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Harlow Anti Zombie Squad

H.A.Z. Squad
HAZ-Squad 200x200.jpg
Abbreviation: HAZSquad.
Group Numbers: 8'ish, of varying activity
Leadership: None currently
Goals: Survive. Communicate. Escape
Recruitment Policy: Open to anyone who wants to join
Contact: Contact us in game, or Rooney on here.

The Harlow Anti Zombie Squad is the name given to a group of military personnel that crash-landed inside the Malton city limits whilst on a routine exercise, and the civilians that have joined with them in an effort at mutual survival and possible escape.


The HAZ started life as 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Essex Guards Infantry, a commando unit fresh out of boot camp. Whilst on a combined forces exercise, they were on a flight over the recently quarantined city of Malton en-route to their base camp. Unfortunately mechanical difficulties struck the chopper they were riding in, causing it to attempt an emergency landing inside the city. A handful of survivors climbed out of the wreckage and immediately found themselves under attack from the infected citizens of Malton. After regrouping and finding that their officers were dead or missing, the group resolved to find a way out of the city.

Despite attempts to contact the military forces posted outside the walls and barricades surrounding the city, the squad were unable to get through to anyone. At this point their goal shifted from escaping to merely surviving. Someone suggested they name themselves Harlows anti zombie squad, and the name stuck; The H.A.Z Squad was born.

Thus far, the squad has taken part in the following events:


The squad's goals are simple;

  • Survive
  • Contact military forces outside - let them know we're in here, and alive.
  • Get out of Malton

Base of Operations

The HAZ Squad has been active in Havercroft, Shore Hills, Brooksville, Tapton, and Peppardville since their arrival in Malton. Currently active in East Boundwood.

Members & Recruitment Policy

Founding/Past Members


Make yourself known to one of the squad, and prove to them that you'll be more of a help than a hindrance, and odds are they'll welcome you aboard!

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