Haidon's Hunters

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Haidon's Hunters
Group Numbers: Twelve (One currently active Currently active)

group_leaders=Hinora group_goals=Protection of survivors and removal of the zombie threat in the West Grayside area

Leadership: Someone Important
Goals: To be a real boy Mister Geppetto
Recruitment Policy: State your case to Hinora(inactive) or Ankor(Pole Mall)


Contact: We'll call you


Hinora - (Inactive), Aislinn - (Inactive), Alex Richardson - (Inactive), Ankor (Active), Cassandra Saratores - (Inactive), Cyrus Frenzy - (Inactive), Jeremiah Namith - (Inactive), Lee Westwood - (Inactive), Max Z Illian - (Inactive), orochan - (Inactive), Sienna Palloma -(Inactive), Smelly Body - (Inactive),

Close Allies

Sir Extinguisher from the Mill Maghat from Malhalla Special Tactics and Rescue Squad


Based inside Club Haidon, Haidon's Hunters are trying their hardest to keep the West Grayside area a safe zone for Humans to live without fear.


After the recent Zombie attack could all hunters PLEASE regroup at base!

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Currently based out of Pole Mall until generator found and installed. Accepting New Applicants--Ankor 03:42, 15 February 2014 (UTC)