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Starting Occupation: Cop
Group Membership: Malton Police Department
Goals: To Serve and to Protect...
Username: Misza
More details: Urban Dead profile

April 29

Wow! This thing's still here? Well, ok. This deserves a note. Anyone reading this, please considered this journal discontinued. I have way more important things at hand than writing down some personal rants.

February 16

I haven't written anything for a week, because nothing really interesting happened. I'm just wandering around East Boundwood, killing zombies and advancing. So far I'm level 10.

February 9

And so it happened as I feared. The zombies finally got me. Luckily a working revive point was nearby and I was brought back to life almost instantly. A note for future: always keep some spare APs just in case your entry point becomes inaccessible.

February 8

After doing some looting yesterday I went hunting again today. I found some 2 nice victims not far away. Killed one of them and severely wounded the other. Good XP gained - time to go back.

Damn it! Why is the St Matthew's Hospital extremely barricaded despite the Uniform Barricading Policy? Now I can't enter the mall and the other sure entry point is on the other side. I'm too tired to go there and some zombies are aproaching. Another survivor is fending them off while I keep crawling - hope I make it before they eat me!

February 6

First thing I did today was to go to Bale Mall hoping to meet a zombie on my way to get the few missing xp. I found one and upon arrival at the mall I was capable of Bargain Hunting - now I'll spend less time searching for goods in favor of actually hunting the green scum.

February 5

Today, armed to the teeth I went to the streets to hunt some zombies. At a factory nearby the Sheppard Building (where there were 100+ zeds crawling) I found one. Unfortunately, I seem to have attracted another one which immediately started biting me. Few rounds from my trusty shotgun repelled it, so I could finish off the other one. I got seriously wounded though. Luckily, I managed to crawl back to a hospital where I got taken care of. This way I could spare my own FAKs on some other poor survivor which came infected and nobody else could help him. Wow, just a few xp to next level.

February 3

The last few days were boring and I've been mostly wasting time searching for ammo (wasting 'cause I didn't find much). Today however I managed to make some progress. First of all I found another pistol (that'll be 3 by now) and, more importantly, some clips to my other empty ones. After reloading my shotgun as well, I went out to hit the streets. Together with another survivor I've killed 2 zombies and managed to wound third. This gave me enough experience to finally learn Shopping. I'll be now making frequent trips to the nearby Bale Mall for my ammo.

January 31

I had a very fruitful patrol today. Apart from killing a zombie (which helped me to advance and learn Free Running finally), I also found an interesting book in a library and, more importantly, a mobile phone in a nearby bar - not to mention the beer ;-). Now, after restocking with ammo I could probably leave for Caiger. However, some people have already left and others are leaving just as I write these words - someone has to stay here then to keep order. I guess it was just not meant for me - I read it as a sign that only death awaits at Caiger.

January 30

People tend to fall from one extremities to others. Today, having woken up I saw the barricades put up so extremely high that I couldn't leave the building normally. I had to tell the people about the Uniform Barricading Policy.

Anyway, I decided to finally check whether the nearby Bale Mall has been recovered by survivors after Mall Tour has passed. I still remember those hordes of hundreds of zombies hanging around there - I saw them just as I was randomly wandering just before ending up here - apparently it was the siege I saw. The mall was now barricaded and only some 70 zombies hanging around - seems that the mall is safe again.

Bad news however from Caiger - the zombies claim they have changed their tactics. Until now they have just wandered from mall to mall, wasting them and moving on - only to give us chance to recover immediately. For Caiger however they have something special. As it is the symbol of human resistance, they plan to beforehand desolate 4 suburbs around (specifically targeting the NecroTech buildings) and "turning them into four new Ridleybanks". The situation looks grim.

January 29

Finally, I have learned to use my pistols better (I have two of 'em, didn't I tell you?). To my surprise I have noticed that the barricades of my PD have been torn down overnight. Moreover, a lone zombie got inside unnoticed. Luckily, it was quickly dispatched and the barricades put back up.

Many people around are considering leaving to Caiger Mall. Had I learned Free Running I'd leave too probably. Without it, one can't help much there.

January 28

I have joined the ranks of Malton Police Department! I am also pretty close to learning my first skill. Too bad I'm still inexperienced - it's pretty quiet here and I'd prefer helping at Caiger.

January 27

After many days of aimless wandering during which I have even got killed once (luckily, someone quickly revivied me) I have arrived at Challenger Crescent Police Department in East Boundwood. There's a lot of survivors here, so it should be safe for a moment. I have also heard about the Mall Tour '06 and the preparations to the Second Siege of Caiger Mall. I'll need to affiliate with someone.

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