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Starting Occupation: Firefighter
Group Membership: nothing
Goals: Helping fellow survivors in Forse Library
Username: Xtralife
More details: Urban Dead profile

Forse Library Tales

All I wanted was to help the populace. Use the firehose, save a life or two, then be rewarded for my efforts. But zombies don't cause fires; rather, they draw fire to them from overzealous trigger-happy punks. So what's a firefighter to do in the Apocalypse?

That's my job to figure out.

My station called me Xtralife for my uncanny way of getting out of life-or-death situations, and my slight addiction to the PlayStation at our department. So, under the alias of Xtralife, I aid the Williamsville folk in their everyday lives, all out from the abandoned Forse Library. Since Williamsville isn't that happening of a place for the average zombie-killer, the job can be pretty easy at times... except for the Big Bash (which once "evicted" me). I once used to relieve myself of boredom by going to the northern side of town to hang out with some pro-anarchist groups. Times can be so slow down here, and I needed some action. Most of the books at the library really aren't that captivating.

So, a recap. I'm a heroic anarchistic firefighter who lives in a library in southern Malton. Judgement Day's gonna be weird.