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Kent Swansons' audio diary. (Transcript)

By Nitro378 T JNL 07:06, 4 April 2008 (BST)

Present Day


"Recording Started... 13:46 27th November."

"This session is now commenced."

"Why the hell are we recording this anyway?"

"Well... I don't know, maybe someone will decide to make a documentary about this someday."

"Maybe it could be us."


"Well, maybe."

"Anyway, this is an analysis of the malton outbreak-"

"Outbreak? Is that what you would call it?"

"Sounds more like a living hell to me, that even if you died you couldn't escape from!"

"A constant battle to survive that lasted for years and years..."

"It's no surprise that some of the survivors attacked the military that eventually came to help."

"They were angry. Murderously angry..."

"They had been abandoned by their government. By the world."

"Zombies? It was something humanity just wanted to forget."

"So they did."

"And they left the people of malton to die."


"Thats why we're doing this."

"Because someone needs to tell this story."

"Or history WILL repeat itself."

"I agree with you. But we cant do anything about that right now."

"First we need to analyze the evidence. The public wont accept a tale pasted together from various accounts."

"Not in the same way as a single conclusive account"

"So I guess its pretty lucky that we have one of them, huh?"

"Right. And thats why we are here today."

"But it doesn't cover the first parts of the outbreak, the guy said."

"I know that, but we can always do a 2-parter, right?"


"I think this is more important then a mere 2 parter."

"You're right, I'm just speaking hypothetically."


"Whatever, lets just get down to business"

"Ok, so what we have here is the complete diary of Kent Swanson,Survivor,Zombie,Photojournalist."

"You're kidding right...?"

"This guy was a journalist!?"

"I know. The luck of it is unbelievable."

"I cant believe we actually managed to get hold of this."

"Its like the holy grail or something..."

"We also got his camera. The images are still being developed and restored, but..."

"You're guessing they'll be pretty special"

"Oh yeah."


"Lets start at the beginning"

"Fingers crossed we'll get something good"

"It think its safe to say we will..."


April 3rd 10:13 PM

"....This how you turn it on?"

"Its already on, see"


"Look, the flashing light"


*Two voices can be heard over the tape. One of them is Kent Swanson. The other, Alex Thorn.*

KS: Hi. I'm Kent Swanson. I'm going to record a diary, just in case I don't...

AT: ...Yeah.

KS: Well, anyway. I found this Dictaphone-

AT: Whats a Dictaphone??

KS: ...It's just a fancy name for a tape recorder.

AT: ...Oh. I feel stupid now. *Laughs*

KS: So, right now, we're holed up in the Anthony building, in Santlerville.

AT: The whole place is ruined. Its a good thing this building was already barricaded.

KS: Actually, that was me.

AT: Really?

KS: Yeah.

AT: Good thing you did. We would have have slaughtered otherwise.

KS: ...Got any of those bandages left? I think this wound's starting to open up again.

AT: Yeah, sure.


AT: Here you go.

KS: Thanks.

KS: Maybe we should get some sleep?

AT: I guess. You never know when you might need it.


April 3rd 12:34 AM

*There is a banging on the barricades.*

AT: What was that?

KS: We better go check.


*A new voice can be heard, muffled.*

RY: - Me in! Please Let me in!

KS: Stop shouting!

AT: You'll wake the whole goddamn neighborhood!


RY: Thanks guys. I'm Ry. Got any first aid kits?

KS: Yep.

RY: Thank god.

AT: Whoa, you look really hurt!

KS: Shit, are you ok?

RY: I'll be fine.

April 4th 01:03 AM

*A sound of smashing glass*

KS: Damnit, not another survivor.

AT: I'll go let them in.

KS: K.

April 4th 01:07 AM

NY: Maybe you should go check on your friend.

KS: Alright. Hope nothing happened to him.


KS: Holy Shit!!

*Zombie moans are audible*

NY: Whats going on in there? I thought we weren't supposed to shout.


*Loud Gunshots are heard*

NY: Alright man! See you again someday! Stay safe! *A door is heard kicked open*


KS: Christ! They got Alex!


KS: *Heavy breathing*


KS: Think im safe... for n-

KS: Ahhh!

*Sounds of a struggle*

*Zombie moan, extremly close*

KS: Shit!

*Someone is thrown to the floor.*

KS: Yeah, how do you like that, Pun-

KS: Uhhhhhh!

*Sounds of heavy equipment falling to the floor*

KS: Urrggghhh... Two versus one? Dirty fucking zombies!

KS: Oh shit! Get offa me!

*Someone is being dragged along the floor*

KS: Oh fu-


*Sounds of rending flesh.*

(The recording ends here.)

April 4th 7:06 AM

*Shuffling and Zombie moans go on for several minutes.*

April 5th 5:51 AM



*Gunshots can be heard in the distance*

*Faster Shuffling*


*A voice can be heard. It is later revealed as a survivor, Shawn Freeman*

SF: Arrrrggg!

SF: Fuck this hurts!


SF: Ha! Cant get me up here bitches!

KS(Z): *Loud Moan*

SF: What? You want some too?

*Sounds of bullets being fired and impacting*

*A loud clatter can be heard as the microphone carrier falls to the floor*

KS(Z): Urrghhhh...

SF: FUCK! Why won't they die??!!


*An extremely loud clang of metal can be heard*


*Sound of a truck, or large car, flipped over onto its back and windows smashing*

SF: Oh, christ...

*Someone is heard trying to run away, but stumbling and tripping over as they go*

SF: *Cough* *Cough*

SF: Why wont you just leave me alone!!??

*Many legs shuffling and mouths moaning*



*A single gunshot penetrates the silence*

*A pistol clatters to the floor*

(Recording ends here)

April 6th 6:23 AM

*For several minutes, only the sound of barricades creaking and being smashed is audible*

*Someone attempting to bash open a door is audible*

*The noise stops*

KS(Z): Graaaagh!


April 7th 7:41 AM

*Feeding groans and shouting can be heard in the distance*

*Shuffling for a few minutes*

*Voices are now audible. Among them, "Lady 2 Good"*

L2G: Crap! Get me more syringes!

*Large amounts of gunfire*

Survivor2: There are none left!

Survivor3: Damn! I cant hold them back for much longer!

KS(Z): Mrh?...

L2G: ...Sorry buddy.

