Italian Fascist Zombies

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Italian Fascist Zombies
Abbreviation: IFZ
Group Numbers: 17 (Overt)
Leadership: Fascist Italian
Goals: Assisting the Nazi Zombies
Recruitment Policy: Closed except for a certain anonymous imageboard
Contact: Use talkpage


  • The Italian Fascist Zombies are a migratory mid-to-low level zombie group formed in Early December 2011. Their primary goal is to be the junior partner to the Nazi Zombies' Zombie Axis, serving as auxiliary forces to their superior Nazi allies.
  • The Italian Fascist Zombies also have a large(relative to their size) amount of Death Cultist infiltrators and agents, whose numbers are not reflected on this wiki's page for security reasons, and who do not have IFZ tags.

Current Operations

December 15, 2011

December 12, 2011

  • Currently, the majority of the IFZ is marching in staggered waves north towards Jensentown to assist with Operation Naaldloos. It is estimated that the bulk of its forces will arrive between the twelfth and fourteenth of December to assist their allies in Jensentown. A few isolated units have made it to the fringes of the operational area.