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Sponsored by Iocaine Powder

After a rough night of dance, trance and cadence, a cleaning crew found the following manifesto at Club Quier. It was written on pink paper in a flowery hand, and taped to the front of the condom machine.

We would sincerely like to apologize to everyone involved in today's Tragic Events at Club Quier. It was regrettable that our baser natures got the upper hand, and that we slaughtered so many upstanding citizens.

Fortunately, some good may come of it yet. The inspiring surroundings of such a gay and happy place as Club Quier have calmed our beastly souls. We have seen the error of our ways, and our eyes have been opened. We understand now, that a world is possible in which zombies and humans live in perfect harmony. We also realize that Spicer Hills and Old Arkham can only be at peace with itself and the world, if we all join forces. And hands.

You may well ask how this conversion has come to pass. The answer is simple: it is all thanks to the unceasing efforts of one man, one brave and noble man, that we have been shown the way. Ltpotter is his name. This special individual has made us aware of all the beauty in both humans and zombies, and has forgiven us for all past transgressions, including Original Sin.

Therefore, we were born anew in Club Queer. To symbolize our rebirth and our good intentions, we will abandon Iocaine Powder, that sad vestige of oppression and tyranny. From now on, all of us will join the Arkham Police and Fire Department. Iocaine Powder shall remain as a hollow shell, a memory of past transgressions, so that we may better our ways under the enlightened leadership of Ltpotter and work towards the Common Good.

All hail our virtuous leader Ltpotter! Huggles to the world!

Signed with happy signs, Iocaine Powder