and inflict harm, report survivor defenses to CentCom and tell the Zombie groups nearby, as well as to gain entrance to tall buildings so that you might jump out the window and become a zombie again as soon as possible. It also helps in finding a secure Police Station and searching for a Flak Jacket.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat with an Axe and the Axe Proficiency skill, or a Crowbar which attacks cades at full hit %, when used in combination with Free Running, will make the Combat Revived Extinction Trooper an adversary to be feared. Once inside their Free Runs removing barricades from the inside is easier than from out, destroy any generators to turn off the lights and disrupt survivor communication, then kill your combat reviver. If you are revived infected, which is common enough, you can also time your run and parachute into an extremely heavily barricaded NT

The experienced Trooper wishing to maximize their powers when revived might also try:

  • Diagnosis. This skill will allow you to see current survivor HP levels whether you are alive or dead maximizing a Combat Revived Troopers kill skills. The XP cost is lower than the combination of Scent Fear and Scent Blood, but it does not allow you to identify infected survivors. Scent Blood requires Scent Fear as a prerequisite and does not work while you are alive.
  • Tagging. Graffiti the Extinction NT Command HQ, Revive Points and Resource Buildings with information using a tinyurl link to help get the message out and basically discourage survivors. For example on a target: "Extinction Attack - http://tinyurl.com/yr6h3c" and for captured NT's "Revive point inside - NO BARRICADING!".
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat with a Knife and the Knife Proficiency skill for efficiently taking down generators.
  • NecroTech Employment and Construction are very useful in the construction of Pinata's!

No other items or survivor skills are necessary to become an effective Extinction member, although many are useful in some capacity when you are revived.

Battle Tactics


1. Find a Target - Check the CentCom Target List and Taccon Shoutbox reports for up to date targets. Failing that, the nearest unruined NT and its surrounding safehouses are the Primary Target, Police Departments and Hospitals and their safehouses are Secondary Targets, Factories and Auto Repairs and any lit building are Tertiary Targets.

2. Click on "Chat" in the Taccon and report in to the IRC Extinction Ready Room or join a Strike Team and log on at the designated time.

3. Coordinate by attacking attacking together to break the 'cades, emit feeding groans, drag the living to attract any feral zombies in the vicinity and use Death Rattle and Gestures to communicate to your fellow zombies.

4. Report tactical info to the Taccon CentCom Shoutbox using the format: Suburb - Building, map coords, cade status, brain count (ie., QB - Calvert Mall SE 26,10 open 10 brains).

5. Combat Revived ranks can either go on a Pker/Gker rampage or join the Extinction Harmanz Corps for scouting, tagging and other Special Operations.

6. Recruitment - Post information on other zombie/survivor forums in order to expand the Extinction network and troop numbers. Look for recruitment and other appropriate forums as well as seek out potential allies/enemies in your area (Click on "Intel" in the Taccon). If you're flamed for zerging feel free to send them to Extinction Department of Internal Affairs.

10. Repeat above as necessary until all organized Survivor groups are cleansed or escaped.


1. General assault times for the Freelancers Brigade are 12AM 4PM 12PM 4AM Malton (GMT) Time on the Taccon Clock. Consult your Strike Team Leaders for their Strike Times.

2. How to work out GMT compared to your local time:

  • Find your location
  • Add the number of hours
  • US West/Central/Eastern +6/+5/+4 | UK Summer -1 | Central EU Summer -2 | Australian West/Central/East -8/-9:30/-10
  • This is GMT compared to you

4. Develop your Extinction Coordination tactics to suit your needs. For example one possible Extinction Squad tactic could be:

  1. Report in to the IRC Ready Room before your X:00 GMT to see who's available or meet up with a friend on AIM/MSN
  2. Agree on a designated target for the day.
  3. If Combat Revived and infected jump inside the target and smash the generator to kill radio communications then groan and attack the barricades.
  4. Coordinate the break and enter, groan and then select the weakest survivor to drag.
  5. Immediately attack any active defender with an infectious bite to deter or kill them (last active Brain appears last in Survivors list).
  6. Report your break in to the CentCom shoutbox to alert Extinction Freelancers.
  7. If you use groan and drag in the presence of feral zombies or lower level (under 10) Extinction Troops then they will learn to follow you. Extinction Cannon Fodder will gain an XP benefit from the easy kills and thus level up much faster and remain loyal.
  8. Timing as many groans as practicable while the attack is ongoing can only increase the frenzy. Logging back into the Taccon in 30mins to one hour or more to groan again will maximize your strike's effectiveness (loudest groan requires 6 brains or more).
  9. Use ?rise button to stand up again immediately if attacked, this makes you a 120+HP Bullet Sponge and saps survivor AP and ammo. If killed and dumped on 0AP you can log back in (30 mins per AP) then stand and with just 1AP re-enter to keep the attack going if the cades are still down.
  10. Extinction Squad - At very least you need two or three well armed zombies working together at the same time to debarricade an EHB building, groan and drag at least one defender while infecting/dragging/killing as many as your AP allows. If there are enough zombies in the vicinity a "groan and drag" and prompt reporting after an IRC coordinated strike can lead to a feral feeding frenzy and the collapse of even the most heavily defended buildings and Malls.

1. NT, NT, NT!! - Keep your Zone's NT's RUINED!

2. Whenever practical you should sleep in the nearest NT.

3. Be prepared for troop losses as ferals leave when survivor numbers drop.

4. One Officer should volunteer as an NT Commander to organize an Extinction Squad for regular counter insurgency search and destroy patrols.

5. Reccon all buildings for barricading survivors and ruin all TRP's to suppress revival.

6. Start debarricading surrounding safehouses, NT's first then PD's and so on. That way any barricading will act as an early warning sign of infiltration. Ultimately the entire suburb should be completely ruined and maintained that way.

7. Check Ruins! - Experienced Survivors in the Dead Zones will often repair and Lightly Barricade a building then sleep in an open ruin a couple of clicks away.

8. Post regular defence updates to the CentCom Reports for your suburb.

9. Graffiti NT's and Revive Points including cemeteries and Monuments near NT's to disperse any Mrh? mobs. Tag your NT's "Revives inside - NO BARRICADING!". Deface as much Survivor graffiti as possible.

10. Monitor Revive Points - An indication of the success of your Extinction Zone efforts is the size of your resident Mrh? cow mobs at RP's. A successful Dead Zone's RP's should be at least near empty!

11. Declare your Suburb an Extinction Zone.

Extinction Zone Effect (EZE) - Once established the Dead Zone will itself discourage the average pro-survivor Mrh? cow and the revive queues will slowly fade away. Only the hard core survivor groups will remain, if any, and even if they take an NT and start revives they will be hard pressed and resource starved to find enough Mrh? cows to make an immediate impact. Once the ruins mature feral Survivors will tend to stay away while low level Survivors tend to get eaten and add to the Zombie count. We have found it is possible to maintain this Extinction Zone Effect through regular search and destroy sweeps of the Dead Zone by small but mobile Extinction Squads.

Extinction Commanders

Check out the Extinction Armoury and its latest Battle Tech. Once you have been promoted to Commander status on the CentCom Forum head to the War Room to help lead the Extinction of Revival in Malton.
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