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Golfing with OJ
Abbreviation: GolfOJ
Group Numbers: 2+
Leadership: Collective
Goals: To golf under par.
Recruitment Policy: We always need caddies.
Contact: Leave a message.

Who We Are

A bunch of people who love to golf with The Juice.

Chain of Command

We golf wherever Orenthal James says we golf.

Eighth Location

Restock at Marven Mall.


All exciting putts, amazing drives, and bloodthirsty assaults should be posted here.

Seventh Golf Location

After a glorious performance in the lucky lucky suburb of North_Blythville, Orenthal James has decided we need a little culture. While relaxing from our trials and tribulations in Lerwill Heights, Mr. simpson suggests we entertain ourselves with art and culture in the centrally located Derrington Cinema and Peach Museum.


Sixth Golf Location

Happy New Year! It's been a great holiday break in South_Blythville but now we should take a trip into the neighboring North_Blythville. There are many fine putting greens and driving ranges in the area, but our skills are needed in securing the secret pro-shop in the Hebditch Building's penthouse.


Fifth Golf Location

After so many drives and slices and bangs upon our poor golf clubs, I think we all need to stop at the caddy shack for a replacement caddy. Head on over to South_Blythville to visit the lovely Marven_Mall. All dead golfers are encouraged to practice your drive at Somerside_Plaza and the living can visit one of the two adjacent clubs, Club_Penfold or Club_Doran.



Fourth Location

After a bloody and terrifying tournament. It may be best to take a break in peaceful Mockridge Heights.
We will be meeting in the Strutt Towers. Keep yourselves limber at the nearby putting green Tancock Green or the neighboring driving range.

Pitney to Mock.jpg

Strutt your stuff.jpg

Third Golfing location

After enjoying some death related golfing, we should all shamble on over to Shackleville. There is a terrific golf course at Stanbury Monument, found at 51, 63 on your GPS scanner. After an exciting round of Golf, we shall enjoy historic Club Cummings.

Pitney to Shack.jpg

Shack Monument.jpg

The President has recovered from his sprained wrist and finally sank a few balls under par.

Second Golfing location

The Hospitals of Tollyton are in dire shape. And Orenthal James Simpson recommends a Charity Golf Tournament. There is a terrific golf course at Prowse Way, found at 66, 63 on your GPS scanner. After an exciting round of Golf, we should retire to Club Shearly at 68, 64.

Pitney to Tolly.jpg

Charity Golf.jpg

First Golfing location

Stanbridge Park in Edgecombe at GPS coordinates 78,54. After an exciting round, we shall most likely retire to Club_Somerton at 75,57. For those of you without fancy techno-baubles like GPS...

Pitney to Edge.jpg

Somerton Stanbridge.jpg

Inaugural Tournament Champion Golf-Pro Mold.
Honorable Mention is awarded to Beloved Golfer Bantha Fodder.

Golfers of reckoning.

Bill-clinton-smoking-cigar.jpg William T.J. Clinton

Gooli.jpg Goolina

Fatmatt.jpg Fat Matt

Sannokgolf.jpg Sannok

HalfDeadMold.jpg Mold

Golf channel.jpg BanthaFodder

Wellgroomedwallaby202 (Custom).jpg Well Groomed Wallaby

Show your golfing pride

OJswings.jpg Golfing with OJ
This user/group loves to play golf with the 1972, 1973 and 1975 NFL Player of the Year.