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Joined: October 16, 2005
Character class: Firefighter
Favorite equipment: Fire Axe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive, so far.
Character group: None
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: Journal for EverettEby

Friday October 21 A

A zombie had gotten inside the library and did quite a bit of damage to me. Before I could get up and to my axe he had dealt me several bites and slashes, I had an infected wound and needed help. My first aid kit was used on Susan, although John had more serious injuries. Both of whom now lie dead on the floor. I ran out of the building with my axe as best I could, too weak to fight the zombie. I headed to a near by hospital hoping to find a first aid kit to stop the infection, but it has been cleaned out. With my last bits of energy I leave this entry, hoping to be revived soon.

OOC: I logged on to check the status of my character (and the 2 others I play, not John or Susan, they are made up for RP purposes) and had a very low hp and several zombies were around. I didnt have a med kit, so I died promptly after getting to the hospital and doing a few searches. Waking up on the verge of death and infected sucks. I am dead in a hospital, so hopefully I will be found my a Necrotech or a medic with Necrotech skills. I've also run out of IP hits for the day, so for another 2.5 hours I wont be able to check on him.

Friday October 21 B

OOC: I checked on my character and he was revived. The person who revived me had 'very strongly' barricaded the hospital so I decided to stay as there were about 5 others present, and surely more to come and see whats happening.

Thursday October 20

The sorrow and depression have been overwhelming. I could barely get up after waking today. The only reason I had to move at all was to kill the zombie groaning outside. He was an easy kill, he had been hacked up pretty good. At least it helped my mood, I felt envigorated afterwards, but it was too late in the day to do anything else. I headed back inside and hoped to feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday October 19

I found an empty journal in the library and wrote down the previous days events. I headed outside and killed the zombie that was banging on the barricaded windows. It was my first kill, I smiled over its dead, er, re-dead body and grinned. I went back inside and looked through the library books. I found some old newspapers and books that didnt help me much.

OOC: I got 103 experience total, and decided to purchase the hand to hand combat skill.

Tuesday October 18

I decided to only leave for a little today. I searched for some food for my fellow survivors in a near by bar and stopped off at a small clinic to find more medical supplies. I went back to the safehouse and shared my findings. Susan gobbled down on some cake I found in the bars fridge. I shared the left-overs of some chicken with John. I took watch for some of the night, and got some sleep when things quieted down outside. Apparently the zombies need to rest also, which is good news.

Monday October 17

I once again walked the streets in search of survivors and supplies. I found some beer and wine in a bar and kept it on me. It might help me sleep tonight, or ease my pain if I sustain any wounds. In my search for other survivors I came across a zombie. I approached it from behind and threw my axe into its back. The first hit was easy, but now it knew I was here. It wobbled around and I missed a few times, I got another hit in before it landed any of its flailing hands on me. I couldnt keep from getting some scratches though, nothing too serious, as long as they dont get infected. I decided to go back to the library and clean out my wounds with some alcohol.

There were two others in the library now. The woman sat on a chair next to a private standing above her. He took out his gun and aimed it at me, telling me to put my axe down. I placed the axe on the floor and told him I wasn't going to harm anyone. The woman told him I was alright, and that I had stayed here the previous night with no problems. The man holstered his pistol and introduced himself as John Barkley. I Shook his hand and introduced myself. I asked the womans name, as I hadnt gotten it earlier. She was staring down at the floor, finally looking up and nevously speaking. "M-my name is S-usan... Hel-hello..."

I cleaned out my wounds and slept on the same couch as last night, with my axe by my side. The private had barricaded the building some more, and with him standing watch I fell asleep easily.

Sunday October 16

The past few days have been a blurr. I don't even remember where I was when I awoke, somewhere in Jensentown. I had my Fireaxe with me, maybe I was in the middle of an emergency call when I blacked out? Damn, I wish I could remember. The only things I can remember are images of leaving my wife and daughter, and going to work at the station. I have no memory of my life, just my name and the skills I have as a fireman.

I stumbled out from the relative safety and shelter of whichever building I woke in, hoping to find help. I walked a few blocks, empty and cold. The wind was driving into me like hail. I found some newspapers on the street with "THE DEAD WALK!" emblazened across the top in bold letters. My heart stopped, I shivered and dropped to my knees. "Is this real?" I asked myself, pinching a cheek, slapping my face to wake up. I wondered if all this was in my head, if I was imaginng this. Until I saw one. One of those disgusting, vile creatures. He was walking slowly up the street towards me, trying to walk against the wind, finally toppling over. I walked towards it, it wiggled on the ground, trying to get up. I decided to leave before it could.

I carefully walked down the streets, hiding behind cars and trees where I could, running into a building when I saw a zombie hoping to find other survivors. I didn't see another living human until I found my way to a hospital. The other survivors were all resting or looking for supplies. None of them could be bothered to talk to me, I was shuved out of the way or ignored compeltely in the frantic search for first aid kits. I managed to find one myself, under a blanket on a gourney. The other survivors were fighting eachother, trying to take eachothers supplies. I left before anyone could do the same to me.

It started to rain as the sky grew darker. It was a light rain, but hopefully enough to wash away some of the rotting flesh, trash and putrid smell down into the sewers. I decided to find a place to rest for the night, and found myself in a library. Another survivor was there, sleeping on a small couch. She had barricaded the windows and doors somewhat. It wasnt much but it would keep the weaker zombies at bay for awhile. I didn't think my new room mate would mind my company, a strong man with a weapon is always good to have around. I laid down on a couch adjacent to hers, hiding the med kit under the cushion. My mind raced as I closed my eyes, I couldn't see how I could get any sleep that night. My nerves were shot, my legs ached from walking, and most of all, I was tired of the horrors I had witnessed. Luckily it didn't take long to fall asleep once my mind quieted down a bit...

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