*A shotgun blast is heard, extremely close*

*A body slumps to the floor*

KS(Z)....M... Mr... Mrh...?

L2G: There's nothing I can do. Sorry.

*Rapid pistol shots*

(Recording ends here)

April 8th 6:58 AM

*Door smashed down*

Z: Damnit, someone get on that door!

Z: I'll take this bitch...

KS(Z): Grrrrr!!!

Z: Hey, can I borrow your crowbar?

Survivor4: Here ya go!

Z: Thanks!



KS(Z): Mraaa..?

Z: Take this!


KS(Z): RRR!!

Z: Heh ,you like that, huh?

Z: Here, have some *Crack* More!




Z: Ow, Shit!

Z: Take this!




Z: Fuck!

Z: Just... Get out!


*Smashing Window*


Z: And stay out!

(Recording ends here)

April 9th 7:12 AM

*There is nothing shuffling and moans heard all day*

April 10th 8:12 AM


*Loud Moans Close by*

*A survivor, Darren Clayton can be heard*

DC: All right, one at a time now!

Zombie1: Grahhh!!

DC: Woah, Shit!

*Pistol cocking*

DC: Back off!

*Low moans*

DC: Yeah, thats right...

KS(Z): Mrh?

DC: Oh, a live one...

DC: Alright pal, co-operate and you'll be up and fighting in no time!

KS(Z): ...Mrh?

DC: Ok, just come over here, you see where I'm pointing?

KS(Z): Gr.

DC: Good! Now just stand still for a bit and I'll get to work.

April 10th 8:18 AM

DC: Alright, I'm gonna stick this in you now ok?

*Finger flicks against glass*

DC: Let's see... 100g doseage?

KS(Z): Brnhr.

DC: Heh, well, yeah you-



*Smashing glass*


*Knife stabbing*

DC: Yeah, dont try that again you stupid fuck-

Zombie3: Grrrrr!

Zombie4: Rrrraaggghhh!

Zombie1: Hhhgggrraahhhh!!

DC: Shit!

*Axe swings*

DC: Get back! Stay back!

DC: Don't come any closer!

Z1: Grrr...

DC Yeah... Come on, we can work this out.






*Flesh tearing*


KS(Z): ....Mrh?....

(Recording ends here)

April 10th 12:39 PM

*Two survivors can be heard. They have been identified as Kristie Silk and David P.*

KS: Help me out here David!

DP: ...Ok, ...Ok.

DP: Oh, no! Another Zed!

KS(Z): Raaahhhh!

DP: I'm... I'm getting out of here!

*Fire escape bangs open*

KS: Don't leave me here!

DP: I'm... I'm sorry!

KS: No! Get back here you asshole!

Z7: Rahhh!

KS: Ow! Shit!

KS: David!? Oh, Fuck you!

KS(Z): Grahhhhhh!

KS: Ow! Shit!

KS: Why wont you just...


*A heavy object lands on something that makes a loud crack*

KS(Z): Mhhhhh....

Zombie7: Rrrhhhhh....

KS: Ha! Ha Ha!

KS: Uh... Damn, I'm diein'...

*Stumbling footsteps*

*Door slams*

KS: *Muffled* Ha! You cant get me in here!

Z7: Grrrr...

KS(Z): Rrrrrr....

April 10th 2:24 PM

*Heavy footsteps*

AW: Die! Die!


Z7: AArrgghhh!!

RX: Alright, Cool it Amanda!

AW: Don't tell me what to to do Rex!

RX: We won't accomplish anything by running in and getting killed. You've got to keep a clear head.

AW: ...Fine.

KS: Hey, is someone out there...?

RX: You go help her, I'll deal with this one.

RX: Huh... Says on his back he wants a revive.

KS(Z): Mrh?

RX: Ok, I'm just gonna do a DNA scan on you.

*Electronic beeping*

RX: Everything looks A-Ok.

*Bottles clinking*

RX: 50 milliliters Triozene... 70 milliliters Agent Z... 5 milligrams Binding compound...

RX: There we go.

RX: Get ready, this might sting a little.



*A body slumps to the floor*

RX: Alright, were done here. Get the girl and lets go.

AW: Roger that.

(Recording ends here)

April 10th 6:12 PM

*A portable radio crackles into static*

26.87 MHz: "DK13: 2 uglies in Seraphims, survivors inside cades back up"

26.87 MHz: "DK13: to VSB++ They have no insurance so show them the curb"

April 11th 12:46 AM

*Hours of nothing but the wind blowing, and the shallow breathing of an unconscious body*

*A portable radio buzzes to life*

26.87 MHz: "DK13: All clear in both hospitals for now."

*A dead silence*

April 12th 7:25 AM

*A handheld Radio clicks on*

26.87 MHz: "Doncroce has been executed for Pking, Zerging and Griefing."

KS: Mmmmm.....

KS: Huh....?

KS: ...I'm alive?

*Someone gets up off the floor*

KS: What happened?...

KS: Oh... Now I remember...

KS: *Deep Breathing*

KS: Well, I better get to a safehouse.


KS: Hey, is this thing still on?

KS: Weird... Must have been running while I was... One of them.

*Calm walking*

KS: Well hello listener. Right now I'm on my way to-

KS: Arrggghh!

KS: Oh, Jesus... I must be infected.

*Faster walking*

KS: Just gotta find a place to stay. They can help me...

KS: Ruined...

KS: Ruined...

KS: ...Ruined...

KS: Dammit... Ruined...

KS: Ah Ha! Here we go.

KS: ...?

KS: What!? I cant get in!

KS: Shit!

*Frantic running*

KS: Another blocked off...

KS: And Another!

KS: Damn... If I don't-


KS: The Cathedral!

KS: That was too close...

*Pushing through the barricade*

KS: Please, I need a heal... I'm infected!

April 12th 7:32 AM

*A conversation can be heard*

Russ Maggot: Gelasius needs help. I took out 3 but there's still 20 in there.

Suerte: There are 4 Zeds left in Goodford, cades are good though.

*A flare goes off in the distance*

Jeremiah Lovecraft: The PD's been overrun. There's about 40 zombies in there as we speak...


Newhill: Hey, man. I'll heal that infection you got going there.

KS: Thanks... I appreciate

Newhill: No problem man. We all gotta help our fellow man ya know?

KS: Yeah...


