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A service brought to by the D.H.H.S. of the Malton Department of Defense.

Our Goal

The D.H.H.S. goal is to create an infectionless Malton.


To attempt the above goal we have decided to designate about 3-5 VSB buildings in our operating suburb as an infection treatment center. In these centers a link will be provided and a request can be made. Soon thereafter a member of the D.H.H.S. will be along shortly to provide medical assistance.

Current designated buildings:


Braker Cinema (VSB) 79,25

Elgar Bank 73,20 (EHB)

The Anthony Building (VSB) 77,27

Dennis Row Fire Station (VSB) 71,28

Building barricade level according to Santlerville's barricade plan, although actual may vary.

Request Relief

Infected? In need of a cure? Request an FAK from here on the MDD forum.

Remember to give:

  • name
  • a profile
  • which building
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