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The July/August Siege of Giddings Mall
Conflict Urban dead
Date Late July/August
Place Giddings Mall
Result Big Bash pulled out due to bots
Survivors groups like Creedy Defense Force, and Army Control Corps Members of The Big Bash like The Shining Ones, The Ridleybank Resistance Front, Church of the Resurrection, and so on...
Need to know Orangutang, Tymbrwlf,Sane Malk, Graull, Sonny Corleone, and so on...

Need to know

somewhere above 400

Currently Unknown Currently Unknown

The July - August Seige of Giddings Mall

We are on a need to know basis here people. If you have any info, ANY AT ALL. Please report it here. If there is anything that needs to be changed please do so.

The Beginning

At first The Big Bash rolled in from the NW and thw SW, hitting all secondary resource buildings. Finally they moved onto the NT buildings where they ran into trouble.

Attack of the Bots

It has been confirmed that The Morrish Building does have several bots in it that bring the barricades from open to EH in under a second after 20-30 seconds of them being open. So far the bots are either dead or have been stopped by the creator since run ins are few and far between. It is possible that said bots are currently being effected by the change here, which is apparently a bot-countermeasure.