KS: *Speaking to microphone*

KS: So... Here I am, St. John cathedral.

KS: Looked pretty nice from the outside. Gothic statues, tall spires... But inside its a different story. Some vandals smashed the stained glass windows long ago. The benches have all been burned for heat, and someone has ripped the altar from its place at the front of the room.

KS: I mean.. Is nothing sacred? Didn't anyone look at this place and remember how they used to live?

KS: *Sigh*

KS: I just hope we don't forget.. the only thing that makes us different from the zombies.

April 12th 9:51 AM

*A door bursts open*

Choking Hazard: *Deep Breathing*

Choking Hazard: Goodford's down forty in, 30 out. I suggest to all, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!


KS: Camera, check. Fire axe, check. Radio-

Choking Hazard: Hey, want me to put a bandage on that?

KS: ...Yeah, ok. Thanks.


Choking Hazard: You getting ready to move out?

KS: Yeah. I'm going out try find somewhere safer to sleep.

Choking Hazard: You better go now, before the horde gets tired of Goodford.

KS: Why did you come back to warn everyone?

Choking hazard: I work for a group.

KS: A group?

Choking Hazard: Yeah, the 12th Reconnaisance Group. Our job is to scout out the area to help survivors.

KS: I see...

Choking hazard: Anyway, you better be on your way.

KS: Ok... Hey can I take your picture?

CH: ??... Uh yeah sure...


April 12th 10:06 AM

*The roar of the wind can be heard*

*Kent Swanson is barely audible*

KS: So here I am, on the roof of a cathedral...

KS: I tell you, whoever made parkour the standard mode of transport around here was nuts!

*Loud footsteps running*

KS: Aaahhh!!!


KS: Ughhh... Jesus that hurt.

April 12th 10:15 AM

KS: So I'm in the Daniels museum now. It's got lighting, which is pretty cool. I was wondering where it come from before I saw a guy refueling a generator.

KS: People have been ransacking the exhibits. I don't really know why. I figure information on the outbreak would be more valuable if we ever make it out of here anyway.

KS: Well anyway, it turns out that this place is actually a skull museum, which is kind of freaky.

KS: I'm just going to go around, do some photographing. I'll report back if I find out anything interesting.

April 12th 5:34 PM

*A loud groaning and screams can be heard from very close by*

KS: Jesus Christ...

KS: I'm glad I didn't stay in the cathedral...

Nitro378: Heh, no kidding. (Yeah I had two characters in the same building. So sue me.)

*A crunch can be heard*

KS: Oh, shit not again!

Ibner: Ready the defenses!

Vor Aidan: I'll hold them off! Get out!

Reekun: No way! You'll be slaughtered!


Vor Aidan: Oh shit! They've got me! *Gunshots*

Ibner: Fuck!

*A camera can be heard taking pictures. Hey, a journalists gotta do what they gotta do*


Reekun: NOOO! DAMN IT! *Rapid pistol shots*

Ibner: Crap, I'm getting out of here! *Smashing glass*

Nitro378: Fuck it! I got no weapons!


Nitro378: Shit! Fuck! Get of of meeeeeee-




*Click Click Click Click*



(Recording ends here)

April 13th

*Nothing but the wind, moans, groans and screams*

April 14th 11:43 AM

*A staggering figure can be heard getting up*

April 14th 11:54 AM

KS(Z): Grahhh....


*Loud groans can be heard*

KS(Z): Mrh?

Survivor: Get out of here! The revive point is over there!

Zombies: Mrh...

Zombies: Mrrrrr...

Zombies: MMMMMhhhhhhh?

Survivor: Go on, get out of here!

Zombies: Grrrrr!

Survivor: I'm not going to revive you if you stand here!

Survivor: You have to go to the revive point!

Zombies: GGGGRRRRR!!

Survivor: GO!

KS(Z): Grrrr!...

April 14th 2:27 PM

Huehueteotl: Die! *Shotgun blasts*

Zombie: Ghhhhh....

April 14th 3:46 PM

Rosco Coltrain(Z): Grrrraahhh!

Zombie: GGGRrrr?

Rosco Coltrain(Z): GRRRAAAHHH!!


*Sounds of fighting*

Rosco Coltrain(Z): Grrrraaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Zombie: Ggggg....

April 14th 5:32 PM

Wingblade001: Hold on...

Wingblade001: There, you'll be fine.

Zombie: Brrrnnnnhhrrr....

*Body slumps to the floor*

Wingblade001: Damn... There's too many of them...

Stonefox: We need rotters to leave so we can revive people!

Hallam WalkerHunt(Z): Mrh?

Hallam WalkerHunt(Z): Mrh?

MagicFly: Barrrarh rn rh rgh Barrrarh.

April 14th 8:49 PM

Zombie: Mrh?

Snailpoo: Ok, just stay still and I'll do it.


Snailpoo: There.

Zombie: MMMmmmmmm....

*A body slumps to the floor*

Zombie: Mrh?

Jane Botting: 50 Mg Peptide... 23 Ml Kerosene...

Jane Botting: Aaannd...

Zombie: RRRggg!

Jane Botting: You'll be fine.

Snailpoo: Here, take a medikit. You look like you need it!

Jane Botting: Thanks!

Zombie: Grrraaahhh!

Snailpoo: Looks like we've outstayed our welcome!

Jane Botting: Let's go!

April 14th 11:48 PM


Zombies: GGGrrrraahhh!!!

Survivor (Muffled): Crap! They took out the barricades! Get some help over here!


*Something being dragged is heard*

Rashnu: Oh Shit! Get them off of me!

Zombies: GRaaaahhh!!!!


Bathrobit(Z): Gangbang!!!

April 14th 11:57 PM

Kilkid(Muffled): I'm going out there!

Survivor(Muffled): What?! Why?!

Kilkid(Muffled): I'll cut them off at the source!

Survivor2(Muffled): No, don't! You'll be slaughtered!

Kilkid: I'll be fine!

Survivor(Muffled): Well, he's brave, I'll give him that.

Survivor2(Muffled): Brave and stupid, more like...

Kilkid: Alright, time to die!

*Rapid Gunshots*

Zombie: Grrra!

Kilkid: That's one!

*Rapid Gunshots*

Kilkid: That's Two!

Zombie: Ghhhh...

