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Hell Rising, using the "Kevan Forbid!" game skin.

Hell Rising is a free online browser-based MMORPG inspired by, and very similar to, Urban Dead. Hell Rising began on Feb 2, 2007, with game concepts and ideas steadily being tweaked or added over the following years.

The main differences between Urban Dead and Hell Rising include the appearance of vampires along with the usual survivors and zombies, an expanded roster of location and item types - even including over 200 clothing options, a much smaller game world whose different maps carry different methods of play, the addition of a central power plant that controls the electricity in all the main neighborhoods, and a greater degree of flexibility and capability in most other elements of the game (e.g. groups, items, communication, etc.).

Notably, action Points also regenerate faster on Hell Rising. The game also features NPCs of various races/types, and a crafting system.


For additional information regarding Hell Rising, please see the official website.

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