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Area of activity:
Area of activity:
dartside/kinch heights border (East Dartside)
dartside/kinch heights border (mostly East Dartside)

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Group: Horde

Formerly known as: sevlioce (2005-2013)

Area of activity: dartside/kinch heights border (mostly East Dartside)

History: spawned in late July of 2005 at Auston Auto Repair (1NE of Ackland Mall in Havercroft), ran South to find safety from the undead incursion. Landed at Winmill Library and set up a base of operations on August 5th, 2005. Recruitment has been slow over the years. Real Life always comes first so our members existences are usually punctuated by periods of inactivity. Our long-term AFK ritual is to go to a NT facility near our base and jump from a window then get a revive.. this way when we come back we're guaranteed to resume as a human with no infection. Convenient!

Rule of law: we don't grief (unless griefed). we are (usually) friendly. if you PK some of us or mess with our stuff or our staff, you go on our "redlist" (added to contacts will a red color) - aka KoS / DnR. If you repeatedly attack us legitimately (zeds attacking humans or vice versa) you go on a yellow list, or "kill first". We will go lemming on you and jump from a window if the situation requires it. Since its very easy to break into a powered NT and grab a quick revive, we aim for L45 play. don't judge.

Recruitment: slap our tag in your profile as long as you aren't going to be a griefy douche, and remember we aren't your personal army. If you need help someone might come but don't expect us all to cross the map to help in an e-peen contest. That said if you are in or around our locale, we offer revives and FAKs to all.

KoS/DNR list:

Looser Stan - id=1342598

Matti Juhani Saari - id=1365641

Mule Man - id=564247

Rolls Cinema Usher - id=1102949

shadygray - id=1467293

spiritguide - id=1782433

Valdemarus - id=875298

"No-Chew" Zones: barring someone in the KoS/DNR list being holed up in one, the following locations are not to be attacked, period. (they may only be attacked in a group with approval of senior guild staff in order to smite a red tag should one be known to be within but must then be re-caded to at least where they were before, once the job is complete).

Winmill Library (40, 84)

Samborne Towers (36, 84)

"No-Chew" people: friendlies of Horde. Try not to bother them.

HydraIisk - id=2151930

Thomas Rage - id=1188584

energyrae - id=1377193

Guy Littleson - id=1081527

Bai Lung - ID=

Tubby Daniels - ID=147651

Rosana Jackson - id=2276308

Berkman Frick - id=838473

Menne - id=1801722

Further information: comes later.

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