*Rapid Gunshots*

Kilkid: And now for-


Kilkid: Shit! Why wont he die!?

*Rapid Gunshots*


Kilkid: Damn It! He's got Kevlar!


Kilkid: Crap....

Kilkid: But Kevlar wont protect you from my crowbar!

Kilkid: Hiyaaa!!!

Zombie: GRAAAAAA!!!


Kilkid: No! GethimoffgethimoffAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Survivor(Muffled): DAMN IT! Why didn't he just listen!?

April 15th 1:05 AM

*Window opening*

Nickman3131: You will be punished for your sins...

Nickman3131: May the power of god keep my aim true and empower me...

*Sniper Shot*


*Body slumps to the floor*

Nickman3131: May the lord posses me to deliver cleansing justice unto these demons...

*Sniper Shot*

*Body slumps to the floor*

Nickman3131: May he take my hands and my rifle as his own and strike down evil...

*Sniper Shot*

*A Body slumps to the floor*

Nickman3131: The lords work is done.

*Window Closing*

April 15th 1:38 AM

*Somebody gets up off the floor*

Jack Burtonelli: Uh.

Jack Burtonelli: I do hate being a human...

Jack Burtonelli: Godforsaken Combat revives...

Jack Burtonelli: Hello!? My zombie Brothers?

Jack Burtonelli: I would be in your debt if you could please eat me.

Zombie: Grrrrrr?

Jack Burtonelli: Yes, sir. That was an invitation.

Zombies: GRRR?...

Jack Burtonelli: Come on, Come on.

Zombies: Brnhr!!!!


Jack Burtonelli: There we go... Some nice strong painkillers...


Jack Burtonelli: Hey! Mind the suit please!

Jack Burtonelli: Don't eat my hand! My signet ring!

Jack Burtonelli: Yes, go for the head if you could.

Jack Burtonelli: Ah... Bliss.


*Rending Flesh*

April 15th 8:29 AM


Survivor(Muffled): Damn! They took down the doors again!

KS: Mmmmm....


Leviathan37: Use your syringes and get out of here!

Leviathan37: Ok, 5.4' , Medium build... 300 and... 14 Milligrams?

*A body falls to the floor*

Leviathan37: Thats 8!

Leviathan37: Mmmm...k, 5.10' , Large build... 432mg?

*A body crashes to the floor*

Leviathan37: Ha ha! Thats 9! Beat that Dan!

*A body slumps to the floor*

Danthecan1: I just did! Thats 10!

Leviathan37: Well, shit. Ah well. Lets get to the safehouse.

April 15th 5:14 PM

Sleazy Jim: Ok, replenish your supply and Revive some of these guys.

Mike Dell: Rodger.

Sleazy Jim: This wont hurt a bit.

Zombie: Mrh?

Sleazy Jim: Well, it wont hurt me!

*Body falls to the floor*

Mike Dell: Here we go...

*A Body crashes to the floor*

Sleazy Jim: You stocked up? Let's move.

April 16th 6:36 AM

Melody Winchester: Help me get this vending machine in the way of the doors!

Kodacks: I cant, I have to Revive these Zeds!

*Body slumps to the floor*

Kodacks: Get out now!

*Body slumps to the floor*

*Body slumps to the floor*

Kodacks: Got rid of 3... Can't do any more.

April 16th 6:45 AM

*Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Crash!*

sherry birkin(Z): GGGRRRAAHHH!!

*A loud groaning can be heard from very close by.*

Melody Winchester: She's going for the radio! Stop her!

sherry birkin(Z): Grrrraaahhh!


Melody Winchester: Dammit!

*A loud groaning can be heard from very close by.*

sherry birkin(Z): Rh hrh barrrarrh! Hrh mrh brh rrh rh rh an ra!

Jane Botting: 32 Zeds outside and 10 inside. This place is going to fall. Retreat south. Here is some power to help out in the meantime.

*A banging of metal can be heard*

*A liquid is poured*

*A Sound akin to a power network reinstalling is heard*

Imi Sde Or: Die zombie!

*A body is blown down by a shotgun blast*

April 16th 7:23 AM

hazel louise(Z): Graaahhh!


Melody Winchester: They got the Genny again!

Felix Grove: Grahhh! *Smash*

The Last Saint: I'll get the cades!

toshibaa: I'll get these Z's!

*A Body falls to the floor*

*A Body falls to the floor*

MagicFly(Z): RRRRRaaaaarrrrrgggggg!!! *Crash*

MagicFly(Z): GGGrrraaahhhh!

Zooony: Ahhh!

MagicFly(Z): RRraaahhhh!


OneArmedBandit: I'll get this crate on the doors!

April 19th 6:48 AM

26.87 MHz: "DK13: St Seraphims set to EXT HVY by some gay noob!!!!!"

KS: Uhhhhhh...

KS: ...?

KS: Oh, Christ...

KS: It's like I have the worst hangover ever...

KS: At least I'm alive.

*Loud groaning*

KS: Whoa! They really tore the hell of this place...

*Things are picked up off the ground*

KS: Well... I can use the fire escape to get to somewhere safer.

April 19th 6:52 AM

KS: There are still people alive in here?

Toxic Ninja: Freeze!

KS: Whoa! Shit!

Toxic Ninja: Oh... Sorry, I thought you were one of them.

KS: Thats ok... Do you have any first aid kits? I'm infected...

Toxic Ninja: ...Yeah ok let me come over.


Toxic Ninja: There you go.

KS: Phewww...

Zombie: GRrRRRRrrrRR!!!

Toxic Ninja: Damn! *Gunshots*

KS: I'll barricade the doors, you keep them at bay!

Toxic Ninja: Alright! *Gunshots*

KS: Urrggh! *Loud slam*

*Heavy objects grinding along the floor*


Toxic Ninja: Yeah!

Zombie: Arrrgggghhh!

*Slamming onto the floor*

Toxic Ninja: Next one!

KS: Ok, the barricades are up!

Toxic Ninja: Ok, I've just got to kill this last Zed...


Zombie: Grrr.......


Toxic Ninja: Alright!

Toxic Ninja: Let me heal the rest of your wounds...

April 19th 8:03 AM

Toxic Ninja: I'm going to go sleep somewhere safer, later!

Desert Rose: There. just let it heal up, and you'll be right as rain.

KS: Thanks.


Desert Rose: Damn!

