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Hi!This is a guide for SURVIVORS only,if you're a zombie,go see my other page,Tips for a Zombie.Back to survivors,drill this in your head,you are fighting a losing battle,the zombies have already won but try your best to kill them all.Look at the following to help you survive:

1.DON'T sleep on the streets.It's plainly suicide.If you're gonna sleep on the streets,might as well jump from a window.

2.DON'T sleep overnight in places like Police Departments,Fire Stations,Forts,Malls or places like that.Find your item and get out.These places are highlights for zombie raids.

3.If you're playing as a Scout or Consumer,your best bet to earn XP is to injure another player,heal them and apologize.

4.Check the Suburb Danger Map.Go to a place that isn't infested with zombies.

5.DON'T barricade.It's too suspicious,and a zombie will tear it down sooner or later.If you are gonna barricade,barricade nearby buildings and make sure you have Free Running.

6.Before reviving a zombie,use a DNA Extractor on them.They might have Brain Rot and you'll be wasting your AP on them.

7.Stay in a group,but make sure you are welcome in that group and they are not PKers who will treat you like a chicken ready for slaughter......

8.DON'T use your Flare Gun.It's more trouble than it's worth.Zombies will arrive faster than help.In a tight spot?Use that Flare Gun on your blcok and run off.

9.Have some leftover AP.You might get frustrated but you'll be glad when you enter a building full of zombies.....

Thats all.If I missed out anything,feel free to edit.One last thing,stay alive.--Ratyoupop 12:51, 22 May 2009 (BST)

Mrbird123 - I hope you don't mind the edit but I have a tip or two more.

1. It is always good to have alteast 5 Medkits. Why? Well they can heal you and cure infection. You get XP for healing other players, and you get five! Unlike when you go to combat and only get two EXP (That is if you are attacking a zombie. Any zombies reading this it should be vice versa) Plus helping people with a medkit gives you a chance of having someone willing to give you a hand if he happens to notice you. I know when I'm hurt bad and someone comes up and heals me from 4 HP and an infection to 50HP and no infection. So I add them to my contatcs and make their name blue.

2. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but no one ever said it would kill a human or zombie. Explore. Don't camp in one building for more than a day. Theres a likelier chance of being invaded by zombies.

3. Where you killed/hurt by a zombie/Team Killer? Add them to your contacts and put their name in red! Then when you see them in the map their name will be red and you will be sure to take him/her down! and if it a zombie you can still add him/her to your contacts when it attacks/kills you. its exactly like using the DNA scanner. You see their profile basically. Just remember to add them to your contacts

4. Teams are the key. Anyone play left4dead? Then you know that if you hope to survive the higher level zombies you'd best stick together in teams of atleast 4, make sure to be carrying some weapons and medkits, and make sure you are always together! Chances are if you know someone online you don't know IRL and are good friends, they have different time zones. So if you are logged off and a zombie happens to break it - one of your other team mates could blow its head off and dump its body. And possibly start barricading the place. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!

5.Zombies. Some players don't even want to be them. Some just can't stand NOT being one... But one thing is for sure. If they cant find someone within a day to revive them they are probably are going to be tired of not being able to use more than 1/4 of his/her equipment. And start attacking humans and getting used to the zombie life style. So here is a way to keep the zombies at bay: 1. Zombies are usually infected and hurt. Just try to give them a hand. Who knows... They might not attack you if they feel you are trying to help them. 2. Learn to revivify. Its the most useful skills in the game almost. If you fear zombies breaking in and killing you, keep a syringe at hand and have the ability to use it. then go outside and bring every last one of those things back to life!

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