*A loud groaning can be heard outside*

Vin Havelock: I'll get the cades back up! Fight them off!


Vin Havelock: Ok, they're back up!


Vin Havelock: Damn, They've broken it again!

*Another loud groaning can be heard outside*

Fyra Twill: *Gunshot* Yeah! Score one for the good guys!

Fyra Twill: Alright everyone, grab whatever you can find and stack it in front of the door!


Fyra Twill: Shit!

KS: Its never going to be safe with so many outside... I'm getting out of here!

*Metal clanging running up a fire escape*

April 19th 8:37 AM

KS: This will have to do for now...

*Loud groans*

KS: Hey... Is that Nallan?

April 19th 6:27 PM

*A Portable Radio flickers into life*


KS: Shit...

  • 27.11 MHz: "Rothwell NT is toast! 24 Zeds inside, 50 outside!"
  • 27.11 MHz: "Crap. what other NTs are around? we should protect those..."
  • 27.11 MHz: "I think the NT south of here is still okay.."
  • 27.11 MHz: "Alright, that should be a priority for protection, then."

KS: Damn it!

April 20th 9:23 AM

*Talking to microphone*

KS: Okay, so I just woke up. I'm about to go down to Rothwell to scout out the situation and get some pictures.

KS: ...

KS: Well, wish me luck!

April 20th 9:36 AM

KS: Wooooaaahhhhh!!!

*Banging of metal*

KS: Ouch!

KS: Damn I hate free running...

Zombie: Graahhh!!

*Axe Drawn*

KS: Ok... Lets do it!

KS: Yyyaaaa!


KS: Ohhhhhh, that must have hurt...

Zombie: Bhhh....

KS: You ready for round 2?


KS: Heh heh...

More Zombies: Ggggggrrrr!

KS: Uh oh...

Zombies: GGGGRRRR!

KS: Heh... See you later!

*Heavy footsteps jumping across a building*

April 20th 9:52 AM

KS: Whew... Finally back to safety...

April 20th 11:48 AM

*A portable radio buzzes into life*

  • 27.11 MHz: "Achtung survivors! WE MUST BAND TOGETHER. PKING ONLY HURTS"
  • 27.11 MHz: "AND MUST SUCCEED"

  • 27.11 MHz: "I read you Lima Charlie.. PKing needs to stop."
  • 27.11 MHz: "Band together to fight zeds.. not ourselves!"

April 20th 2:34 PM

  • 27.11 MHz: "4 zeds inside Rothwell NT. Need some headshots there."
  • 27.11 MHz: "Can you give Longitude and latitude?"

April 20th 3:56 PM

  • 27.11 MHz: "Two more zeds left in the Rothwell NT, clear it out!"

April 20th 5:26 PM

  • 27.11 MHz: "Rothwell NT clear!!! Repair and cade folks!! Take it back!!!"

April 20th 6:48 PM

  • 27.11 MHz: "Rothwell powered. Only 1 45HP zed in factory near Rothwell."

KS: Yes!

April 21st 7:45 AM

*Talking to microphone*

KS: I'm going to go try to get back to rothwell and help out.

KS: Hopefully it turns out better this time...

April 21st 8:12 AM

KS: Ok, here we are!

KS: There are about... 20 Zombies outside right now.

KS: Just about to go down there to thin their ranks a little.


KS: I'm just trying to sneak up to them, take them from behind...

Zombies: Ggggggrrrr.

KS: They don't suspect a thing...


*Axe swing* *Crack!*

Zombie: Grrraaaaahhhhhh!!!

KS: Oh shi-


KS: Crap!

KS: Stay away from me!!

*Axe swings*

Zombies: GGGRRR!!!


Zombie: Raaaggghhh!

KS: Shit! Ouch!

KS: Damn! I'm getting out of here!

April 21st 8:46 AM

KS: Damn... That was way too close.

KS: I think it would be better if I just stayed here...

The Yamato: Here, take this Medkit.

KS: Thanks.

April 21st 3:12 PM

*A Portable radio fuzzes into life*

KS: Huh?

27.11 MHz: "This is Last Hope Radio, telling all survivors on 27.11 that"

27.11 MHz: "eventually we will rise up and retake the North. However"

27.11 MHz: "hordes of active zombies stand in our way. Yes, they may"

27.11 MHz: "just stand right back up after you waste all your ammo taking them"

27.11 MHz: "down, but we must not forget that we have a few malls still"

27.11 MHz: "left standing. However even though supplies are"

27.11 MHz: "plentiful in Malls, we must also begin to rest in Fire and"

27.11 MHz: "Police Departments, Necrotechs and Auto Repair Shops"

27.11 MHz: "Resources are stretched and fuel and Syringes are the tools"

27.11 MHz: "of humanity. We are not going to die here! Syringes make"

27.11 MHz: "us human again."

27.11 MHz: "Now we must not get hasty to bring lead death to the zeds!"

27.11 MHz: "the only defense against a zed is to not shoot it outside."

27.11 MHz: "through careful manning of the barricades you will keep them"

27.11 MHz: "from getting in. Shooting them outside will only take a little"

27.11 MHz: "energy from them, when they stand up they will still have the energy to"

27.11 MHz: "take down the cades. If you kill them inside you will be"

27.11 MHz: "killing a weak zed instead of a strong zed."

27.11 MHz: "They will be down for an entire day and they won't be able"

27.11 MHz: "to bash the cades for 24 hrs. After expelling the zed"

27.11 MHz: "from your home, make sure you have enough time"

27.11 MHz: "to get the cades back to up to at most VSB. Also, necro"

27.11 MHz: "techs are our best weapon against the zeds. Not only will it"

27.11 MHz: "revive fallen teammates but a revived zed usually doesn't"

27.11 MHz: "have enough skills to cause serious damage as a human.

27.11 MHZ: "another thing to consider is the fact that we"

27.11 MHz: "have the weapon advantage over zeds. Our shotguns give us"

27.11 MHz: "a chance to do major damage instead of a zeds claws"

27.11 MHz: "which only deal minor damage. Humanity, we can win this. Hope is"

27.11 MHz: "on the way the zeds control the city but we will reclaim it."

27.11 MHz: "Oh, and one more thing. KILL 'EM ALL! LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT!"

April 22nd 10:18 AM

KS: There's nothing going on today. Just empty streets and full safehouses.

KS: But to tell you the truth? I preferred it when I was on the frontline, felling like I was Making a difference.

KS: Well, at least it give me a chance to work on this "Zombie Outbreak Picture Portfolio"

KS: I'll report back tomorrow.

April 23rd 11:25 AM

KS: So I figured you guys listening wherever you are would want to see some of the pictures I've shot so far.

(Coming soon)

April 24th 8:22 AM

KS: I'm just going to head over to the hospital... 10 blocks north of here.

KS: I need to gather some first aid kits incase I get injured.

KS: Looks... Pretty clear from here.

KS: 10 Blocks free running. Sounds simple... But nothing is ever simple around here.


KS: I'm about halfway there. Just looking down on the streets... They're completely clear.

KS: Maybe there is hope after all...

April 24th 8:26 AM

KS: Why would anyone build a trapdoor on the top of a hospital? It boggles the mind.

KS: Well, I'm not complaining.

*Trapdoor opening*

KS: 1...2...3..

KS: Arrrrhhhhh!!!

*Banging on metal*

KS: Ouch...

KS: Well, at least I picked the right kind of place to take a fall...


KS: Gotta be some drugs around here somewhere...

KS: ...

KS: ...I mean like Aspirin and paracetamol.


KS: The Storage room?

KS: ...Nope, too obvious. All the first aid kits are already gone.

KS: The emergency ward?

KS: Huh... The door is locked, and there's a note... Looks pretty old. Here, I'll read it out to you.

KS: "The patients have been acting strangely. Many are waking and attacking the staff. One of them even bit me! Attempts to reason with them have been unsuccessful. I am locking down the ward until the police arrive. By the way, I am going to take the rest of the day off. I am feeling pretty under the weather... Dr. Andrew Ryan, (The date of the outbreak i dont know what it is... If anyone knows feel free to add it)

KS: Jesus Christ...

KS: ...Theres no time to dwell on the past. Gotta go find those kits...


KS: Huh, looks like I hit the jackpot. The Janitors closet? Who would have guessed...

KS: Most likely he was planning to pawn them off... But he never got the chance.

KS: ...So many memories from before the outbreak. Every... Single... Day... I wish to god that I'd taken that boring holiday reporter job in Edinburgh...

KS: ...Why me?

*A soft sobbing can be heard*

April 25th 6:41 AM

KS: Now that I have all these medkits, I'm going to go outside to try to find some people to heal.


KS: Damn, all these buildings are Barricaded way too far...

KS: There are people sleeping on the street!

KS: Well, at least I found a use for all these first aid kits...


KS: Hey, you look like you could use some first aid.

Survivor: Thanks man, but do you know anywhere I can sleep?

KS: Sure, There's a building over there.

Survivor: Alright, cool. Thanks.


KS: Huh.


KS: You want some first aid?

Survivor2: Oh, yeah sure! Thanks!

KS: There ya go.

Survivor2: I got bitten by a zombie...

Survivor2: But it wouldn't have happened if all the people in those buildings hadn't been totally paranoid...

Survivor2: There's no where to get in!

KS: Come with me, I'll show you to an entry point.


KS: It seems to me like this thing is getting to be a real problem.

KS: Something needs to be done...

April 25th 8:15 AM

KS: Ok... I just got to the Rothwell building, owned by Necrotech.

KS: I'm going to stick around and see if I can help keep the supplies of "Revive" Flowing.


Clesalir: No living zombies outside, but there's 101 dead bodies. Prepare yourselves...


ClemBurmingham(Z): Grrraaaahhhhh!


Clesalir: Shit! Someone get on that guy!

Silky Clover: I got him!

*A pneumatic hiss can be heard*

Clesalir: Damnit! More incoming!

Private Doe(Z): Grrrrrraaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

Ppank: Ahhhhhhh!


Ppank: No! Not me!!!!

Ppank: Arrggghhh!!!

Ritalrital(Z): Ah, rrh rnrn arrrh rh rrrh rh hra arh! Abrbrh!

Georges Abitbol: Oh shit, It's pointing at me!

Shaun Farrell: Don't worry, I'll take him down!

Ritalrital(Z): Ahhh!

Shaun Farrell: Die!

*Shotgun Blast*

Shaun Farrell: Hey George, come help me with this sofa!

Georges Abitbol: It's Georges actually. And thanks.


Zooony: Thanks for the heals guys.

Shaun Farrell: Don't mention it. Anyway, I have a question. Should we really be reviving all these zombies?

Adanu: Revivification of zombies is a valid tactic in this sort of place, just watch for those who are so far gone they attack us as humans...


27.11 MHz: "Rothwell Building has 99 dead zeds outside. Nice work fellas"

April 25th 10:36 AM

*Glass Shattering*


Georges Abitbol: What the hell? He picked up the generator!

I Am Darth Nihilus(Z): HHrrrahhhh!

*Metal Crumpling*

Georges Abitbol: He's biting it!?



*A body crumples to the floor*

Georges Abitbol: Holy shit!

A loud groaning can be heard from very close by.

Dr Watts(Z): Graaaagh!

*A portable radio clicks on*

27.11 MHz: "As long as they aren't planning a synchronized rise..."

Georges Abitbol: Someone kill this Zed!

Jas Nightblade: I'm out of ammo!

27.11 MHz: "Seems like the ability to strategize blossoms fully..."

Georges Abitbol: Use my knife!

Jas Nightblade: You better run! You're gonna die!

Georges Abitbol: Kill it! Kill it!


Jas Nightblade: Its dead! I got it!

27.11 MHz: "...when you're dead and your brain is rotting.."

Goter Jokkson: Graahhh!

megamanEPX: Shit!


Jas Nightblade: Help me with the barricade!!!

Resiauha(Z): Grraahhh!

Jas Nightblade: Oh Shit!!

Coderdemon: Oh no you don't!

Coderdemon: Yaaa!!!

Resiauha(Z): ?!?!?!!!

*A loud slamming, like someone being tackled to the floor*

Coderdemon: Gotcha!!!

*A Pneumatic Hiss*

Jas Nightblade: Holy shit... You're one crazy motherfucker... Thanks. you saved my life.

Coderdemon: Heh heh heh... Yeah.

Fireman caboose: Err... I'll get the barricades...

April 25th 8:42 AM

Johnny Skrull: Thanks for the many heals guys and gals. And good work on keeping these 'cades up!

Johnny Skrull: I've got an extra genny and fuel on the ready. Everytime I wake up and see something destroyed someone else fixes it! Good work everyone!


Old White Fu Manchu: Where did all the zombies go? there are 89 dead bodies outside 21 smell strange and yesterday there were 82 dead bodies and 32 zombies I figured you guys were doomed might as well get revived so I could revive the lot of you upon your death but now...

Old White Fu Manchu: Theres noone for me to stick with needles... Anyways thanks for the speedy revive, I thought I'd be a white knight but I guess next time. Au revoir!


Duncan Sodswell: 87 bodies outside, no zeds.

marxist rebel: If Fu Manchu is such a good guy reviving, why did he kill me when he was a zombie 18 hours ago, could`ve helped by not fucking eating me it seems...

Choppaman(Z): Grrrraaahhhh!!! (Yes i'm getting really tired of typing that...)

curupira: Shit! I'll get this bookcase in front of the windows!


curupira: I'll send for help!

*Click. KKKsssshhhhhh*

curupira: "Rothwell building NT has just been broken in send some help"

April 25th 9:13 AM

T boned(Z): Grraahh!

*Something is thrown through a window*

quaazi(Z) said "BARHAR!!!!

Talk Show Host: Let me get a generator down!

Talk Show Host: And I can repair the radio...

Talk Show Host: And Put up the barricades...

Talk Show Host: And refuel the generator.




Talk Show Host: This is the Rothwell NT broadcasting. 4 zombies have broken

Talk Show Host: "In and need headshotting and humans inside need healing."

Talk Show Host: "Barricades are secure. Please respond quickly!"


Dexa vida me levar: The cavalry have arrived!

Dexa vida me levar: Die you bitch! *Shotgun Blast*

Dexa vida me levar: Qne down 3 to go !

Ted Palsgraf: Take this first aid kit!

Talk Show Host: Cheers Ted!

Dexa vida me levar: Take this! *Pneumatic Hiss*

•Sara Cloverhill: Everyone should be healed now, unfortunately, I don't have any weapons"

Dexa vida me levar: 2 down 2 to go I gotta go now got only got 1 bullet left! I'll be back in a few hours!

Ted Palsgraf: Hold still god damnit! *Pneumatic Hiss*

Sara Cloverhill: I'll handle this one! *Pneumatic Hiss*

KS: Uhh.... Did something happen while I was sleeping?

*Awkward silence*

April 25th 6:21 PM

TehGhostRider: Making an ammo run. Be back in a few.


Josh Nettle: Where did all the zombies go? There's 80 dead bodies but nothing standing outside...

Josh Nettle: I don't like it...

TehGhostRider: Yeah, somethings up. not much action since the earlier break in.


27.11 MHz: "Rothwell NT already got broken down? What the fuck, are you kidding me?

27.11 MHz: "I just caded that place!"

27.11 MHz: "Rothwell NT is fine. It's at EHB, powered, and has radio."

Johnny Skrull: You guys are too good in here. Everytime I wake up and see a breakin I'm all woo-hoo! I can kill a zed and barricade and then when I get my gear on its already done. Way to go! No zeds are getting in here!

Joe Morris: I'm gonna go check out the outside. Be right back.


Joe Morris: Better radio this in.



Joe Morris: "Seventy seven corpses outside Rothwell, no standing zombies"


TehGhostRider: Ok, I don't like this one bit. no zeds outside, just one in the alley to the east. anyone know how many bodies are out there?

scoutfreewalktester1: 77 bodies outside no zeds visible near.

scoutfreewalktester1: To the west Coombe Library seemed to be closest entry point ... dunlap bank is currently ehb.

scoutfreewalktester1: No wait... Dunlap Bank is currently vsb sorry.

Duncan Sodswell: "How many bodies on nearby blocks? Or are we just dealing with these 77 on the front porch?

Joe Morris: Seven at dredge, with one survivor.

Joe Morris: Lots of active survivors out and about. Killed a zombie outfront with some help. Seventy seven corpses still. In surrounding squares to the south east, theres about twenty or so I guess.

Exterminate the zeds: Where might i find zombies to kill?" (9 hours and 18 minutes ago)


27.11 MHz: "Guys, its a trap. get some people there"

27.11 MHz: "Any /zom/ members out there? I know we are pretty scattered."

Le Fanu: I had a poke outside and inside most of the surrounding buildings in about a 3-blocks-in-all-directions sweep... no significant numebr of zombies or corpses except the 72 in front of us. It's weird...

TehGhostRider: Stay frosty folks, we ain't out of the woods yet. plus, i think things are going to go from bad to worse soon.

*A flare can be heard in the distance*

April 26th 2:31 AM

Druuuuu: Druuuu, and all that, etc, redundancy. Right then.

Chrome Girl: Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing.

Druuuuu: My mistake.

*Loud Gunshot*

*A body slams into a wall*

TehGhostRider: ...

Le Fanu: ...

Joe Morris: ...

Duncan Sodswell: ...

TehGhostRider: Holy Shit!!

Johnny Skrull: WHAT THE FUCK!?

Duncan Sodswell: GET THIS GUY!!

*Shotgun Blasts*

*Magnum Fire*

*Pistol Fire*

*Glass smashing*

TehGhostRider: Damn... He got away. Who was that, anyway?

Duncan Sodswell: Wow, it's Druuuu. The man, the legend. If he comes back in, please shoot him.



27.11 MHz: "Rothwell is in perfect condition with only 2 zombies around."

Saede Kyrielis: "To Haliman, Rothwell EHB with gen and radio. Saede Out."



Joe Morris: "One zombie outside Rothwell, one outside Dunlap"

*A flare can be heard in the distance*

Dr Kent said "Help, I need some first aid. Some Crazy guy just started shooting at me...

26th April 8:45 AM

TehGhostRider: Can anyone give me a sit-rep?


27.11 MHz: "This is Dr Mycroft Chris Making a Rothwell run, back soon..."


Dr Mycroft Chris: "Rothwell scan = 7z's in area...where'd they go?"


27.11 MHz: "This is Dr Mycroft Chris. Craddy scan = 3"

TehGhostRider: Only 7 zeds, that doesn't make me feel all that peachy....

Sockpuppie: 7 standing zeds, your forgot to look at the 65+ dead bodies outside, Thats probably a good indication of where they are hiding.

26th April 10:45 AM

iamcarpebiem: My guess is they're lying down until everyone is fully rested then will mass rise at a predetermined time and attack. No real way to prevent it...


iamcarpebiem: 3 zeds at Dunlap, going for the entry point perhaps, I just barricaded back up to VSB.

*A flare can be heard in the distance*




27.11 MHz: "TO JOIN US, GO TO THE The Cholmondeley Building ASAP"

Cody Mac: So what’s the plan with these zombies outside?

27.11 MHz: "Message to LMS from Bigger Mortice:" (14 hours and 10 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "Please stop Mokeman from creating trouble. Thank you." (14 hours and 10 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "LMS to BM. Take it to our HQ to discuss." (14 hours and 9 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "We are not going to go to your poxy Headquarters" (13 hours and 55 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "Our only enemies are Dragonhead. At the moment we have a" (13 hours and 55 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "shaky truce with them. Strange time for other people to" (13 hours and 54 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "wade in causing trouble. Don't you think?" (13 hours and 54 minutes ago)

27.11 MHz: "Mokeman and an infection are the main offenders." (13 hours and 53 minutes ago) ...and again.

27.11 MHz: "an infection has killed in the mall. Mokeman has publicly" (13 hours and 52 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "supported this. I thought LMS were anti mall kill?" (13 hours and 52 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: " was provided as evidence for it." (13 hours and 44 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "LMS are anti-mall kill. We (Bigger Mortice) stopped our" (13 hours and 43 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "revenge against our enemies dh in the mall" (13 hours and 42 minutes ago) • Silky Clover broadcast "Joe's morgue: you stab em, we slab em!" from here, on 27.11 MHz. (13 hours and 42 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "at LMS's request. Why are the now supporting mall kills?" (13 hours and 42 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Not interested in tinyurls to messageboards" (13 hours and 38 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mokeman has benn executed fir b eing a righrteous prig &" (13 hours and 28 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "interfering tin the Drgonhead/Bigger Mortice truce . . ." (13 hours and 28 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "I exp0ect some payback - b ut I had to do the right thing ." (13 hours and 27 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Arf Arf Arf ! ! ! ! !" (13 hours and 27 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "an infection has been executed for crimes against Lumber" (13 hours and 20 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mall, for pking in the mall, and for being a ..." *static* "...." (13 hours and 19 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mokeman and an infection have been executed for their crimes" (13 hours and 9 minutes ago)

Silky Clover broadcast "Joe's morgue: you stab em, we slab em!" from here, on 27.11 MHz. (13 hours and 42 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "at LMS's request. Why are the now supporting mall kills?" (13 hours and 42 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Not interested in tinyurls to messageboards" (13 hours and 38 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mokeman has benn executed fir b eing a righrteous prig &" (13 hours and 28 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "interfering tin the Drgonhead/Bigger Mortice truce . . ." (13 hours and 28 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "I exp0ect some payback - b ut I had to do the right thing ." (13 hours and 27 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Arf Arf Arf ! ! ! ! !" (13 hours and 27 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "an infection has been executed for crimes against Lumber" (13 hours and 20 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mall, for pking in the mall, and for being a ..." *static* "...." (13 hours and 19 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mokeman and an infection have been executed for their crimes" (13 hours and 9 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Our reasons for killing them, and evidence, can be found ..." (13 hours and 8 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "here ...." (13 hours and 8 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Just finished increasing cades at Rothwell NT, now at EHB" (12 hours and 36 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "plus several extra added onto that." (12 hours and 35 minutes ago) • Kaysakado said "43 dead bodies now. Of course, one dead body doesn't make a big difference." (12 hours and 34 minutes ago) • Cody Mac said "I killed a zombie outside." (12 hours and 33 minutes ago) • A flare was fired 5 blocks to the west and 2 blocks to the south. (11 hours and 22 minutes ago) • dingus shaun broadcast "35 + zeds at owlsly in houldnebank last night" from here, on 27.11 MHz. (10 hours and 36 minutes ago) • sdsprivate said "42 dead bodies ..." (10 hours and 10 minutes ago) • sdsprivate said "I have a feeling they are all going inactive" (10 hours and 10 minutes ago) • sdsprivate said "so their bodies disappear" (10 hours and 9 minutes ago) • sdsprivate said "And then strike simultaneously..." (10 hours and 9 minutes ago) • sdsprivate said "We need more reinforcements" (10 hours and 9 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Mokem,an - your attempts to be magnanimous are noted as" (9 hours and 35 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "as SKANK - you are a dead boy now, so git outta town, OK?" (9 hours and 34 minutes ago) • Z grinder said "theres a ridiculous number of Lvl 1 survivors standing around outside. weird." (9 hours and 27 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "bitch tits" (9 hours and 8 minutes ago) • Leviathan37 said "Where do survivors need help now?????" (exactly 9 hours ago) • 27.11 MHz: "" (6 hours and 55 minutes ago) • Lufio broadcast "While the local zed horde is busy playing with their alts," from here, on 27.11 MHz. (5 hours and 33 minutes ago) • Lufio broadcast "Why not take the time to refurnish Penny Heights?" from here, on 27.11 MHz. (5 hours and 32 minutes ago) • Lufio broadcast "There are safehouses with no transmitters or generators." from here, on 27.11 MHz. (5 hours and 31 minutes ago) • Perfect Soldier killed Joe Morris. (4 hours and 6 minutes ago) • Perfect Soldier said "For the act of Pking in Joachim Mall I have killed Joe Morris." (4 hours and 6 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Thank GOD for LMS!There a stable group in this crazy world!" (3 hours and 53 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "yessir they are. that;s why I help em out." (3 hours and 51 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Hold tight. Resist The Dead. We'll get through this." (3 hours and 48 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Something Awful can't ruin our game! Kick some ass!" (3 hours and 47 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "That is all." (3 hours and 46 minutes ago) • A flare was fired 5 blocks to the west and 3 blocks to the south. (1 hour and 25 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "LEAVE ALL TRANSMITTERS in Penny Heights set to 27.11" (49 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Thanks 4 transmitter Marcus!" (20 minutes ago) • 27.11 MHz: "Who in hell keeps reviving Hitler?" (18 minutes ago)

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